Chapter 2: Chapter 2: an ice cream treat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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After the school’s bell rang to signal that the school year is finally over, I quickly rush over to my locker to clean out what was hanging the locker door. I took down the picture of my older brother before I could not even begin to tell how much time I wish that I could have had with him more. Kegan was his name and last year he died unknowingly of the cause of death, I wish we knew what it was that killed him or hell if he was even murdered. Sometimes I just wish that he was here even on my bad days I might act all shy and happy on the outside but on the inside, I just wanted to die. My brother was my only sanity in that house. My mother was already mentally ill and my sister is well never around. God only knows where she goes during the night all I've ever know was that she goes out all night and then in the morning she comes back. As for my father well he is never around especially now that he and my mother divorced. He will only come around if he wants something and now that my brother is gone the only other son he wants something to do with me. I stood in the hall and packed up my things as I looked and saw that there were so many memories that were in my locker that I never thought that I would see again. Before I knew it I looked over my shoulder and I saw that Noah and Angie were walking towards me. I suddenly just push everything into the bag that I had on me before they walk over to me.


“Johnny we gotta go man remember we getting ice cream after school,” Noah said to me directing me to them


“Go on we will catch up with you guys,” Angie said to Justin and Noah as they nodded “so I heard that you bumped into Joseph Gurney” before I could even speak my flushed face spoke for me like it always does.


“Where did you hear that?” I huffed out almost like I was annoyed about it.


“Word gets around when you sit there and blush a mile a minute,” she said with a small laugh at the fact that I was blushing. I just sighed she knew that I had the biggest crush on Joseph.


“Yeah it happened, ”I said to her truthfully


“Oh my god how? And when? And where?” Angie exclaimed at me


“Last class when I was turning in my test, and I tripped and he just caught me,” I said rolling my eyes


“Ohhhh okay mister I don't want a boyfriend secretly I do,” she said to me I didn't want to mention me staring into those eyes of his. Sometimes I really do wish that I could just meet someone already.


“Can you hurry up already?” Angie said to me looking at like she wanted to hurry up and get out of here


“I'm coming jeez just let me zip up,” I said before Angie walked over and looked at the empty locker that was just cleaned out. Just as Angie was coming up towards me. I took my journal and shoved it inside of my bag.


“What was that?” Angie asked me


“What was what?” I asked back at her


“The composition notebook? What was in it?” she asked a part of me wanted to let her see the journal but then another part just didn't want her to see it. So I didn't let her see it.


“Just school stuff you know” I lied to her thank god she never knows me when I am lying.


“Okay well hurry because we are gonna miss the car ride over there,” Angie said


“Who is driving?” I asked


“Not me if that is what you are worried about,” she said with her hands on her hips


“Thank goodness,” I said sighing out of worries


“Hey I'm an excellent driver,” Angie said defending herself before she could even think she bumped into the queen bee herself Sarah Jane. Just looking at her makes me just wanna cringe into a ball and die. I looked at her with her long blonde hair, it probably smelled like pumpkin spice coffee since that is all that she ever seems to drink. Her tight sweater that shows off her boobs. Her tights that looked that they were incorporate with her outfit. Finally, I made my way up looking at her face. She looked like that she ten of gallons of makeup on her face. Knowing that she was insecure about her real looks. How she really looked underneath all that makeup


“What where you are going bloody mary!” Sarah Jane exclaimed at Angie making Angie shot her a glare at her


“Maybe I could if you didn't have the entire school shoved up the unbraided ass of yours,” Angie said to her crossing her arms and just giving her the infamous Angie death glare


“Oh were you talking about the heaviest flow that you have ever been on or isn't that time of the month for you,” Sarah Jane said giving Angie a smirk to her. Angie just walked away before she said something else “yeah that's right just walk away with your fag of friends” Sarah Jane taunted at her I looked at her she had her tongue on the side of her mouth. Angie had stopped dead in her trails, Angie never really gets angry, but when it comes to her friends she is all but aggressive. I saw Angie's fist balling up I just took her hand and mouthed to her that she wasn't worth spending her first two weeks back being suspended. We walked down the stairs before I could even say a word Angie started to cry I didn't know what to think. I have been Angie's best friend for years and I have never ever seen her cry not even once. I looked at her and smiled trying to give her some kind of comfort Before I knew it we were walking to Noah's car where we saw Noah and Justin were standing at. Justin was the first to come running when he saw his girlfriend crying.


