Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - chapter 3: a drunken mistake

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Chapter 3: A drunken mistake


I walked into my house and saw my mother and father and sister in the living room. I didn't know what was going into or what was going on. I saw my sister Jeanie looking at me with a disapproval look. My father stood there looking down to the ground with a saddened look into his eyes. I didn't know what to think for a moment before I could even think I saw someone else that was in the living room that I didn't know who it was. Until my mother said something


“Johnny come to sit down?” my mother said to me with a gentle voice. “We need to talk,” she said with a huff in her voice. I looked into my mother’s eyes and I suddenly saw that she was crying from something. I didn't know what to think. My eyes wandered to the man that was sitting next to her opened his mouth  


“Now that we are all here I would like to say this” the man spoke to us and suddenly I recognized that voice it was the lawyer that we hired for my brother case. Before I could think about it. Before I could say anything my eyes watered up almost as quick as I could think of it. “Your son's case is something I wish that I could have done something about way earlier,” he said before my mother could interrupt my father spoke


“What in the hell does that even mean?” my father asked the lawyer in a hateful voice that I knew all too well.


“It means that your son’s case is a dead end road unless we have the person that did it,” he said to my father and I looked at my mother she was about to cry all over again.


“So what you are saying is that my brother was murdered?” Jeanie asked the lawyer


“That is a possibility but since there was a gunshot wound on it could look like a suicide,” the lawyer said to us and that was a blowing point for everyone in the room. My mother's tears were coming down. I didn't know what to do all I knew what that I could comfort her.


“A gunshot to the fucking head are you fucking serious right now?” my father yelled at the lawyer


“Charles please not now” my mother pleaded to him


“Shut the fuck up Lana! are you telling me that my son killed himself what the fuck did he have to be depressed about? Nothing that is what ill tell you! My son was the happiest person on this planet!” my father screamed at the lawyer


“Dad  please just stop!” Jeanie yelled at my father “can't you even see that they are doing their best form all this?” Jeanie asked him


“I'll leave yall be,” the lawyer said as he was getting his things and leaving. My mother was already crying at this point. My father left in rushed right after he heard the engine start on the car of the lawyer. I could not even think at this point in my life I wished that Keagan was still here. He would know how to handle all this. I got up from my seat next to my mother. I quickly went upstairs and locked my door. Before I could even do anything I slumped down near my door and I started to cry. The words that echoed in my mind. Suicide my brother would never do something like that. There's no way that he could have done something like that. He would have never done something like that. Before I could even think I felt my phone vibrate like crazy. I sat there looking at my phone seeing that there are messages from Angie and Noah. I wanted to message them back but I could even think right now it was like everything was so clouded in my mind. Four months we were waiting on to hear back from this. I wanted never come out, out of my room. Sometimes I wished that I was strong enough for the ones that I love. I finally came out of my room. After washing my face off from everything that just happened. I text Angie saying that I was on my way. Wiping the dried tears that were on my face I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like I was empty for the first time in a long time. That is when I saw him again. Standing clear as day looking back at me. He was smiling at me. This wasn't Kristen at all this was someone else that looked nothing like him. His blonde hair that looked like someone that is famous. It made me want to know more about him. He was looking at me like I always did to him when I saw him in the morning times. I didn’t know what to think of it. I wanted to walk over there and ask him if I knew him. Before I could even think about it Angie messaged me saying alright. I changed my shirt I needed to have everyone think that I was alright. I didn't want anyone knowing what was actually going on with me. I took my favorite shirt that had sentimental value to me. I took it into my hands and smelled it. I wanted to not wear it, I was already shirtless looking at this t-shirt that I had in my hands. My mind was telling me not to wear it. Like always I threw the t-shirt into my clothes pile and went to grab another shirt. I finally dressed and went downstairs. I looked into the kitchen and saw my mother with a glass of wine. I just sat there and sighed. I left with texting my mother saying that I was going to be at Angie’s. I know my mother she didn't care as much about me as she did with my sister going out almost every night and doing whatever it is that my sister does. I just walked out of the door and went to my Angie’s house. As I walked to Angie’s. So much of my life I spent wondering why was I made this way. I mean me being gay why did I have to come out gay? Was I not normal enough? Was I supposed to be this way? All these questions inside of my head were never answered to me. I walked to Angie's house and saw that her father was already gone for work. I looked at her driveway saw that it Mason was already there with Noah standing outside as well I saw that they both had a beer in their hand. I looked at Mason and saw the same attractive. The cloudish hair that he had but swears that is it platinum blonde. His glasses that had the blueish blackish frames that he always wears but somehow he still looks so damn sexy. He was wearing a black tank top. I saw how well built his arms were. Even if he was a football player he was looking like someone from a porno that I saw once. Noah had the famous shorts that he loved just for the summer. He always has them on every single summer no matter what. Sometimes I wonder what he would do without those shorts. A smile came across my face when they noticed me.


