Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1: Last day of school

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Chapter 1: Last Day Of School


“Jonathan hurry up or you will be late for the last day of school” I heard my mother say as I was in the shower having the water just beat on my skin. The hot water was just running down my back. Before I turned off the water. I looked outside my window that was in the bathroom where he was again. The guy that I didn’t even know the name of. Seeing him shirtless in my bathroom window with his guitar. Practicing it again it almost looked like that he was singing along again. I would love to just hear that voice just grace my ears again. For two days straight he was just sitting there and singing and playing it might sound creepy and all but  I looked at him noticing every detail that there was to him, like how his hair was golden brown with the slightest of curls on top of his head, how well defined his hands were looking like they roughed up from all the years that he sat there and played guitar, also how he looked like that he was at peace when he was playing, I wish that I knew him or hell even say hello to him. How do even like someone and I never even knew their name. All I could ever think about was him. Crazy how I didn't even know this guy and he had my heart in his hands. “Jonathan Grayson hurry up and get out of that shower” I heard my mom say again and snapping me out of the daze that I was in. I quickly turned off the shower and got dressed of my last day of school till the fall when I go into my senior year. I was rushing to get out to my bus stop hoping that I would not miss this bus again. I didn't even care about how I looked at this point. I stopped just for a quick second to check my hair. Looking at myself my bright blueish-greenish eyes looking back at me. Looking at my slender body seeing how I was so skinny or skinny as a toothpick at my best friend Angie would say. I didn’t like the way that I looked at all. I hated the way my body was like, I hated the way I was. I stopped staring at my body and started running down the stairs rushing didn't even say goodbye to my mom or sister. I running like a madman trying to get to my bus stop. I was trying to run and comb my hair while running which is a very bad idea by the way I suggest never doing it especially if you are in a hurry. It was till I saw Angie still waiting for the bus and I was so relieved to know that the bus didn't come yet. You see I have a very bad tendency of being late to the bus. It's not my fault that I take so long getting ready. Angie was standing there and looking at me with her unimpressed look. Angie mills my best friend since grade school she has been there for me ever since my father left back in the day. Angie has long black hair that is like a feathered more than anything. She wears little makeup as for what she says to the girls that actually do wear makeup ‘those girls are so trashy’,  she is something else I swear.


“Finally you get here,” she said with a hand on her hip. She bit her lip looking at my outfit before making the attempt of making a comment on my outfit.


“Sorry I got distracted again?” I said truthfully


“Another encounter of the hottie?” she asked me curious of what I might say I gawked an eyebrow to let her know that it might have been what she thinks or might have not been.


“Yes if you must know he was shirtless and playing the guitar and it would be late if it was Justin? ” I asked her


“Oooo sexy” she squealed with a high pitched voice I just rolled my eyes not even caring what she is thinking in that dirty mind of hers. Before we knew it the bus came as we got on the bus Angie’s boyfriend Justin was there. Truth be told I was head over heels for him just like Angie was I never told Angie that I liked him because I knew how she would react. She would just deny her feelings for him when I know that she likes him. I've known Angie since we were 7 and that is how she has been her entire life. She was the first and still is the only person that I have come out. I've entrusted her with her with that. I never even told anyone but her not even my family knows that I am gay. It's not like that I don't wanna tell them that I am gay it's just that I am not ready for that kind of coming out and or dealing with the drama that comes when it does. I love my family I really do but it just been a mess since my brother passed away last year. Even since my dad left us. My father left my mom when I was in the fifth grade sometimes I wondered if it was gonna be okay, but it wasn't really okay my mother struggled to pay our rent until she was finally able to get the child support. Since then I haven't seen or heard from my father, and to be honest I don't miss him. I don't even want to know more about him.


“Hey babe, how are you doing?” Justin said to Angie. I looked into Justin's teal blue eyes and it was like I was in a trance I wanted to deny my feelings for Justin for two reasons one he is my best friends boyfriend and I never wanted to do anything that would hurt her. I loved Angie like it was like my sister. That just gives me the right to daydream about him. The second reason is that I am not out to everyone yet. To be honest I don't know if I wanna be out right now. I mean it would be no surprise to anyone that if I were to come out. Everyone has told me that I choose when where I get to come out at.