“What happened?” Justin asked me like I somehow knew what happened which I did


“Sarah Jane, ”I said sadden about it because I could still hear the words that she said to Angie. I didn't know what to think about everything that happened.


“God fucking damn it! She needs to leave us alone!” Noah said angrily about it. Even though Noah and Sarah Jane dated for almost three years before breaking it off to date Joseph. This was back in middle school where me, Noah, Sarah Jane, and, Angie were friends till about 9th grade when Justin came into the picture it was an all-out blood bathe between her and Angie. They both started nasty rumors about each other just to get Justin. When it ended and Justin choose Angie over Sarah Jane. she just went out on an all-out spilling spree that it lead to her having sex with Joseph and then that's when Noah had enough of it and broke it off with her and ever since then she hated us.


“How did you even make it that long being her girlfriend?” Justin asked Noah and Noah just folded his arms and replied with just the most noahest thing to say


“I guess I was just too high to even notice that she was such a slut,” Noah said to us as we all just pulled into Noah’s car as I saw Justin and Angie go into the backseat while I was got into the front seat with Noah. I looked at Noah for the first time in a long time since I first had to admit to myself that I have a crush on him. I noticed his smile when he heard Angie and Justin being cute in the back seat. I also noticed how much anger he still has from Sarah Jane from what she did to him, but can you blame the guy? His girlfriend cheated on him with the guy that she now dating after almost 3 years of dating. Would you not be mad if that happened to you? I looked at him he really hasn't moved on from everything since then. Or how his hair looked like it was just as fluffy as a cloud or a pile of clouds. I never knew that he had that kind of hair till I looked at him and really dug deep into my feelings when I was trying to figure out if I was into him or not. I notice that he has dimples that show each time when he smiles. It sinks in for a moment what is stopping me from being with someone. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be kissed by another man. Sometimes I would hope that it would be Noah or a totally random stranger just kissing me out in the rain while he is telling me his undying love for me. Times like that made me wonder if being hidden from everything is worth it. Being off from the world never telling a soul that I am gay. Why do I even hide from myself? Why now? Even if I can sit here and tell everyone around me that I am gay that would be just a load off of me. I don't think that they would even look at me the same as Angie does. Angie and I have been through it all ever since we were in diapers. Going to the same elementary hell even our mothers knew each other before we did and before we knew it we became the best of friends even when her mother passed on. I was there for her. We didn't meet Noah till we got to middle school and that seems like forever ago. Noah has always been there for Angie and it always makes me wonder if that they ever had feelings for each other. But then again look what I am saying. These are the two that sit here and fight like cats and dogs all the time since she started dating Justin. When we finally arrive at the ice cream shop we got out and that is when I saw him again. I almost wanted to stop dead in my tracks. It was the guy that I always see in my bathroom.


“Angie, can I speak to you for a sec?” I asked her


“Um why?” she asked looking confused


“Just let me speak to you damn it,” I said to her dragging her to the side of the ice cream shop


“May I ask what the actual fuck Johnny?” she said putting her hands on her hips


“That’s him at the counter” I whispered to her trying to be quite to where Noah and Justin wouldn’t hear us as I looked at him now shirted and everything. Now that I have gotten a closer look at him. Instead of having a foggy view from my bathroom.


“That's him?” she asked almost instantly


“Yeah?” I said looking puzzled at the fact that she knew him.


“You know who that is right?” she asked me


“No,” I said truthfully


“That's Kristen Roberts from fifth grade,” she said to me and I looked at him never even realizing that it was him.


“Wait are you serious?” I asked almost in shock


“Pretty sure Johnny that is Kristen,” she said to me and for the first time in a long time I had a flashback to back then. Sometimes I wish that I would have never had this realization but, I still remember the last time that I saw him. It was the last two weeks of 8th grade and we were at the school’s eighth-grade dance. I still remember how everyone looked back then. Even before Sarah Jane became a total bitch. I remember it because of one reason and one reason only that night was the night that I realized that I was in fact gay.


Flash black to 8th grade


It was a great night. My mother finally let me go out past my curfew well a little past my curfew. It was like the whole world had stopped just for a second that night. Sarah Jane and Noah went together and as well as Justin and Angie. Sometimes it felt I was the only single one out of everyone but with Kristen it was like I wasn't alone at was after the dance and we were going to the park that was right next to the school. We all ran to the swings while I watch how Angie and Noah and Sarah Jane and Justin were all laughing and being cute it made me want the same thing as them.  Now looking at the same guy after all these years it's almost like a wish come true. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I would have said something to Kristen on how I felt. As our night went on that night I looked at the time and saw that it was almost one am.


