Chapter 12: Chapter 12: after i cry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Hey Kyrie!?" the familiar voice said from the distance called out to the guy whom I am now to presume is Kyrie. I wanted to look up at this guy but instead, he just pushed me back down. As he ran up and punched him in the face. As he fell to the ground I stood up and pulled up my pants as the man who was just trying to rape me grabbed my ankle as I fell down onto the ground. As he tried to pull me back toward him. I looked at the guy who was trying to help me. It was Taylor. My heartbeat so loud that the only thing that I could hear was my heartbeat like a bass at a party or a club. I looked at Taylor as drop kicked the guy onto his side. I finally got free and started to run. I ran as fast as I could. I hoped that Taylor would be okay. My mind was racing my anxiety-filled thought out my body. When I finally stopped because of Taylor pulling up next to me. Taylor looked at me and saw the tears that were rolling down my face. He got out of the car quickly and pulled me into a hug. My heart stopped racing for a second. As his scent came into my nose. I closed my eyes as I let the tears descend into his chest. He tightly squeezed his arms around me. I never wanted this to end because for the first time ever in my life I felt at peace not only in the world that was going on around me but, inside of myself. All the racing thoughts and urges were just gone. I looked up at him. As I saw that he was truly worried about me. I looked into those familiar eyes that I knew I could trust him.

"You're fine you're safe now," he said to me as I heard him say while I buried my head into his chest. I never wanted to leave his arms, or leave his side. I wanted him to protect me. It was not until I felt my phone vibrate and saw that it was Noah. I looked down and sighed, a part of me didn't want to even look at the text. I just wanted to continue to have the person that was holding me that I felt the safest with to just hold me. Every single part of me wanted to thank him for what he did for me. Taylor then suddenly let go of me. "Get in I'll take you home," he said as he opened the door to his car. I just nodded and went along with it. As we drove down the road to our place. Not that we don't live together or anything we just live right next to each other. It was quite nothing but the radio that was playing. I started to hum along with the music. It was sam smith that was playing on the radio. Stay with me to be exact I didn't even know that Taylor was a fan of him. 

"You like sam smith?" I asked him in almost a half-choked voice. He looked at me once we got to the red light. 

"Yeah, its secret obsession," he said as he looked at me with a half-smile. I smiled back at him. 

"What makes it so back that its a secret? Nothing wrong with it being like that but why?" I asked him as he looked at me.

"I guess it's the cause of my friends," he said to me as he paused in the middle for a second as he started to drive again. "they always pick on me for like this or that" he finished saying to me. As we're about to pull into our neighborhood. I wished that I could just spend more time together. I sighed as we pulled into the neighborhood. I took a deep breath as I saw his car in my driveway. When I tell him I mean my father. I looked at Taylor with almost hopeful eyes that he would know that something was wrong and he would finally just drive around someone till he left, and just my luck he didn't. I got out of Taylor's car as he pulled into his garage. Just as I and him were about to go our different ways. He stopped me, I felt his nice warmth with his hands from when he was gripping the steering wheel. I looked at him me as he smiled back at me. 

"Do you wanna hang for a few?" he asked me, my body wanted to jump out of its skin. He wanted to hang with me. My heart was racing and my anxiety was going more and more upwards. Before I could stop myself by saying no. 

"Yes" I said with a smile that was forming on my face. Before I could even think I grabbed my phone and texted Noah saying that I was okay and that I made it home safe. Taylor went into his house and motion me to come inside. We went straight to his room as he plopped down on his bed. It was almost like a fantasy that I've wanted to happen since I met him. I looked around his room which was filled with rock bands. As I looked at a band that we had a mutual interest in. 

"You like Castiel?" I asked him as he looked at me with an arched eyebrow when he looked at me like if I didn't know who they were.

"Um yeah, I think that they are so fucking underrated" Taylor said to me as he flashed me a smile. 

"I know right, I just can't believe that someone else likes them beside me," I said to him as he looked at me, as I smiled back at him. 

"It's just that they are so strange with their music style but I love them because it's so unique and different that's why I love them so much," I said to Taylor as he looked at me weirdly for a second before exhaling with annoyance. 

"Its not just how their music style is its because of how they are you have the lead singer singing about how he feels on the inside and how he does not give a flying fuck about the world no ever does that anymore, that's what makes them be so fucking great is because of the lyrics and even how he tells a story with each song that he sings" Taylor said as his face lit up with each word that he said. I have never seen someone so damn passionate about something like he is with music. It made me want to love him even more now. We sat there and talked about how each of the albums that the band had was unique and different from each other. It wasn't until I saw his face take a dark turn when someone messaged him. I didn't know who it was but I could tell that it was not someone that he liked. As much as I wanted to ask who it was from I didn't want to overstep my boundaries so I just let it be. I saw how he took a deep breath and sighed, but then he recovered to then again smiled at me. Just the way that he looks at me makes feels like I'm on top of the world. I wished that I could be with him. I wished that I could feel the same way that I did when it almost happened again. I wished all those things could just suddenly just happen all at once, but I knew the reality of this. Taylor had a girlfriend he probably loved her. They probably had a history together. Unlike me who knows nothing about him. I took a deep breath as Taylor took his guitar. He started to strumming it. I saw how his fingers went over the strings and how with one swift move they made a beautiful melody. I looked at him with a half grin as he continued to play.

"Anything you wanna hear?" Taylor asked me snapping me out of my daze. 