“Um earth to Johnathan” Angie said snapping me out of my little trance


“What?” I said coming out of the trance


“I just said that there is an end of the school year party you wanna go?” Justin asked me


“Um sure, where is it?” I asked him  


“My place, at 8 o’clock, sound okay?” Justin said happily


“Yeah sounds great to me!” I said excitedly before Angie giving me the death glare. I looked at him shrugged at her and then mouthed the word what.  


“Great I can't wait it's gonna be just the four of us!” Justin said to me and Angie before Angie finally gawked an eyebrow at him. Like she wanted to slap him and me for a change.


“….coming?” Justin said throwing his hand back behind his head it was like he already knew that this was gonna happen. He looked away knowing that Angie was going to disapprove of him coming tonight.


“Oh my god really?” Angie asked all repulsed by the fact that he was coming. Justin looked down as he knew that she wanted it to just be us tonight Mason was Justin's best friend and totally annoying with him talking about himself all the damn time. It's not like that it bothers me because Mason is a total hottie and me I just kind zone out daydream of him and me. Epically when he has those tank tops on and you can see all of those muscles. How they just sit there and just bulging out at you. It could make enough to any person to get moist with action  


“It's not like that he is gonna talk about himself again?” Justin said contradicting himself once again. Before he knew it Angie was giving him that death that she is always known for before Angie could even say anything the bus stopped and we were there at our school. For the most part, I was just a normal teenage guy, I way too much coke cola, I eat snacks like every now and then and I sit there and have a normal close group of friends even if we are sometimes stranger than the stranger things cast. I love them to death, but even sometimes I wished that I could just sit here and be loved like I see how Angie and Justin love each other. I know it's crazy having those thoughts of love that you just dreamed of or having the romance that you just make up inside of your head. I honestly think that every gay guy has those thoughts of the never-ending romance that you see just in romantic movies, how they sit there and just run after you in the pouring rain and then they kiss you passionately while the rain is hitting your skin. Finding that one person is harder than anything that you can image. I wish that there were more gay guys at my school. I guess that what I get for living in Houston Texas. As we were walking to our normal hangout spot outside near the gym we ran into our other friend that I and Angie grew up with.


Noah Miller, someone else that notice that I have a crush on but I never even told anyone including Angie. Noah has the normal black person kind of hair short always well groomed. That he always having that pick that he uses to comb his hair. He was light skinned everyone gave him shit for being so light skinned because they said that he almost looked white. His hair was just something that you could just run your fingers through. He was very good looking and he is someone that I could honestly see myself ending up with. Just by the way he cares about everyone and everything that he does. He tries to be there for everyone. Like last year when my brother died, he came over with Angie and just stayed with me till the day of the funeral. He made me feel like myself again instead of being in this rut that I was in. if it wasn't for him or Angie I would not be able to still smile throughout my days.


“Hiya Noah,” I said sheepishly to him with my hand going to the back of my head. I was trying not to blush in front of Noah and Angie.


“Johnny boi how you doing?” Noah asked in an annoying but somehow still attractive Italian accent. I looked at him trying not to blush because it always ends up making me just wanna run over there and just kiss him.


“Do you have to do that accent every time?” Angie asked as she was clearly annoyed at the fact that she was gonna be spending the night with Mason


“What is wrong with you today Angie?” Noah asked


“Thanks to Johnny here I'm spending the night with him and Mason,” Angie said to us


“Ouch, how did you managed that Johnny?” Noah asked me


“Justin was just asking if doing anything tonight and so he invited me to the party that they are having tonight,” I said to Noah looking at Angie noticing how she folded her arm like she was about snap my neck into three separate parts.


“Oh I am slightly offended that you guys didn't invite me,” Noah said to us putting his hand over his heart signaling us that he was hurt that we didn't invite him.


