Dark Dweller

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Branded as a monster, a cyborg spends his days in a dark room. One day, an android, a being superior to a cyborg, decides to attempt to befriend the ostracized cyborg. However, the cyborg sees the android as an annoyance as opposed to a potential ally. After this, things start changing. Will light finally prevail through the darkness, or will the cyborg choose to remain in the darkness?

Cover Credit: AmbER/ByRavensFlight

Table of Contents

The Dark Room

At first glance, this place came across as a quaint little restaurant housed in an old department store downtown. The departmen... Read Chapter

The Consequences of Food

The cyborg stood at the door of a little old house. He had been dropped off by a self-driving Unitech van. There were other robots that h... Read Chapter

The Visitor

"Hey Aiden!" Aiden turned from the stove and looked at Richard, who was seated at the ancient dining table. Despite his advanced age,... Read Chapter

Occupy The Mind

"Aiden! Come here for a minute!" Aiden stopped washing the dishes and dried his hands off completely. He went to the small living roo... Read Chapter

The Substitute

Arden reactivated after an unknown amount of time had passed. When he checked his internal clock, it had turned out that he had shut down... Read Chapter

Part of a Machine

The two headed up the stairs and onto the second floor. A couple of female androids were talking in the hallway in front of the door to t... Read Chapter

A Talk

A lively jazz number flooded the living room. A record was spinning, and an old man was energetically dancing. Aiden poked his head into ... Read Chapter


Since it was risky to show up downstairs in the dining area, Arden was taking his chances in the maintenance room again. He peeked into t... Read Chapter

The Trespassers

Arden knew to conserve his gains, and he hid the food in the second drawer of the vanity dresser. He ate half a carrot that morning, and ... Read Chapter

The Injury

The lobby was a rectangular space with a few waiting chairs and a desk. Due to this building being built sometime towards the middle of t... Read Chapter

The Recovery Suggestion

Miss Johnson had gotten Taro to tend to Arden, and Arden had shut himself down per Taro's suggestion. When Arden activated, Taro was clos... Read Chapter

Spend The Night

Aiden's technology activated automatically, which denoted that something had to have been wrong. His owner would have to have voice activ... Read Chapter


Arden activated at six like he usually did, and once his systems were booted up, he looked over his shoulder to check on Grace. To his di... Read Chapter

Back to Work

Since Mr. Phiasty was back, Arden had no time to recover from his injury. It was business as usual, despite Arden having a very hard time... Read Chapter

Getting to Know

Come morning, Arden took his painkillers then noticed that something was different. The bandages on his hands had been changed out overni... Read Chapter

The Prankster

There were many ways the day could have gone, but being greeted with a flying pie to the face wasn’t one of the ways Arden wanted his d... Read Chapter


Aiden sat in a drab hallway under the watchful eye of five police officers, awaiting the results. He was a suspect in Richard's death, an... Read Chapter

The Return

Mr. Phiasty was standing at Arden’s bedside the following morning. The man was glowering down at him as Arden got his systems in order,... Read Chapter

A Checkup

The day ended, and Arden was too drained to move from the position the last client left him in. He was on his back, and the last client h... Read Chapter

The Replacement

"Sorry, but things are too tight on my family right now to consider taking in another mouth to feed." "If you aren't an android, then... Read Chapter


Arden had reached his quota come noon the following day. He was unsure that he’d meet the production numbers, but he had counted every ... Read Chapter


Aiden looked around at the rectangular room he was standing in. The front desk was in front of him, and behind the desk was a big oil pai... Read Chapter

Androids or Cyborgs?

Since Miss Johnson was in charge again, and Arden had clearance to stay the winter, Arden thought it would be safe to acquire food from t... Read Chapter

A Grand Entrance

Arden received scraps from the kitchen whenever he could, as his door stayed unlocked now, and with the food in his system he performed b... Read Chapter

A Date

Grace left in the morning, after she activated Arden so he could remove the vanity dresser from the door. She was gone by 5:30 in the mor... Read Chapter

The Pieces

Arden quietly sat on his bed as he always did. He was no longer ‘Aiden,’ but ‘Arden.’ Mr. Phiasty explained that with this li... Read Chapter

Forming Alliances

Arden woke up to cheerful chatter. When he was done rebooting, he saw Miss Johnson and Grace happily prattling away. Arden realized it wa... Read Chapter

Faking It

Mr. Phiasty was back, and it was business as usual. The man had returned with stitches and bandages, and he seemed to have been shot in t... Read Chapter

Manipulation Tactics

Per procedure when anyone went to speak with Mr. Phiasty, Arden knocked on the door to the office, and heard Mr. Phiasty call from within... Read Chapter


“Do you have a king of hearts?” Evelyn asked. Arden was playing Go Fish again, after deciding to try playing the game again with ... Read Chapter

A Plan Revealed

Business was slow, so Arden had plenty of time to himself. He was fed, was rested, and low on objects to build with. So instead, he just ... Read Chapter

A Discussion Over Tea

Night had fallen, and it did not seem that there would be any interruptions that night. Arden was still thinking about the new informatio... Read Chapter

The Fall

Things had become quiet over the next few days, save for the clients coming and going. Arden noticed that a substantial drop in business ... Read Chapter