"How about fuck it i love you by lana del rey?" I said to him as he looked at me and just tossed me his phone. 

"Look up the chords if you want that," he said with a laugh as I looked at him before I could grab my phone. Taylor rolled his eyes and started to play the song. Before I could even think I was starting to hum along to the melody and I started to sing it. I closed my eyes and started to sing out loud the lyrics.

"Maybe I'll do it differently"

So I moved to California, but it's just a state of mind

It turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself, that's not a lie

Wish that you would hold me or just say that you were mine

It's killing me slowly

Dream a little dream of me

Make me into something sweet

Turn the radio on, dancing to a pop song

Fuck it, I love you

Fuck it, I love you

Fuck it, I love you

I really do

When I opened my eyes and I saw that Taylor face was impressed. My face felt like it was burning with redness, but when I looked at him, he just smiled at me. As he looked at me with every expression on his face. I wished that I could shake off these feelings for him, but I couldn't I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to feel every touch. Instead, I just admire his smile from afar. Taylor sat down on the floor with me. He grabbed my hand and as much as I wanted to take my hand away from him, I didn't. 

"I need to tell you something but you must promise me you won't get mad at me?" he said to me as he looked at me. All of me said that you could do no wrong in my eyes. As I just nodded and he looked at me. "It's about the guy today, the only reason why I knew him was that my girlfriend or I guess you could call her a one night stand that just happened over and over again, was behind it." I quickly took my hands away from him as I got up and looked away from him. My hand was suddenly over my mouth as I could not look at him. "I wasn't aware of it if that's what your thinking when I found out I ended it with her and then I made her tell me where the fuck he was going again and I found that he was going to do it again and I just lost it and I went to find you" he finished saying to me. If my heart could run out of my chest it would from the beating that was inside of it. My hand started to feel with the thousand needles that started to come. As I looked at myself I realized that the panic was starting to come rushing over me. Before I could think I collapsed on the floor. As the panic started to sink inside of me. I saw Taylor coming over to grab hold of me. My breathing was getting shorter and shorter. I tried to calm down I tried to do everything that I could possibly do to calm me down. It wasn't until Taylor wrapped both of his arms around me and squeezed me tightly. I realized that he was doing this to help me and not hurt me. My heart started to slowly slow down. As he looked at me. He looked at me with those eyes that I fell in love with for the first time. As everything started to slow down. As I leaned into Taylor's chest and hear the thumping of his heart. I wanted to close my eyes and fall asleep as I felt so safe when I was in his arms. It wasn't until I felt his hands come onto mine and intertwine mine with his. Everything that I wanted to feel with Noah is right here, but i looked down as the tears fell down my face. I wanted to leave so I could have a reason to be mad at him but im so god damn fucked up in the head that I couldn't leave his safe arms. I buried my head in his chest. I hoped that today would have never even happened but then I realized something. The guy today said something that I didn't even think to remember. They both said that they remembered me, but Taylor said that it was kyrie. I didn't know whoever this kyrie guy was but I knew that they were someone else's. 

"I just wanna forget about it okay" I said to him as my cires were becoming faint. Taylor didn't say anything he just held me in his. I felt like I could finally let the wall that ive had on me since. I was little, everything was just so much more simpler then. Or it was suppose to be. I felt my phone vibrate again. I looked at it and it was my mother and i saw that she tried to call me twenty times.

"I need to go home before i get in more trouble than I already am"  i said to him as snuggled more into his chest hoping that he would be more willing to at least give in and finally kiss my forehead or something, but he didn't. Instead he helped me up and lead my out of his place. I was half way out of the house when stuck his head out of the door. 

"Jonthan after today i cant stay away from you not anymore i fought it for so long, I just want to be around you okay?" taylor said to me, as I looked at him wanting to run over to him and kiss for wanting to be around me. Instead I just smiled at him, hoping that it would be enough to just to be able to say thank you for everything that he did for me today. I walked over to my place and entered the door and saw that my mom and her boyfriend were there. I didnt even think to check the time. It was 12:30 in the morning. Shit i said to myself. 

"Where the hell were you?" my mother scream at me. I could tell that she was worried about me. I was about to open my mouth when she spoke again. "I almost called the police jonathan explain where the hell were you?!" she screamed with her hoarse voice. I could see the tears that were building up in her eyes. My thoughts were she thought that she could have lost her other son. Shit how do you even explain it to your own mother that you were right next door with someone that you barely even know but you have fallen in love with him plus you were almost raped again. I took a deep breath before I spoke and looked at her. 

"I was at my friend taylor's he lives next door," I said to my mother shyly. As she looked still pissed but somewhat relieved. My mother took a deep breath and looked at me and then to her boyfriends. 

"Okay I'll let it slide this one time" she said to me which almost surprised me, but i didn't complain. I went to my room. After everything that was so emotionally exhausting I fell backwards onto my bed as I checked my phone and saw him. I swallowed my spit as I looked at that face. The blood shot eyes that looks like he never sleeps. The devil's smile that looks like he could scar you from miles away. I felt the knots that were forming inside of my stomach. As I read his name. Alessandro Rickardo. My heart raced thirty times more as i saw who he was a mutual friend of. My mother's boyfriend, my heart wanted to run out of my chest. If there was just a way I could get away from this night. As I yawned and laid down and closed my eyes and slowly drifted off into my sleep.


Submitted: September 11, 2019

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