Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4: A stranger's conversation

Submitted: January 25, 2019

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Submitted: January 25, 2019



That morning that I woke up in my bed. I didn’t know how I ended up getting to my house. I reached for my phone which was on the charger. I was shocked that it even made it on the charger last night in my drunken state. I unlocked my phone and went to do my daily social media checking. My facebook was just jammed pack of things of you know those quizzes of randomness and you share because everyone else shares because it's just there and of course there's always my friends that are on there. It wasn't till I went on my crumbly. Aka my school’s social media. Everyone posts on there for some reason. That's when I saw it. The picture of me and Noah kissing. My mind went into a blank state of mind. I got up and when into the bathroom. I felt as if my heart was about to explode with all this. I looked myself in the mirror and all my mind was telling me was to just do it already. I rummaged through my medicine cabinet and found it. The blade that I held since the moment my brother had passed on. My hand shook while I looked at it. The tears that were running down my face. I looked at the blade that has been helping me thought out these years, it was like my sanity was going slowly and I couldn't do it anymore. I took the blade off the shelf and I pressed it onto my skin. I saw the blood that was running down my upper arm. One cut turned into thirty. That is when I saw him again. He looked at me from his window into my bedroom in complete utter shock. That is when I just closed my blinds. I turned on my shower and saw the blood that was washing down. The hot water that was beating down on my skin. Calmed me down enough to finally breathe in and hot. I finally turned off the water, and I stepped out from the shower. I took to my closet and to find a something to wear. When I finally got done getting dressed and finally styling my hair, I heard a knock on my door it was Jeanie.


“Yes, may I help you?” I asked her looking at her like I was about to snap off her head.


“Yeah I need you to be home with mom tonight,” she said to me


“Um, why?” I asked her


“Cause I'm going out tonight your not sticking me with her tonight,” she said folding her arms


“If you want to go out so damn bad then why don't you invest in getting a place,” I said to her snapping at her


“Oh, cause I am the only responsible one in this damn house and if I left then everything will go to shitsville,” she said to me I wanted to snap even more but I didn't because I knew that it would just lead into a fight.

“Fine,” I said agreeing to it then looking down from her knowing that this is like a regular thing that happens for me.


“Thanks,” she said to me as turned away from me and closed the door on her way out. I just didn't want to deal with this anymore. I fell backward on my bed. Sighing loudly I grabbed my headphone that was on my bedside table and plugged them into my phone. Switching to a song that I love. It finally landed on a song I haven’t heard in forever. I started to clean my room up since I couldn’t really go out tonight. I knew Angie would have been wanting to spend time with Justin since it’s the summer and every year they take off to someplace and especially since her dad is away. I didn't want to see Noah after what happened last night it would surprise me that if he never wants to talk to me again. There was really no one else I could see. Sometimes I wished that I could just leave everyone in my family and never look back. When I finally finished my room I got my shoes on and started to walk to the only place that I love. It was only three so I could still get to it in time. I walked out of my house and onto the street. As I continued to walk I saw the same guy that I see inside the window. I wanted to stop and look at him or at least go up there and talk to him, but I didn't not at all. I felt his eyes looking at me and I was almost half-paralyzed by the fear of some guy that I didn't even know that was watching me. Somehow I still felt the safest that I have ever been. When he looked at I saw something that was inside of me that made me want to be with him, even if I didn't know him. I wanted to know him. I finally reached the place that I felt so safe at, my brother always took me even when I was little. It was the river that he and I always went to. We would even get trouble because my mother never wanted us to go down there because there might have been leeches or snakes or something else that she didn't want us to catch. My brother was my rock before I could even know that he was my rock and before I could even say that he was like a father figure to me. He passed on and I guess could never tell him how I felt. I stood there by the river looking at the stream going pass me. All I could ever think about is what if it was me that passed on. Sometimes I think that I'm an idiot to be thinking that. I just know that if I ever did pass on the wreck that it would be with everyone. Angie would never know what to say or do, My sister would just move out finally because of my mom, my mom would never get the help that she needs, sometimes I just think that it would be better if it was me. Ever since this morning, I wanted to die, I just wanted to shrivel up and die. Sometimes I really do wonder what would happen if things were different if the places were swapped would it even matter to my family, my friends, would they even care suddenly I found myself staring at the edge of a rock. Looking into the water thinking about all these things. Seeing the stream I wanted to touch the stream to even see if it was strong enough to take me down and drown before I could even touch it.


“Hey man look I don't know what is going on with your life right now but I don't think that whatever it is that you are thinking of doing I would not do that,” the guy said to me I turned around and saw him the guy from the window


“And what is it that you think that you can do for me? Or even better yet what makes you think you can stop me?” I asked him I was confused I wasn't about to let this guy make me change my mind about something that I wasn't even thinking of doing but then again who said that the thought wasn't there. Who said that this thought wasn't gonna make into real action. I've been so hard on myself I wasn't thinking about anyone but me. I wanted this pain to end. I wanted to finally be free from this suffering that I was in.


