Summer With A Chance Of Love

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9: Closure

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Submitted: June 24, 2019



Those words that he said to me almost echoed in my mind ‘because I might know what might have happened to him’ the tears that wanted to come out almost did. I fought them as hard as I could. I looked at Taylor like what does he know? How could he possibly know what my brother went through? My brother, he knew something about my brother. What did he know? What could have happened to my brother that I didn't know about?


“What do you mean?” I asked him


“I mean I might know what happened to him the night that he died,” he said to me as my eyes grew wide


“Don't be playing with my heartstrings Taylor this is not something that you should be telling me if you are,” I said in a serious toned voice


“I'm not,” he said to me huffing his own breath at me and then suddenly knowing that he was drunk by the smell of it and I knew then I needed to take every word with a pinch of salt.


“Come on, let's go get you into your bed,” I said to him as I took one arm around him and guided him towards his house.


“He was shot you know” he slurred his own words making it sound like ‘he was shit you knew’  i dealt with my mother being drunk so many times I just knew that I needed to agree with him and never argue with them. I just nodded and went to his back porch when we finally got into the house. He went limper than ever.


“Where is your room?” I asked him quietly


“Upstairs” he slurred the words together “it's on the right you should be able to see your room,” he said drunkenly sometimes I wish I wasn’t the nice person that I was. I took his arm and wrapped it around my neck and carried his drunken body into his room. As soon as I did he looked at me like he wanted to say something to me. I didn't want to spend any more time here then I already did. So I got out of there as fast as I could but before I could even sit there and leave he grabbed my hand and it made me wait for a second, and he took out the last thing that I never thought that he would have. My brothers class ring, seeing it almost made me want to tear up. It was the only thing that wasn’t found when they found his body. My eyes were filling up with tears. I wiped them away and looked into his eyes and I asked him.


“How do you have that?” I asked him, it seemed like it was all that I could sit there and get out before started to choke up about it.  


“Liam had it when committed suicide in his letter it said to return this to his best friends brother,” he said to me, I wanted to know if he knew my brother, but I couldn’t even ask for the fact that my emotions were too high. I looked at him and just took the ring. When I exited his house and got to my back porch I stop to try to exhale from the panic that was running through my body. I was trembling like no tomorrow, my hand was shaking badly, my chest was hurt it was all the things that I hated in one. The only thing that my family never had was his graduation ring. I held it to my heart and I breathed with it next to me. I looked over at Taylor's house. My mind wanted to know what did Liam knew about my brother. I went back inside my house and just sat on my bed. I wanted to know what Liam had to do with my brother and how he came to my brother’s graduation ring, but at the same time, I didn't want to. When I finally fell back asleep that night I tossed and turned wanting to know how he came across his ring. I looked at my window when it was finally breaking sunlight. I knew that I had to see Taylor. I had to know more about Liam he might be my only way of getting the closure that I need. I got up as soon as I saw that there was sunlight. I got dressed and then text him saying to meet me at the riverside as soon as he woke up. When I left my house I saw my mother passed out on the couch again. My sister will be home anytime now. I need to leave know before she comes home. I went outside and went straight for the riverside. I waited out there for what seemed like hours and before I could even think two hours later, apart of me wanted to go, but another part of me told me that I should just wait. Before I knew it two hours turned into three, three turned into four and then five. I was getting ready to leave when finally he showed up.


“Hey sorry I'm late what is up?” he asked me then I just held the ring and he looked at me with those eyes. He looked away before the words left his mouth. “I thought that was a dream,” he said as the words left his mouth.


“How did you come across this ring? I need to know because this was my brothers” I said to him


“I don't really know all I knew was Liam wanted me to give it to his brother,” he said to me


“What was Liam’s last name?”


“Haynes,” he said to me


“Did you know my brother?” I asked he stayed quiet for a while before answering me.


“Yes and no,” he said to me finally


“Do you know anything about that night? been driving myself insane wanting to know what happened to him?” I asked him in pleading voice he looked at me then he looked at the ground.