“Shit I gotta start walking home,” I said to everyone


“Why what time is it?” Sarah Jane asked looking at me like I had the time right there on my sleeve luckily back then I had a thing for watches.


“It's like almost one,” I said to her


“Holy shit Angie we gotta go come on,” she said trying to run away from Noah’s arms but he pulled her back into his arms.


“And just where do you think that you are going?” Noah asked her while having her in his arms snuggling right up to her neck.


“Noah I gotta or my dad will ground me for a year,” she said while laughing nervously


“Well I suppose you should kiss me then,” he said as he leaned in for a kiss from his girlfriend for some reason I always looked away when they kissed I guess now looking back on it. It was because I had a thing for him.


“Guess ill walk with you then Johnny,” Kristen said to me smiling his bright whitened smile.


“Don't you live like on the other side of town?” I asked


“Well yeah but I wanna make sure you get home not so late plus I have my bike so I won't be back so late,” Kristen said to me with his little goofy looking smile for some reason I got those first-time butterflies.


“Okay,” I said shyly with my hand rubbing my neck as we started to walk to his bike


“So just get on the handlebars and you will just be my eyes kay?” He said to me and I just nodded as he got on the bike and I just adjusted myself to get comfortable while he rode the bike. If there was a word that I could describe this feeling I would say that it was a great thrill. I looked at rode and how it glistened with the dew of the grass that was already starting to form. I looked at the streetlights and how they reflected everything that was there. Before I knew it we were in my neighborhood. Then I saw my house and I told him to stop.


“Thanks for the ride,” I said to him shyly my hand going back to my head again.


“No problem thanks for letting me join in with your friends,” he said to me flashing me with that cute smile of his. It almost made me blush right there. I looked into those eyes that he has. Those forest green eyes that looked like it was out of the oz’s palace. His face looked like something out of a movie. You know like one of those romantic films that the guy is like super buff. Even his hair was like something out of a movie and how it just wave into place like it was nothing. Something inside of me wanted to be with him in a romantic way.


“So tomorrow I was thinking of the movies if you would want to -”I cut him off quickly


“I'd love to go,” I said flashing a smile back towards him


“Great I'll pick you up at 3?” He said to me before I could say a word he got on his bike and took I just stood there smiling but not knowing that it would have been the last time that I would have seen him. I unlocked the gate that we had around our house at the time and went inside to what was waiting for me for being two minutes late. I knew that I was gonna be grounded for it but apart of me told me that it was so worth it.


I looked at Kristen for the first time in almost five years and still couldn't believe that it was that night was one of the best nights of my life. Now looking at him noticing all the different changes that he went through. He gotten buffed up and he had a scar that was going down from his eyebrow. I noticed that his smile hasn't changed since that day, he was laughing with his co-workers. It was almost to the point where I almost thought that he saw me staring at him. We started to walk into the ice cream shop and my heart was beating so fast. This was the guy that I wanted to kiss back in the eighth grade. I just took and went in and stood in line. As I waited to get my ice cream I looked into his eyes while he was putting Noah's cash into the register. He still had the same green eyes. The same eyes that I wanted to look into and just be a daze from it. Finally, it came to be my turn.


“Hey, how may I help you?” He asked me with the ice cream scoop in one of his hands looking at me.


“Yeah, can I get three scoops of mint chocolate?” I said to him flashing a goofy looking smile hoping he would recognize it but he didn’t even recognize it. I was paying for my ice cream and went to sit down with my friends didn’t even think for a moment after that. I wondered if he even recognized me. Before I knew it my mom called me to tell me to go come so I told everyone that I had to go. Noah offered a ride but I declined I need to be alone for a bit. I never thought that I would have to be the one to say that I did want to be alone but sometimes being alone is good. I walked out of the ice cream shop and started to walk towards the direction of my house. When I walk away from my friends I wished that day. I wished that I could have said something to them about me. Sometimes I just wish that I could shout it to the world that I am what I am. I don't know if its, because I can't, say it to myself that I am this way. Or if it because I never had someone that is there for me like Angie and Justin or how Noah and Sarah Jane were. Sometimes I wish that I could have just forgotten everything that I stand for. Sometimes I still ask what the hell do I stand for? I finally got to my house and I saw that there was a different car in the driveway. It was a truck that had blue and white stripes. Meaning only one thing and that is my father is here and suddenly my stomach fell straight down.


Submitted: November 13, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Ginger Rae. All rights reserved.


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