Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5: Are you following me?

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Submitted: March 02, 2019



The words that left Noah's mouth made me wanna just leave the state. My stomach turned to mush. My stomach was suddenly in knots. My knots had knots seeing Noah, did he tell Angie about the kiss? Was he the person who outed me? My mind raced with all these questions I looked at him and I took a deep breath.


“Why didn’t you tell us that you were gay?” Noah said with a saddened tone that just looked into me. It pulled on my heartstrings I didn't know what to say. He didn't know what happened last night. Maybe he did know and just didn't want to tell Angie. Apart of me wasn't lifted from this pressure. Apart of me told me to deny it. So that way I Noah would never understand how much I feel for him.


“Cause I need to figure it out myself I guess I just need to know if it was for myself, ”I said to Noah and Angie, I saw Angie rolling her eyes cause she always knew something else was bothering her and I could tell it. I saw Noah coming in for a hug and before I could think the smell of his body odor came into my nose. I took it all in because I knew that last night was a mistake. Then again it all seems like my life to be is mistakes after mistakes.


“Its okay man you know that we don't care that you are gay,” Noah said to me holding me in his arm while I try to fight off the blushing spell that I had coming.


“Yeah you know that you are our main bitch,” Angie said hitting me on the shoulder irritating my freshly new wounds that were on my arms. I wanted to clutch my arm because of the pain but I didn't.


“Well, we are about to go to the mall wanna join?” Noah asked me


“Sure I just gotta be home at 8 so that way Jeanie can go out tonight,” I said to him as I looked at them with a smile we all walked and talked till we got to the car and that is when I saw Taylor again. The face almost looked for a second but just a second. My mind went to Joseph I don't know why or what it was about him but whatever it was I was drawn to him. It was like a moth to light outside. I wished that I could go and ask him why he looks so damn familiar to me. Before I could even go up to him he left. I looked out the window as the car’s engine started up and the music started to play in the background. The car suddenly turned into a karaoke bar. I just looked out the window and started to think of the times that I was happier. Sometimes I wish that I could have been born differently but at times when I see Angie and I see Noah being so willing to accept me.


“Johnny, did you hear that Joseph gurney and Sarah Jane broke up last night?” Angie asked me and I looked away from my window


“Wait what since when?” I asked


“Since Sarah is moving to another state for her senior year,” Angie said


“There is no way that Sarah is moving when she has been promoting herself around like a god for prom queen next year,” Noah said just as confused as I was about all this


“That is what I said too till I walked past Sarah's house with a for sale sign in the front yard” Angie finished saying I was utterly speechless about this I couldn't believe that she was moving away but at the same time I was grateful about it less time with her fighting with Angie.


“Well at least there will be no more fighting between you and here Angie,” I said to her


“Oh tell me about it,” she said as I could tell just by the sound of her voice she was rolling her eyes. Only to be half annoyed at the fact that Noah was talking about her.


“Plus on the bright side, we won't have to worry about seeing those horrible headshots next year that she would have been taking,” Noah said as he could not help but laughing at the imaging of that she would have failed at that. Sighs if only he would actually notice me like he did last night. Sometimes I wish I was a girl just to see if some guy would actually notice me. When we finally arrived at the mall and got out to go into the food court as always. I almost instantly saw that Justin's car was here knowing that Angie and he were probably going to meeting up and leaving me alone with Noah. Great. The guy that I had my first kiss but he doesn't even remember a damn thing. Or does he? He hasn't been acting strange or anything since the whole thing happened. I guess it was okay, but for some reason, I still felt awkward about it. I mean don't get me wrong Noah is one hunky man. It's just last night with what happened. We kissed and he pretended that everyone was fine. Fine was an understatement. I was worried that he was the one who told everyone that I was the cause of the kiss. I looked at him with his tie dye tee shirt. The way that he smiled at me made me wanna just melt into his arms every damn time. Sometimes it makes me wish that I could just be someone else.


“So will you two be okay here me and Justin have some shopping to do?” Angie asked I wanted to give her one of the famous Angie death glares but I didn't want to set off any alarms.


