My death

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Submitted: November 08, 2018

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Submitted: November 08, 2018



Here I am

Again I wait

For 19 years 

It's been my fate


I made a promise

I could not keep

My blade in hand

I sit and weep


So loud and long

I moan and cry

I lay in bed

And wait to die


I've hurt so long

For 19 years

Through toil and pain

And sorrow and tears


I've scratched, I've bruised

I've burned, I've cut

My vision fades

My eyes, they shut


I think of friends

And family too

I shut them out

There's nothing to do


My life meant nothing

At least not to me

It may have to others

But I cannot see


The reason why

They would care

Or why they'd grieve

Without me there


They'll all move on


And they'll forget

About me


This is what 

I tell myself

So then I don't

Reach out for help


I hate my life

I truly do

Even so,

I'll miss you


As I go

My heart beat fades

It is a tragedy

At my age


I know as much

But even so,

It is my time,

I have to go


And so farewell

My family and friends

I'll see you again

When your life ends

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