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Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018




The goddess I love you as you paradise me from the pleasure it has to happen how I can really imagine it to see it happen like this from you being a woman sex me because this a pleasure women is feel like have as you guide me think what pleasure does so I act think like I am the pleasure a woman is see it like her fantasy feelings want my body pleasure her and because  I see beautiful

women that I fantasy about what pleasure her body tempt or reminds me what pleasures I like her give me and how this be what a woman is want when I see her act like need me for pleasure and because we is see we both act feel like we thinking the same fantasy how offer this pleasure as goddess you guide us imagine what pleasures flirt her and me need as now are body together seeing what we wish be pleasures I now look at a body I wish sex that is thinking the same pleasure I do for her she wants this that inactive like want start pleasure her as already I do what she like be how it is tempted flirted for me offer and fantasize this pleasure for her body as then she sees me offer do pleasure that sees my body be what she desires is thinking to offer pleasure and my body action this because all she can think feel about is the pleasure want me do for her body and how I look and act like I can do this pleasure for her body because she think want this pleasure and how lucky she sees I am acting like what she sees believes as being this pleasure and attraction as goddess you make our bodies be this identity and knowing how offer do sex.

The reality of pleasure we are made be it as we a body that knows and has what is pleasures so deity creates what is be that does pleasure to have so now we be a body for pleasures as the body we use it created for the pleasure the body does has.

Goddess you make all pleasures be what give it a reality happen all pleasures have as you create us have pleasure like how made us wish how like play pleasure so we be created have things like it pleasure my body and how do it this good for you and it be everything goddess can make be things as our body and scenario how like happen this pleasure with.

Goddess you make creation pleasures how it be what we like so we be all powers of do and have and think how pleasures is as we exist as this form and body to be this happen so we created be your powers of things it has and knows how like do these pleasures with beautiful and how it does this pleasure.

Goddess you guide us about how the pleasures happen so we do it with beautiful things so for are body we be what knows does it like the pleasures and how you make us know what we like it is for to have it created be things for are bodies perform what we believe is pleasure with beauty a body come to pleasure me as it is show the same reality I am imagining how pleasures happen so goddess you give me and her your powers we we know what pleasures does and this is created have us play this reality that happens us have pleasure we like as the body we be together and how pleasures is with things we like do pleasure with so what we know of pleasures happen perfect we are given things beautiful for pleasure and how you guide them know how do paradise they appear as the beautiful body need offer me sex and pleasures as for this pleasure I know how do it as I think how does pleasure make me have it happen and like it it reveals this then I have the body that a beautiful woman does pleasure with my body as we are created to realise and have what is pleasure for are body like it with these things and how things is be what and how do pleasures for me and I am a body to think what is pleasures it is paradise to do these pleasures for her as her body uses this pleasure my body and to act like this pleasures tempts her act like want this pleasure happen and we touch do pleasure we wish and we are made as a body for the pleasures we have and how do it happen like this with you showing it really happen how this is what pleasures does and how if has me fantasy what pleasures I like and how it happen and this with things I like for pleasure as my body think what does pleasures then I can pleasure whose body I like when she think my body like it pleasure her as how I think do pleasures and be my body it tempts women this is the pleasure you wished have and it makes your body give me pleasure and this is us playing thinking paradise for sex as we see our bodies attracted and how pleasures is happen this is beautiful and does each pleasure this what are body and beliefs has to be this attracted.

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