“Finally you get here,” Noah said to me before taking a sip of his beer.


“Yeah you missed out the action inside,” Mason said to me


“What do mean?” I asked in confusion


“Oh just you know Justin and Angie getting it on” Mason blurted out loud I dropped the beer that I heard that she and Justin has sex


“Like are you talking about what I think that you are talking about?” I asked


“Yeah Angie was full frontal topless,” Mason said to me


“Where is she?” I asked them wondering how she was doing.


“She locked herself in her room apparently because she is too embarrassed from Mason and Noah seeing her topless so thanks guys,” Justin said with his shirt buttoning up showing off his abs that was coming out of his shirt. I tried not to stare at him.


“Let me in I'll go and talk to her, ” I said to them I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a jar of honey nut roasted nuts to give to her as a peace offering. As I passed down to Angie's room I noticed how her door was still the same as it was when we were younger. I knocked on the door to her room.


“Go away, Justin!” Angie yelled through the door


“Hey Ang I got honey roasted nuts,” I said before the door swung opened and Angie ran and gave me a hug.


“Thank god for you being here,” she said to me she looked like that she was crying


“Are you okay?” I asked her looking at her like I always do when she is upset.


“No, not really,” she said trying to be strong like she always does when she is upset


“Wanna talk about it?” I asked her she just shook her head I just nodded and held her like I always do.


“God why did that have to happen to me Johnny?” she asked me


“Ang girl what happened?” I asked her she tilted her head back into her pillow and heavily sighed she looked at me


“I don't know it was not like me at all it was just after everything that happened today with Sarah Jane it just made me I don't know I just wanted to know if it was right and god did I ever pick the wrong time to do it” she said to me I wanted to give her some kind of advice but to think that my lack plastered sex life has something to do with it.


“I wish I could give you some kind of advice but I'm so shitty on this subject,” I said to her

“Hey remember what I said your gonna find someone,” she said to me reassuring to letting me know that I would not be alone forever


“I just hope whoever it is will be someone that just won’t last the summer,” I said to her


“Well did you ever talk to Kristen?” she asked me


“God no and that wasn't him but I wouldn't lie and say that I didn't feel anything,” I said to her


“Wait you mean Kris was the one that made you have your sexual awakening?” she gasped at the fact and I just sighed letting her know that it was him.


“Yep it was him we were supposed to be going to the movies that Saturday but he never showed, ”I said to her


“I would have never expected him and he has that banging body that you have told me about” she said to me but I looked down at my knees I just sat there thinking about the guy that i saw in the window today it didn't look anything like Kristen when I saw him again in my window.


“It wasn't him,” I said sadly


“Wait, what?” she asked


“I saw him again before I left we stared into each other's eyes,” I said before I could even start she was giving me a glare “oh don't be giving me that look,” I said to before she could even say anything.


