Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6: True Feelings Revealed

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Submitted: March 26, 2019



Chapter 6: True Feelings Revealed


Waiting for Angie is like waiting for your mother while she is getting her hair done. The waiting on her is like a pain in the ass. Sometimes she is on time others like this right here is when she is late as fuck. Angie is a classic white girl sometimes being fashionably late on times like this. Then again it’s not like I never complained about before but that was before I kissed Noah and trying to figure it out that if he likes me or not, even if he is in fact gay. I looked at him and how he was to intertwined with whatever it was that was going on his phone. I looked at how his hair shined in the sunlight and how fluffy it was whenever he moved his hair. Sometimes I wonder, how it would have been if he was gay. Would he even like me? Could he even like me? I looked at myself as this repulsive person sometimes. Thing is I never really saw myself as an attractive person. I look at Noah and I see this athletic person more than I have ever been. So handsome and stupidly gorgeous and smart and just all well rounded. I never thought that I would get so attached to him. I didn’t even notice myself that I felt that way for Noah till that weekend that my brother passed on.


*Flashback to six months earlier*  


It was fall day when we got the call that my brother had died. That morning at six AM  when I heard my mothers crying echoing throughout the house. The sound of distraught and crying filled the house as I saw my mother balling her eyes out. Seeing the tears of my mother hearing and seeing her. I never thought that I would have ever heard those noises coming from her. Seeing my sister coming home from work and finding out that my brother and hugging me telling me that it is just me and her. Never thinking that I would see her cry. I never let a single tear out till I was finally alone. When I finally alone the tear felt like that were never-ending. Till finally I just cried till I finally fell asleep. I didn't even go to school for that entire week. I turned off my phone until finally, I could just face the world. When I finally did it was almost too real. I saw all the messages from Angie. She even messaged me on facebook. Then I saw that messages from Noah asking if I was okay. It was almost like a never stopping messages. Till finally, I looked on the wall of my brothers. That is when it all hit me harder seeing all those posts of everyone that was going to miss him. I could never even bring myself to get out of my bed. It wasn't till Angie and Noah finally came over and forced me to come outside for a bit. I remember it so well because Angie told me and Noah that she wanted to go to Starbucks. When Angie was gone to the bathroom and also to go get another cake pop for herself. Noah said something to me.


“Hey how are you doing?” he asked me out of the blue this time I was just silent. The entire week I was silent. I didn't say a word for almost two weeks about my brother. For some reason, I finally spoke I didn't know what it was that came over me. I looked at him and saw how his eyes just looked at me. His eyes never left mine.


“Horrible Noah, my mom almost drinks herself to sleep every night, Jeanie is gone every night, and my father -” that is when I choked thinking about my father and how he wanted to be around me more. I looked away I didn't want Noah to see that I was about cry. The tears that I never want anyone else to see. “Actually wants something to do with me” I tried to hold back the tears that were trying to force there way out on their own.


“John I'm so sorry I didn't know that,” Noah said to me. He looked at me before switching seats to get next to me. He didn't say anything to me. He stayed silent and he didn't even say a word. It was like he didn't even have to, he sat there and grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I looked at him, The sorrow that was inside of his eyes. It was almost matched mine, It was like something clicked inside of me. It was almost like I wanted to kiss him. It was like having that connection or having some kind of spark.


“I don't think anyone really knew about it Noah,” I said to him softly, I caught myself looking him straight into his eyes, as I moved my hand over onto his. We saw Angie came back with three cake pops for each of us. I looked at mine and I just smiled. It was a cat with ears sticking out, and having its tongue sticking out at me, and for the first time that week I smiled before I started to laugh out loud.




“Uh, earth to Johnny?” I heard Angie's voice breaking my train of thought as I looked up and saw her with Justin being right next to her with four shopping bags with them.


“It's about damn time that you got here,” I said to her


“Yeah, yeah you know its a thing that we call shopping honey,” she said with a hair flip “um by the way I'm gonna go home with you Johnny if that is okay?” she said as I just looked surprised just as I did as Noah did,  on why she wanted to come over to my house when her boyfriend was right there.


“Um okay but why?” I asked just confused about why she wants to be over.


“Cause my dad and this new girl he is seeing is in a huge fight and you know the rest,” Angie said with a deep sigh. Of course, now that makes sense the only thing that she wants to be over. You see ever since Angie's mother pass on her father has been one to have a new girlfriend every month. Which is fine with me because she is like family to my mother. Plus this gives me a chance to tell about what happened last night with Noah.


“Sounds like a good ole time,” I said to her before she could say something Noah said something


“Would it be a party if I didn't come or do you two need alone time?” Noah said to us my mind looked at Angie then back to Noah then back again to Angie.