“I saw him briefly that night that he died,” he said to me, my eyes when wide looking at him. The tears were about to come pouring out. I looked at him and I didn't even have to say a word about it. It was like he knew he had to continue. “I was at the same place as he was, he was having a few drinks with Liam, when I came he didn't seem well at all, Liam asked if I could drive them back to the college dorms, but your brother refused to come with us, he kept saying that he had to meet someone there, it was like he was repeating himself over and over again,” he said to me i noticed that a tear had slipped out of my eye, because he asked if he wanted me to continue and I just nodded. “Well me and liam left to take liam back to the dorm and even as hard as me and liam tried to convince him to he would not leave the bar so the next morning liam got a phone call saying that he was killed” he finally finished i just looked down and I could not speak to save my own self. The tears that I was holding in just finally came out, I didn't know if it was hearing or me just imagining it the whole time. The saddest thing was everything that he told me adds up to the way everyone thinks that he died the way that the lawyer said it. The way that my mother said it. The way that my sister and father said it. I looked at taylor and i fell to my knees just sobbing my eyes out. Taylor didn't know what to say so all he does is he just looked at me.


“I’m sorry i shouldn’t have told you” he said looking away from me I couldn't manage to make a single word out but he did something that I never thought that anyone else would do other than noah would do. He dropped down to he knees too and he hugged me. My heart pounded inside my chest as all I could do was just cry. I wrapped my arms around him. As i cried harder.  Before i could even object to it he wrapped his arms around me the same way as I was. “I'm sorry for making you cry” he said before wiping the tear that was rolling down my cheek.


“Its okay” I said in a whisper, i never felt before, he was comforting me. It felt good, it was everything I was hoping for in this one moment. I looked at him when i could finally stop crying and the blurriness was not as bad. I saw that one smile that he flashed towards me. My heart was beating so loud that I could hear it in my ears. Taylor licked his fingers and wiped the tears away from my cheek. It was only till then that I noticed that we were inches from our faces meeting. My heart was beating louder and louder. Until finally our lips were inches away. Everything in my body was telling me to pull away, pull away from taylor but it was like my body also wanted this. Before I knew our lips met. It was almost like my heart could explode with the emotions that were coming from this. Everything that was leading up to this moment was like an awaking or something that was inside of myself. When the kiss ended, there was a moment where we both looked into each others eyes almost like he felt the exact same thing that I did. He looked at me and gave me those innocent looks like he didn't know what to think about it. Before i could lean in for another kiss we heard a voice.

"Taylor?" The girl said with saddened shocked face to what she saw, suddenly I knew saw that this girl was someone more than just a friend. I backed away from him almost automatically and turned away from before I realized what I just did. She started to run off and he called after her.


"Mae wait I can explain!" He said chasing after her as I was just standing there trying to process this kiss and now my brother truth of his death. How was all this possible? How was something that hurt my family so simple like that? I looked down and saw that I had my brothers graduation ring on as much as I wanted to ball up my fist and just throw it into the water but all I could remember was the last time that we spent together.

One year earlier


It was summer time and my brother had just gotten out from his second to last year in college. So he came home to spend some time with me. He was the only one that really understood me. After all this time, he was still the same goofy loving guy that he was known to be. It was almost like he was the glue to this family. My brother came home that day took me to the movies.


"Hey little bro" keegan said to me as he ruffled my hair and I just smile while pushing his hands away from me


"Hey! I just brushed my hair!" I screamed at him but laughed at the fact that i was trying to mess up his hair. When I finally did i just gave him a half smile then my mother finally came out and my brother gave her a hug and then gave her some money for rent and stuff. Even then I seemed to be much more happier. I looked at my brother and wished that he could be here all the time.


“So little brother ready for a day at the movies?” he asked me as my face lit up as I looked at him. Spending the day with my brother and no one else. My eyes gleamed with joy.


“Heck yeah” I said to him by giving him a high five and he hugged me and then we left to go to his car. Which usually smells like cologne and cheap deodorant but this time it smelled like girly perfume and fruit. It was like that he never wanted to settle down or anything it was just unnoticeable, my brother was a big time player when it came to girls. It was like there was a new girl every week or something like that it was just that he hasn’t found the right girl for him to settle down with. We went to the movies and then we went to hit up ihop afterward it was like a routine that me and him did and we would spend hours upon up hours there. Even the waitresses knew us by name. It was like everything that me and him did was great. Then we would talk about our favorite thing to talk about witch was superheroes. His favorite was and always will be batman. Mine was wonder woman. He knew everything that there was needing to be know about batman he loved educating himself about him. That is how we bounded was talking about that. I never realized it till now.