“Yeah of course,” Noah said with a smile showing off his perfect smile. It made me want to just kiss him. It almost made me want to blurt out that I kissed him. Thankfully I didn’t. Sometimes I wonder if should tell him that I kissed him, but as usual, I didn’t say a word about the war that was going on in my heart. It was like a silent


“Yeah sure thing you guys can do you what you guys want,” I said with the most unsatisfied smile that I could bring myself to do.


“Okay well, we will meet up at 3 then?” Angie asked us and Noah nodded to them as I saw them disappear into the crowd that was in the mall. I suddenly turned to Noah looking at the gorgeous jawline that was his. Seeing the sunlight hit his face perfectly. Making my heart beat faster and faster. I never notice how attracted I was to him till now.


“So wanna go hit up traffic?” Noah asked me knowing that it was my favorite store it almost took me off my game with it because he never liked that store not once since we have been alone had he ever suggested that we go to that store


“Um sure but don’t you hate that store?” I asked him confused on why he wanted to go into that he hated.


“Cause it's your favorite store that's why,” he said to me but then he took his right hand and placed it on the back of his neck. Normally I would just think that this was just him being his usual self but something was off about it. Before I knew it we were up and walking towards traffic. It was the only store that I could spend hours at the mall. I noticed how Noah was acting all shy or skittish about it. I wish that could tell if he knew something about last night. If he knew about the kiss that was shared between us. When we finally got to the store I saw that there was a sale going as usual. 50% off of everything in the store. When I stepped into the store I saw Noah going over to the other side of the store like he knew that he was there for something. I looked at him like it was a scene out of a romantic comedy. He smiled back at me and I smiled back at him. Sometimes I wish I could just tell him that we kissed and that he said what he said. My confusion continued when Noah actually bought something. Looking at him thinking to myself why would he buy something here.


“So this is why you wanted to come here,” I said sneaking up behind him making him jump halfway out of his own skin


“Jeezus fucking shit man make a guy jump out of my skin,” Noah said to me


“Sorry, so who is that for?” I asked just trying to get it out of him, he just looked down like he was trying to hide it from me but I just simply smiled and he looked up at me.


“That is um none of your business,” he said as his cheeks started to flush with redness


“Oh my god does the Noah have a crush?” I asked him trying to be caught off guard by him saying this.


“Johnny hush I don't have a crush and plus if I did I would not even know where to start with them,” he said to me with a sadness in his tone that I never heard in his voice before.


“Well just buying them a gift isn't gonna cut it you know,” I said to him trying to enthuse him about it.


“And how would the hell would you know,” he said to me in a snippy tone it was almost like he didn’t even want my help at all with this.


“Well for starters I am gay, and secondly I think I would know a little bit more about this stuff than you, it's like the gay agenda,” I said to him


“Dude don't be one of those gays,” he said to me but before even realizing what he had just said to me I just looked down “Not if you don't want to shit did I just make it awkward again?”


“Again when was it ever awkward,” I said to him


“I don’t know I guess it's because of you being gay I just never met anyone that is you know,” he said


“I know it's gonna be taking some time to be getting used to,” I said with a slight smile to show him I'm fine with it when in reality I wish I could just have to be able to accept me. I looked down for a second before noticing the familiar smell of river water and cigarettes. I slowly looked up and saw that it was him. Taylor, why was he following me? This time he was with a group of friends. I could tell that Taylor was a rocker type kind of guy. He had his chains wrapped around his belt loop. He had a cross around his neck. He was with a girl and a guy. The girl had bright neon green hair. She wore her red tight leather jacket with glee. She smiled with glossy lips that you could sit there and reflect off of a light. The boy had blueish blackish hair. His eyes were like a locking gaze on the girl. It was like he wanted but he couldn't have her, but then he smiled and took the girl into his arms. Sighs one day Johnny one day I said to myself before I could even hide. Taylor's gaze caught mine. It was like a second feeling of it all. Whatever it was it made me want to talk to him, like the coward that I am I didn't. Instead, he came to me. Thankfully Noah already left to go check out the rest of the store. Or I would actually die of embarrassment from it all.


“Are you following me?” He asked me with his hand going to the back of his head acting like he was embarrassed by the fact that he has run into me again.


