I'm Scared

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Follow these rules to survive. Break these rules and you'll be punished.

Submitted: November 09, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



These rules have been designed for your survival: #10

Stay in your room all day, food and water will be provided
Never turn on the lights in the room and only use candles 
Never leave your room without permission
Stay quiet and DO NOT ask for your parents 
Ignore any sounds heard during the night 
Don't bang or knock on the door or walls 
I stared at the filthy walls which locked me in
The candlelight wasn't bright enough to see the whole room
The food smelled heavenly but fear was what I tasted
There was no bathroom in the room, I was told to use a bucket
I was lonely and scared
My parents left me here but never returned 
Days have passed and I couldn't take it any longer 

I walked toward the door, step by step 
I was breathing heavily, my hands trembled as I reached for the doorknob
 I grabbed the doorknob and turn it as the clicking sound echoed in my ear
My heart began to race and I froze in place, I was waiting for something to happen
I waited a couple of seconds and pulled the door open cautiously 
A bright light blazed into the dark room as it broke the shallow heavy air in the room
I step out of my room and to my surprise a garden covered with green grass, blooming flowers, big trees, and insects laid behind the closed doors
A smile grew across my face, I inhaled the fresh air and tears started to flow down my cheeks

Suddenly, I heard a creaking sound of the wooden floor in my room 
I heard intense scratching on the walls as a moaning sound grew harsher 
The air in the room turned cold 
A  vulgar smell invaded my nose 
I felt disturbing breathing on my neck
Their hands gently found there way around my waist 

I viciously turned around to push it away
My heart dropped from shock 
My parents were behind me without a face holding blades
Their skin was peeled off, no eyes, and the nose was cut off. Their bodies were covered in bruises and blood as their broken bones sliced through their skin.
My mother limbed towards me while my father held me against the wall
I began to cry and scream for forgiveness as I rambled on out of fear
My mother dragged me by the hair as I fall down on the floor 
"If you would have followed these rules we could've all survived" she whispered into my hear
She raised the blade toward my face and said "You want to see what was behind the door. And so you did. But, it's your last" she said hateful
Then intensely began craving my skin off as my father held me down.







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