“I was going to but since Johnny here had to ask who else I highly doubt that you wanna come with us now,” she said


“Girl I don't care if Mason is coming I just wanna party and watch movies with you guys,” Noah said to us


“And hey it's not like that I wanted to invite him to take that one up that your boi,” I said looking straight at her


“Yeah let's not forget the time that you accidentally invited Mason to go see Twilight,” Angie said to us


“Well you could always say that you are sick,” Noah said with a slight chuckle


“Noah shut up!” Angie snapped at him


“Hey Noah I think that it might be her time of the month,” I said to him


“Dude If it was like that then it would be like that all years that we have known her,” Noah said as he busted into laughter I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that it because it was true


“Both of you shut your trap holes,” Angie said as she rolled her eyes


“You know you love us,” I said to her before I noticed the heavy smell of men’s musky cologne and suddenly I knew who it was Joseph Gurney, the most popular guy in our school and the one that just so happens to be the one be the only one that I’ve ever really and truly had a crush on. The bad thing is that I've never even talked to him, he has been in my classes since freshman year and this year is almost over and I've backhanded myself into trying to say at least hi to the guy but every time I try to his girlfriend Sarah Jane always gets in the way. I look at them in disgust on how Sarah always sits there and clamps on to his shoulder even if he looks like he is totally annoyed by the fact that she sits there and always does this to him. I don't know I'm not a love expert on these kinds of things but I notice the way that he looks at me and it just makes me melt in different kinds of ways I looked at him and just smile like a lovesick puppy lost in the eyes of someone that will never love like I want them to love me. I looked at Angie and Noah as we walked to our last two classes today. Once we walked into the classroom we saw that everyone was talking to each other groups of friends talking to each other and boyfriends and girlfriends are always around me. I looked to see Angie and Justin kissing before Justin had to get to his class for his final. Sometimes I really do wish that I could be more out there and find someone that is meant for me. Be in love till we are old and gray. Wishing that it could be me more than ever.


“Hey guys we should go get ice cream after the last class of the day,” Noah said to me and Angie


“Heck yeah maybe I can finally get Justin alone before I am overly annoyed at Mason and Justin bro bonding moments,” Angie said to us before chuckled


“I'm gain,” I said with a slight smile before the bell rang and it was time for everyone to be silent and take the final. Before I knew it I saw Joseph looking at me before I finished my final I didn't know. What to suddenly think. There was this guy that I have been crushing on since freshman year and he was looking straight at me for a moment. I thought that he might have been just looking at Angie but I knew it was me because of those eyes looking straight into mine I wish that I could tell him that I've been in love with for so long but no just sat there and stayed to myself and took my test before I could go off into daydream land again. When I finally finish my test I got up and took it to turn it in, I saw him just staring at me. I know kept saying ‘i wish’ a lot it's just that I'm a hopeless romantic that wants someone to be loved by. Before we knew it was time for the last class and lucky for me its one without Angie and or Noah. Not that it's a bad thing that they are not in it but it just gives me the time that I want to spend alone thinking I looked at Joseph coming into the room and I was automatically in a state wanting to be swept off my feet by him. Before I could even think of where I was walking. I walked right into Joseph. He grabbed my arms so I wouldn't fall, but it gave me the chance to sit there and look into his eyes, his deep diamond looking eyes I never knew he had, his hands tightly gripping my arms. Looking into my eyes it was like I could feel his presence in my heart and I almost wanted to start to tremble in the grasp of his hands, it was almost like I was in a trance, I looked at him wanting to kiss him right then and there but I didn’t.


“You okay man?” Joseph said to me with his deep voice pulling me out of my trance


“Yeah, I’m I should have looked where I was going,” I said to him with a nervous kind of laugh I just didn't know what to think anymore my first time speaking to him and this is how it is I felt so embarrassed.


“Its okay man I'm just glad that I was there to catch you,” he said to me with a half smile and then he sat there and pat me on the back and went to go sit down. Almost a second I want to fangirl about this, for a second I wanted to sit here and freak out that my longtime crush just held me in his arms. Before I could say anything the teacher came inside of the room and the class got quiet. As the teacher was passing out the exams, I have always said to myself that once I got into college that I would explore my sexuality more. Maybe then I would be able to find someone that will love me endlessly. Finally, the paper got me and I slightly smiled because here I was about to enter my senior year and I finally talked to my longtime crush. Now let's just hope that the summer turns out good.


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