“So anyone in the love department” my brother asked me. My brother was always wanting me to finally find someone that way i can be happy, but i just looked down at the table that we were at and i didnt want to say anything else


“Not really” I said to him


“No one sparking your eye or something?” he asked me


“No its just i don't know do you think that someone will actually like that?” I asked him


“Johnny i believe that there is someone out there for everyone so yes i do believe that you will find someone out there for you. Before I could reply back to him he looked at me again. “How many times this week?” he asked me looking down


“Twice” I whispered downward


“What happened this time was it dad?” he asked me


“No it was just that I was feeling even more down than ever,” I said to him


“Why didn't you text me you know i'm here for you” he said to me


“I know I just feel ashamed that I am this way you know” i said to keegan “i just wish that i could be normal”


“And being who you are not being normal?” he asked me


“I suppose” i said to him


“Johnny listen to yourself right now,” he said with a cheerful voice “being who you are is something you should not be afraid of being who you are is something that you need to be proud of and nothing else you need to be yourself no matter what don't let that get in your way” my brother always knew the right thing to say. After that I tried to stay away from harming myself. I need to but when my brother died it was the only thing that I could do to feel something else other than the pain.


My hand was still clenched into its fist with my brothers graduation ring. I looked at the ring that was in my hand. I just wanted to forget everything. The tears that I felt just missing my brother but then the lustfulness that I felt with him still lingered on my lips. I wanted to feel something else besides this pain. I wanted to feel like my happy self again. I wanted to know that i could feel like that again. Before I knew it I saw taylor coming back.


“Why did you kiss me” he asked angrily towards me like he didn’t want it to happen


“I don’t know okay i-” I was cut off


“I don’t know is bullshit you know why you kissed me” he fired back at me and I looked at him like what the actually hell


“If you didn’t want the damn kiss then why the hell did you kiss back taylor?!” I shot back at him as we looked at each other the one thing i could not deny from that kiss was the passion that was there. We looked away from each other before he finally spoke again.


“I'm sorry that I kissed you its just i can't lose mae she is the only good thing that is in my life right now and I know that you and that guy that you were seeing yesterday are some kind of a couple i just dont wanna ruin what we both have” he said to me in a sad voice


“And what if i told you that i don't know what me and him are” I said to him


“Then I say you need to figure it out because I can not be around you without ruining the only thing that is good in my life” he said to me as I looked at him with my eyes filling up with tears


“So what was your plan taylor save me the first day that you saw, tell me about my brother’s death and then kiss and then tell me that you don't want to be around me anymore” i said but this time i was getting angry with him.


“That is not what im trying to do johnny i do want to be around you its just i don't want to mess everything up with mae or mess anything up with you and that guy” he said


“I don't know what you want me to say taylor” I said to him before pause to say something to him “if you don't want to see me anymore than you don't have to see me anymore just go back to whatever you have with this mae and i'll just do me” I said to him while i got up and brushed off the sand that was on my clothes and just left. I felt the tears come and i just let them out as I was walking i walked to noah’s house my tears were not lighting up until I finally made it there. I knocked on the door hoping that Noah was home alone. When the door finally answered and I saw that it was noah i just ran into his arms and just cried everything out like i never cried a day in my life. I remember that he kept asking me what was wrong several times but I just ignored him before i could even be in control of my own body. I don't know what came over my body, but whatever it was I kissed noah and i didnt want to stop.


“What are you doing johnny?” he asked me almost breathless from it all


“I don't know all I know is that I don't want it to end” I said to him as I kissed him again as the passion rose more and more. Till finally we made it to his bed. My fingers were at the hem of his shirt and i looked into his eyes again.


“Is this what you want?” Noah asked me


“If it's what you want?” I asked him and to my surprise he nodded at me and we continued to be lifted up my shirt on to expose my scars and he looked at me


“What happened here” he asked me tracing the eight deep scars on my arms I looked away and i didnt want to talk about it. I still felt insecure about my scars but then I saw the way that he looked at me and i just wanted to this lustfulness that i felt with taylor to be over.


“It's something that i would rather forget” I said to him what he did made my heart feel even more confused he pulled me down and kissed each scar like they were my best features.


“I don't care what happened in the past just know you to know that every step of the way I want to be there for you” he said to me as he pressed his lips against mine i wished that he was the one that made me feel the way that I do like taylor did but he was close enough to me and that is all that matters to me.


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