“Oh my god we haven't had a night like that since middle school,” Angie said to me and Noah


“Yeah that's why I suggest it if you want to you know,” Noah said shyly with his hand behind his head. His smile makes me want to kiss him for just that. He is just so damn cute. Shit, I’m crushing way to hard him and I don't even know what that kiss meant last night. Why can't I live somewhere where being gay is more accepting like California or New York or hell even Georgia. Where I know I'll be more accepted there then here if I had a crush.


“Yeah definitely,” I said to them trying not to think about being in a room again with Noah. Like the last time that I was with him and Angie was when I found out that I had feelings for him. Then I kissed him when he was drunk. All that it is left is if I sleep with but that thought just went over my head me sleeping with Noah? That would just be a dream come true. Sometimes I wished that I could finally just tell him how I feel so he can reject me and I can finally move on from it.


“So what time should I come over?” Noah asked me looking at me with the sweetest eyes ever. Damn it if I could just tell him how I feel.

“9? I have to see if it's okay with my mom,” I said to Noah


“Yeah just give me a text,” he said before looking at his phone it was almost like he was in a trance with whatever he just saw. “Justin, could you take them home?” Noah asked in a rushed


“Yeah I could but why-” he was cut off by the sight of Noah running off into the car and driving off “can't you take them, okay now I'm so confused,” Justin said before me and Angie looked at each other before bursting into laughter


“I've never seen him run that fast since there was nachos at school with no line,” Angie said with a chuckle that was short yet sweet. Still, I wondered why Noah ran off so quick. We went to Justin's car and left my house. The car ride was something else Angie and Justin were never so in love with each other before last night I guess since they actually had sex they changed it. I looked out the window most of the time of the car ride. Sometimes I wish that Noah was gay that way it would have been less lonely. Less lonely that is an understatement, it is completely lonesome out here being the only gay kid. Sometimes I wish that I could be someone else. When we finally arrived at my house my dad car was once again in my driveway, but my father was not in my house he was standing outside in front of his car. I looked at him again my father had a disappointing look in his eyes. It wasn't till his eyes looked at mine and I suddenly knew that it was that he knew. He knew that I was gay.


“Hey, Angie could you stay here till I give you a signal?” I asked her


“Yeah sure thing,” she said as I got out of the car it was like my heart dropped into my stomach. I walked to my father. The one man who scared me more than anything else in this world. My father has been known for a temper. I will never forget the one time that he hit my mother and then the next weeks he was asking for a divorce. That was in the fifth grade knowing that my father didn't want to be a part of my life. It was more like an uneasy feeling that I felt for the first time it was like sinking inside of my stomach. When i finally reached my father it was almost like nothing could come out to him.


“Where have you been?” my father asked me with crossing his arms before spitting his tobacco out of his mouth.


“Mall with noah and angie” i said almost taken back by the stern voice that he had


“Did you forget about today and what you were suppose to do?” he asked me as he looked at me with the anger that was in his eyes it was like i felt it stabbing me in the socket of my eyes.


“What was i supposed to do?” i asked confused to what he was referring to. He just looked at me like I was supposed to remember it right off the back.

“Well since you can't seem to remember let me remind you grass you need to cut it?” he said to me as my eyes looked at the ground noticing that it needed to be cut, but it already was cut then it hit me like a ton of bricks I was supposed to help him today


“Sorry I forgot I was busy already,” I said to him sheepishly to him with my hand coming to the back of my head.


“I don’t want to hear any damn bullshit excuse your 17 years old Johnathan, you need to learn some kind of damn responsibility,” he said to me as I just stood there listening to him since it was all that I could do about it.  “and don't give that bullshit excuse saying that it is summer and you wanna be with your friends you need to step up to the plate and do something like getting a damn job or something” he said to me


“I cant dad I've been having to study for my sats again and trying to apply -” he cut me off before I could even say anything


“And that is another thing why do you even want to go to college you will never get a good paying job that way you should be getting a job now and work your way up from there” he said to me it was like he was cutting all my dreams down and burying them into the ground and before I could think my dad heard his phone going off before he could even finish off his lecture about whatever it was that he was going on about. “I got to go just remember what I said here,” he said to me


“I will,” I said as he went into the car and backed out of the driveway. My father ladies and gentlemen. The one who never believes in any of his children but my brother before he died. The sad thing is that I want just want to make him proud of me. Even if I know that is a impossible thing for even myself to understand. I do it, not for me but for him, for my brother. I just nodded over to angie and she came out of justin’s car before kissing him of course. As we walked inside of my house i heard my mother and sister having a screaming match in the kitchen. I ducked my head and just tried to not to be seen my mother and sister always fought around this time. It wasn't till my sister slams the front door that she doesnt come back till the morning. I've never known what my sister does in her spare time. I walked up to my room with angie even tho there was a pile of dirty clothes lying on the floor and my room looked like it hasn't even been touched in three hundred years it seems like. I slugged down to the edge of my bed while angie sat there and was ten times out of time messaging justin on his way to work. It wasnt till i sighed loudly that angie looked at me.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” she asked me. At first i thought that i shouldn't say anything. Then i thought of that kiss between me and noah.


