Winter Fire

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A group of boys went camping and were unprepared.

Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



  In the long whaling of the northern wind passed the daunting sounds of ember. The camp ground on the outskirts village kept the faint fire burning. Sooner or later the flames would die and so would they. The campers managed to keep it going, but the lack of wood made it difficult. One suggested to use the fabric of their clothes or from the tent to keep it going. The other three agreed that it was a stupid idea. It is the only thing keeping them from freezing to death. 

  A few days has passed, and food is running scarce. A few panics, but one concluded to leave and look for food or anyone to help them. Town was said to not be far, but no know where to go. Which was worst? Dying form hunger or from the cold. Which would come first? They send Al to go look, alone. It was his idea to camp in the wilderness. And his fault that he didn’t look at the weather and have no map or any survive guild. Al blamed them for agreeing with the notion. “Y’all should’ve looked too!” was his augment. Of course, he was sort of right. They should had looked at the weather, but none of them saw it as their responsibility. The one who organized the trip is mostly to blame.

  Al went alone, like they wanted, glaring back every minute, hoping one of them would feel sorry and join him. But no one did. The others watched him as he wanders forward in the wrong direction. Al did not know that, but they knew and did not care. He’ll die alone and burn in hell. 

  Jacob, who was the youngest of the two, traveled into the right direction towards the town. Jacob knows a bit of camping experience from his Pa, back before he was sane. He told the others that he would be back in the morning and left with the little food they had.

  The night was harsher. Winds howled loudly through the woods, echoing with the wolfs. The remaining boys lay, listing to the cracking of the ominous land. They half expected for Jacob or even Al to show up. That feeling kept them warm as they reminisced the warmth of the fire that they would sit in a wooden cottage drinking hot drinks. 

  The fire!

  They completely forgotten about the fire. One of the rules that Jacob laid before he left to get help. Keep the fire lit. Don’t let it burn out. Victor glimpse out of the tent. His chestnut hair blew wildly as he saw the fire slowly dimming. “Is it out?” Nathan ask him, rubbing his hands together. He was never fond of the cold. Nathan always tells them that he would rather die in boiling water than from hyperthermia. It is a crueler way to die. 

  Victor lied about the fire dying. He wasn’t going to go out trying to keep a pointless fire burning if it is going to go out anyway. Nathan panicked. Victor tried to calm him down. Don’t do this now, Nathan tells himself, but his mind ignores it as he hyperventilate. Victor gave up at that point, once Nathan is like that he doesn’t come back until he passes out on his own. Victor slips into his sleeping bag, as Nathan goes out unknowingly.

  Although Victor knew he was alone in the morning, he did not look for Nathan. The blistering cold kept him wake and tried to even move. And lay on the ground near the dead fire, not wanting to move again. This whole trip was stupid. They were stupid. It wasn’t just Al’s fault but theirs too for listing to a fool. 

  They were all fools.

  No one can last long in that forest near the little mountain village. The boys were found all dead from the cold and hunger, expect for Jacob, whom was somehow a bear’s dinner. They were all fools indeed. Now their dead fools, burning in hell.


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