“And you didn’t go and knock on this guys door and say hey or something?” she asked me


“No, because I had to hurry and get over here,” I said before I could think she smacked me in the back of my head  and I looked at her like what did I do this time


“Are you crazy or something or am I just nuts in the head for you thinking that?” she asked me


“I don't know both I guess?” I said shrugging my shoulders “trust me I've been wanting to ask him every single day who he is I just never see him outside of the house” I said to her


“Good lord tomorrow we are going to his house,” she said pointing her finger at me


“Girl now you are the one that is crazy,” I said while pushing her making her fall off the bed and then grabbing my hand and then pulling me down with her. We laughed for a second before getting up and going to the living room seeing that the guys were already watching some horror movie. Mason was on the couch just relaxing, Noah was on his phone like always when watching a movie with us. Justin was standing at the door looking out into the back door i saw Angie walking towards him. She hugged him, him from behind as I saw a smile come across his face. I just stood there smiling at the fact that she was once again happy. Apart of me wanted that so bad I never thought that I would want something that bad. Just having someone hugging me from behind would have been like a dream come true. I stepped outside but not before taking a wine cooler with me. Thankfully Angie's parents opened their pool before they left I put my feet inside of the pool. Feeling the cold water brush up against my feet. I shivered by the coldness that was surrounding my feet before I knew there was someone coming near me.


“Is this seat taken?” the voice asked me and I looked up and saw that it was Noah with his smile that just made my heart wanna melt into his hands. I don't know if it was the wine cooler that was talking or if it was just something that inside of me that wanted him to sit next to me.


“No of course not,” I said truthfully to him still trying not to be awkward about this. Sure I mean me and Noah have spent time together alone but for some reason, I just felt so nervous around him. I didn't want to be nervous around him but I was for some reason.


“So what are your plans for the summer?” Noah asked me


“I'm trying to get my licenses this summer and then start studying for the SATS,” I said to him


“Well shit look at you mister I have everything planned out,” he said to me with a nervous chuckle that was kinda cute.


“What about you?” I asked him I looked at him without trying to blush


“I don't know maybe try to start finding colleges I guess since our senior year is coming up,” he said to me


“Ugh I gotta hope that I get into some college,” I said to him. He shot me a smile and it just made me wanna kiss him right there but I didn't. His smile always knew how to make me feel happy. Even if I was having a horrible time.


“You're worried about college didn't you get early acceptance to what is that college that you're always talking about?” he asked me


“You mean NYU?” I asked back with a question


“Yeah, that one?” he said before he could say anything I saw Mason running butt naked and jumping into the pool splashing me and Noah. As soon as I saw Mason my face lit up bright red cause I saw his everything down below. I looked at Noah he was angry that he got drenched.


“What the hell man?” Noah yelled back at him

“Hey sorry I just wanted to take a dip in the pool,” he said


“So you choose to jump into the pool butt ass naked?” I asked him


“Yeah it's not like Angie and Justin are gonna be coming in anytime they are wanting alone time,” Mason said to us


“Jesus Christ again?” Noah asked


“Yup, I'm just glad he finally getting some” Mason said


“And what does that suppose to mean?” I asked


“It means that you know he finally goes on from her” Mason said


“What does that suppose to mean?” I asked him


“It means he can finally break up with her and get on with his life” Mason finally said to me and Noah


“Justin would never do that to her,” I said


“Like you wouldn't?” Mason said to me


“Uh hell no why would I when I have someone that is wanting to be there for me through everything,” I said to her


“Dude that is some serious faggy shit right there,” Mason said to me and then that is when Noah snapped at Mason


“Mason shut your fucking mouth up you don't know love if it hit you in the damn face,” Noah said and it did I could have sworn that I heard something that Mason mumbled underneath his breath but it didn't matter to me cause he stood up for me. It almost made me think that he could actually be supportive of me. We sat there and talking about the future I loved long talks at night they felt so comforting to me.


“So one serious question” Noah asked me now laying on his back


“What?” I asked with a half-drunken smile


“Why don’t you ever date anyone or talk about the person that you like with me?” he asked me I didn't know what to think about this. One part of me wanted to ask him what makes him think that but another wanted to kiss him.