“My father is a asshole” i said abruptly to her she just laugh at me, but then looked at me and i laugh at what i just said.


“Tell me something that i don’t know” angie said to me i didn't know what to say my thoughts wanted to say like how i kissed noah last night half drunk but then i just shrugged it off.


“So i met someone today” i said to her


“Like a guy” she asked me coming to the edge of the bed. Looking at me all i could do was just nod.

“His name is taylor” i said with flashing a smile


“Oooooo” she squealed at me in a high pitched voice “what does he look like? When did you meet him? How did you meet him? Does he have a good looking side or bad kind of a side? Rawr ” she asked all those questions all at once, ending the last one with her hand making a tiger paw. All i did was just laugh.


“Well for one i don't know that last cause i just met and two he is not bad looking and i just met him today and i met him at the riverside” i said to her and she just looked at me like what the hell.


“Johnny why in the hell didn't you tell me in the car with noah” she said slapping my arm “did you get those digits?” she asked me i just sighed


“No i didn't but i don't have to look for my mystery next door neighbor” i said shyly as i looked at her


“Shut the fuck up its him?” she shouted at me practically grabbing me and almost shaking me.


“Yeah it is” i said without noticing that my face was becoming more and more red. I just stared at her as she screamed like she was getting murdered. It was almost like she was too excited more than me. I just rolled my eyes at her thinking that he would never come for someone like me.


“You are too damn crazy” i said to her as i sat there and threw my pillow at her face. As the pillow fell down to the ground and her hair fell from the air. She stuck out her tongue. I just looked at her and laughed it off.


“Assface” she muttered under her breathe


“But you love me” i said to her as we both laugh it off. It was moments like this i was gonna miss with her when we leave for college next year. Sitting on my bed laugh it up and also cutting up with each other. You see angie is going to be going all the way to california and i am going to new york city. Two different cities. It scares me so much because of the fact that we might not be able to spend time like with each other, but if i know angie she will never let that happen. When it happens i know that she will facetime me like everyday telling me about her day and ill most likely do the same thing. It still doesn't mean that it is still scary for it.


“Why do think noah left in hurry today?” angie asked me


“I don't know he has been acting so strange since yesterday and like today we went into traffic and he was actually shopping around and actually bought something”  i said to her and her eyes went wide

“Wait what but he hates that store” angie excliamed to me


“That is what i thought too but he actually bought something and then he tell me that he might have found someone” i told her almost regretting it because knowing angie the next question was the same question that you her from every romantic film ever.


“Who?” she asked me


“I don't know he would not tell me” i said raising my hands.


“Why is he being so damn secretive all of a sudden” angie breathed out with a breath. She sat there and looked at me. As we continued to talk though the night i heard my mom finally drinking for the night and went up stairs for bed. I went to ask her if it was okay if angie could spend the night and she said yeah. Noah was never allowed over here because of my mom. So we always have to sneak him in and out of my house. As we sat there and waited for him i noticed that angie went to the bathroom. It was just me out here alone. I looked out into the night sky and just thought to myself. I wish that you were  thinking to myself about my brother. I haven't been able to say his name out loud since that day. I looked at the darkened sky and just hoped for once that i could be able to say bye to him unlike that day at the memorial. I have so much regret on that i don't like talking about him. Wishing that i could be as strong as my sister and my father. Being up there took so much courage and talking about him like wasn't gone. It was almost like he was half gone. I looked to the side of me and saw noah coming up. He looked like he was about to cry. I was not even going to think about it. I got up and i walked towards him.


“Hey you okay” i asked him but he didn’t say anything and i looked at him. At first i thought that he might have been drunk, but he wasn’t. Then i thought that he was just playing around so asked again. “Noah?” i asked again as he looked at me this time it was the same look as last nights. His eyes gleamed at me with he shimmered looked in them as usual. The only difference is that they were glossy like. It was almost like had been crying his eyes out. This time i didn't say anything. I didn't need to say anything. I came closer to him and just hugged him. I felt his arms wrapped around my waist. As his grip grew so did mine. It was almost like last nights hug when i was crying. Nothing was said till the kiss. I felt his eyes looking down on me. Before i could think my heart started racing. I looked up for a second. As both of our eyes met with each others. I knew i wanted to kiss him but this time i wasn't know what was going on. I haven't even gotten up the courage to ask him about the kiss. Before i could think, before i even say something, his neck bent down closer than normal. Having our lips almost touch like those couple in the movies where they going to kiss but was always somehow interrupted. This time was different, he moved his hand to my face. It was making me longing for that kiss more and more. It wasn't till finally our lips met. Me kissing noah, and noah kissing me back. For a moment just a moment now i melted on the inside. Everything that was inside of me screamed out in pure bliss. It was till noah pulled back. That i looked into his eyes, and i turned around and saw my mother.  


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