“I don't think I can stop from this but I can be something more just someone that is a non-judgemental person to talk to,” he said to me and I just stared into his eyes those big green eyes that were staring back at me. I looked at his handsome facial features he looked like someone out of an underwear magazine ad.


“Why would you even want to listen to me I don't even know you?” I asked him


“Because I would not want to see someone make a mistake that someone I once loved did,” he said to me I looked at him and the words hit me like a rock why would I even think about this. Why when I have so many people that care about me? I walked away from the edge and went onto the grass that was next to the river.


“What is your name?” I asked him


“Why do you want to know?” he asked back snarling at me


“So I can thank you” I replied back to him with the same level of attitude as him


“Taylor,” he said in a short respond


“So Taylor why were you following me?” I asked him trying not to spit it back in his face with this attitude that he was giving me


“Because I saw what you did this morning to your arm,” he said crossing his arms


“And you care because why?”I asked


“You shouldn’t be doing something like to yourself,” he said back to me


“I don’t even know you and you're telling me that I shouldn’t do something to myself,” I said to him which is very true


“Yeah I am,” he said to me


“Taylor is it? Why in the hell would myself even affect you?” I asked him


“Cause I lost someone like you that I cared about to something like that,” he said to me and I looked at him with the sadness that was in his eyes that it was true. I wanted to kick myself in the ass for this.


“I  didn’t know that -”I was cut off


“Of course you didn't like you just said we completely different two people,”  Taylor said to me interrupting me before I could even finish with what I was going to say. I was looking from the side of his shoulder, I noticed that I was looking at him from a perspective that I was being looked at. I wished that I could have been worded everything different from what I just said to this guy. He looked like he been through hell.


“I'm sorry I shouldn’t have said that the way I did,” I said to him


“Its fine,” he said before he sat down near the river I notice how he looked and I didn't want to be home right now so I figured why the hell not just sits and stay in the quite. He took a second to even notice that I was there but after that, he just didn't care. He took out his slim iPhone and started to look at his social media’s. I felt something within him just being there. I could not tell if it was just him being there that I felt comfort or if it was because he just saved me from committing the biggest mistake in my life. I knew one thing and that was I would never tell anyone about this. I looked at him for a second while he was deep in thought or if he was deep in a different conversation with someone else. All I knew was that he was deep in thought with whatever it was that he was doing. The sun reflected on him witch just made his features more defined. How his long hair shined with the sun on it. I noticed that not only was he wearing tight jeans but how he had so many tattoos. Noticing that not only did he have those but the tank top that he was wearing didn’t really help at all making him look even cuter. Oh my god did I just say that? This is a complete stranger that I didn't even know. What is wrong with me. It was like I was captivated by this stranger. It was like I wanted to be right next to him always. I suddenly saw the scars that were lifting up. I looked at him and I was puzzled the scar that he had on him. It wasn’t like the scars that I had on my upper arm from all the cutting that I did. His looked like it came from an accident of some kind


“I see you staring at it,” he said to me I quickly looked away from him. “You know I see you every morning” he paused in the middle of what he was about to say to me. “So let me ask you this why?”


“Why does everyone do what they do” i said to him truthfully while looking out into the river as i see the stream’s waves crashing upon to each other “this morning i got outed to everyone that is in my school, plus i kissed my best friend last night, plus my brother the only person that ever supported me died” i said to him before he could even speak i spoke again “i don't expect you to understand”


“Your right i don't understand but that doesn't mean that everyone is against you or wanting to be against you and i am not saying this because i know what it's like to be outed or that i know what it's like to lose a brother or to kiss your best friend i am saying this because you life is worth living it” he said to me

As looked at him and saw his half smile, my heart beated faster. The guilt that just washed over me suddenly hit me all at once. Before i could even speak or even say anything my phone was going off meaning only one person that would be blowing my phone up like that. It was angie wanting to hang out i needed to leave but apart of me wanted to stay and see if taylor was gonna be okay. I don't know what it was that came over me but i looked at him and said something


“I gotta go my friend is wanting to see me” i said shyly trying not to look him in the eyes from my own mistakes.


“Okay johnny if you need anything like anything you can talk to me” he said as he picked up the rock that he had in his hand and threw it making it skip across the water reminding me of when my brother did that when i was younger


“Okay” i said as i turned away from the lake seeing him still picking up the rocks that he had in his hands and skipping them onto the water and for a split second i could see myself with this stranger who saved me from myself as strange as it seems i want to feel something for this guy whom i barely even know. I was walking out of the woods when i saw them. Angie and noah right there in front of the woods. When i saw noah my cheeks suddenly flared up with redness i hadn’t spoken to noah since last night when we kissed

When i finally reached them angies eyes looked at mine. Like she was about to say something that was heartbreaking.


“Johnny we need to talk” Noah said and as soon as those words left his lips my stomach suddenly dropped.


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