“No I came here,” I said to him trying not to blush but failing miserably


“Taylor can you hurry the hell up we gotta go meet Ellie at the food court!” The girl with the neon green hair said to Taylor


“Well, why are you waiting for me? just go on ahead and meet up with her I’ll meet up with yall in a few” he said to them as they just nodded and then left. I could not help think if Ellie was his girlfriend, did I just seriously just ask myself that?


“You didn't have to do that you could have gone with them,” I said to Taylor trying to ignore the blush that was coming on my face.


“It's fine I see them all the time anyway besides it gives me a chance to talk to you,” he said to me as I just turned away knowing that my face was flushed with redness “You know you don't have to be so damn shy around me,” he said to me


“I- I know that I was just being considerate,” I said to him


“Considerate for my sake?” he asked me with an arch of his eyebrow


“Yeah, I was, ” I said to him looking at the clothes that were just right in front of me thinking that he would buy that I was just stalling till Noah finally came up to me to that he was ready to leave.


“Well on my behave don’t I don’t need any sympathy,” he said to me in a melancholy voice that was so deep that it almost sounded like that it was a cry for help.


“I think that everyone deserves a little sympathy even if we just met and I don’t know anything about you,” I said to him trying to nude that cold harden skin of his it was almost like talking to rock on closed he is on me. Well, I don’t blame him for being this way he barely knows me.

“If you knew me you would not be saying that,” he said once again in a somber toned voice. I looked at him like as if he was crazy.


“So you say,” I said bumping his hip trying to get him to at least have a laugh with me but it was like no matter what I did nothing came out of this guy what was he made of stone?


“Say um do like uh rock music?” he asked me I looked at like I was back in sixth grade my emo self would scream hell, yes but I knew that I had to be chill about it.


“Yeah, I do like it,” I said almost too excitedly


“Well I and my friends are playing next week if you or your friends are interested in coming to it,” he said to me and I notice how he looked at him with his eyes looking into mine. Making me just wanna to hide in the darkest room and just never come out of it.


“Okay well I see if I can I come,” I said with a nervous laugh at the thought that I could be this close to coming to a show with a guy that I just met and I barely even know him


“Cool, Johnny right?” he asked me


“Yep,” I said trying to pull my fake smile on as I looked at him once more with him being as close to me as he was instead of having him far away looking out into the riverside. His hair was like brighter brown than what I first thought it. His tattoos were all the way up on his forearms. I couldn’t make it out but I notice that they were covering up something that I could not think of. Then I looked into those eyes. Those eyes that I notice right away. How they shined in the sunlight from earlier today. They were so light green that I never notice how they were. I looked inside of them and it was weird it was like I could almost feel the exact same things as him. It was as if I were him and I connected for a split second.


“Well Johnny I think that I will see you hopefully this weekend?” he asked me


“Yeah definitely,” I said to him flashing him a smile


“Great. I will see you then?” he said to me with these eyes that just made me want to melt inside of myself but that is when I saw Noah walking towards me. Before I could even reply to his question Noah had already come up behind me. My face quickly flushed up with redness.


“Who is this” Noah asked me as I started to blush


“Name is Taylor and you are?” Taylor asked him

“Noah” Noah said to Taylor and it was like an instant glaring match between both of them.


“Like I said Johnny I hope to see you there,” Taylor said to me with a smile but then glared at Noah strongly know what to think. Before I could even say bye to him he walked off from me and Noah sometimes I wish that I didn't like Noah as much as I do because it would be so much easier on me since I do actually like Taylor or if its because I just have this weird wired feeling about him. I don't know which is a witch because I know if I actually do like him.


“What is his deal?” Noah asked me


“I don't know,” I said truthfully, just wishing that this afternoon would finally be over so that way I can just rest in my bed.


“Well we should get going before Angie goes crazy,” Noah said to me as he flashed me another one of his famous smiles. Sometimes I wish that I could just kiss those perfect lips without him being shocked at it. Then the thought of that picture of me and him kissing and suddenly it hit me like a ton of bricks, did Noah know about the kiss? Did he really mean all those words that he said to me last night? My mind went to that night when he said what took you so long why would he say that?


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