“I don't know what you mean?” I said awkwardly he just looked at me like he didn't believe what was being said


“I mean why haven't you dated anyone?” he asked again


“Well, I haven't found anyone worth my while I guess,” I said trying not to blush but I failed at it because he looked at me right when it happened. He just smiled at me with that goofy half-drunken smile that he always gets when he is like this it makes me feel for him in a way that I know deep down inside of me that he would never like me the same as I do for him. Before I could even speak again something happened that caught me off guard. Noah touched my hand and looked me in the eyes. I watched his eyes as they stared into mine. I was blushing even more at this point by just looking at him with those eyes of his. He touched my face, feeling my face i didn't know what to think. I was blushing so hard that i just wanted to die. He leaned in more closely to my face. I don't know if it was because of the wine coolers that i was drinking or if it was because i was too drunk to even think right now. I grabbed his hand and looked down my mind was racing and telling me to stop but my heart wanted this, my heart wanted to kiss him right then and there. It was like everything that I ever wanted was all wrapped up into one. The boy that I've been crushing since I don't even know how long. I started to lean in towards him. It was like we were inches apart from each other's lips. I wanted it to happen right there and then but everything got ruined when Angie came out and said something


“Hey yall good out here?” Angie said to us making Noah back off quickly and me looking away too embarrassed to even speak.


“Yeah, we good” Noah said to Angie as I got up to use the restroom Noah looked back at me like he didn't know what was going on. Then it hit me we almost kissed I almost had my first kiss with one of my best friends,  I was so embarrassed to even think about this right now I went into the bathroom and locked myself in there I didn't know what to think I was in a paranoid state of mind thinking. It was like I could breathe for the first time in a while. I looked myself in the mirror and it was like I didn't even notice myself in there. I touched mirror and tried to look at myself. Trying to look for me, or at least some part of myself that i needed to see.


“Jonathan? Are you okay?” I heard Noah's voice coming through the door. Before I could even think I opened the door and I saw the drenched clothes that Noah was wearing and just like that, something else came over me. I pulled him close to me giving him a hug before I could even think I started to cry in his arms, I just wanted him to hold me forever like this, I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and gave me a tight squeeze. “John are you okay?” he asked again with his deep husky voice making me want to just kiss him more and let him love me and for the first time besides Angie, I spoke the words but this time I didn't just say that I was gay to him. I didn’t just say that i was gay i didn't know that i was even so much as a inch apart from his lips when i said but i did.


“I'm in love with you Noah,” I said to him the words falling from my lips was making my heart hurt because i know his feelings won't be returned. He just looked at me confused. My heart was already twisting with the anxiety that was boiling up inside of me. His arms that was wrapped around me just grew tighter.


“What took you so long to say something?” he whispered to me in my ear, i looked up at him with the tears that was built up inside of my eyes. He took his fingers and wiped the tears that was about to fall from eyes. Before i could speak he leaned down and kissed me. My mind was blown away from everything. For some reason i didn't want to believe that this was real i didn't want to believe this at all. I kept on kissing him without stopping i didn't want this moment to end. For the first time in my life i felt like i was finally putting my heart out there and i was not about to lie and say that it didn't feel good. Noah rubbed his fingers on my face before kissing my lips again. I pulled back finally and looked at him.


“But why me? Why now out of all times?” I asked him


“Because i want you johnny” he said to me making me melt by the way that his voice was husky but for some reason i felt wrong about this whole thing it just didn’t feel right. It felt as if i was in this dreaming state that i couldn't figure out why it's happening. Looking into his eyes i saw that there was something there that i never noticed before. It was like it was not him.then it hit me, it was the drunk state that he was in.  


“Leave noah you're drunk” i said to him


“Come on johnny i just want to be with you” he said to me


“I want to be with you too but not like this” i said to him


“Okay fine” he said he kissed my forehead and then left the bathroom i stayed inside of the bathroom to gather myself before i left the party to get back home. I knew that angie would have been asleep. Noah would probably just pass out somewhere and mason i don't know where he could have gone, i looked at myself and saw that my hair was messy, my eyes were still looking like that i took something. I went to the sink and splashed some water on my face so that way i would be able to walk home even though i wasn't that far from my house i knew i was able to walk. I took a deep breath and left the bathroom and started to walk. I kept telling myself that i was not gonna let this stop me from remembering what had happened between me and noah would just have to stay between me and him. When i finally made it home i went straight to my room and just fell backwards on to my bed i stared at my ceiling when i was about to fall asleep i got a message.


‘I know what you are, and i think that you are a disgusting freak’ my heart dropped i didn't know what to think i didn’t even know who this was so i messaged back


‘Who is this’ i texted back


You'll soon find out’ the person texted me back but i was too tired not to care when i should have cared.


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