Ephiram was exiled to Kardora the land of the vampires, expected to be nothing more than food. However, his fate soon leads him to the apprentice god of destruction Adnan who takes him under his wing, believing there to be a bigger reason ephiram was sent to the vampires. As they travel throughout the land, Ephiram encounters a sinister entity called the Father of Strife who wishes to possess Ephiram. For what reason no one knows but a battle of gods is on the horizon because of it.

Table of Contents

Enter Kardora

The night was still, tranquil even, in a faraway land. The full moon lit everything so there was no need for torchlight. No one was stirr... Read Chapter

Unsuccessful Ambush

" Wh-What?" Ephiram asked looking surprised " But I thought-" " You were never meant to be committed. Father Nero has been removed fr... Read Chapter

The Oracle Calls

Following the meeting with Cynthia, Adnan went back to his manor. He walked to the dining room to see Echo lying on her back on the table... Read Chapter

The Oracle's Warning

Adnan was escorted to a small temple at the edge of the Imperial city. Several hooded vampires bowed at the waist as he passed. Adnan p... Read Chapter

Night-time Assault

Adnan got back to his manor a few hours from daylight. He was tired and still angry at the Oracle. He packed up as soon as he got to hi... Read Chapter

Father vs Daughter

“ I’ll handle my daughter! Jerssia, look after Echo and Ephiram!” Adnan ordered.   “ Why do I have to? I’d much ... Read Chapter

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