What is Life ?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Christian Writers

In the unborn life, let us know the mystery of a simple question. I have only acclaimed its start. :)

Endless in my thoughts,

Our mind games so lost,


Says life is not a game,

Where you will be pulled back,

If you break your bones,

It gives a feedback to be careful,


Says life is not a play,

Where you will be told wrong,

If you right the wrong,

It gives you an arena to be challenging,


Says life is not a fall,

Where you will be escaping realities,

If you humble your steps,

It gives a joyful day,


Says life is not a loss,

Where you will be hopeful undone,

If you remake the peace,

It gives you a craft to be blessed,


Says life is not a prison,

Where you will be fed not to be free,

If you commit crimes,

It gives you a restroom only to recall living,


Says life is not a question,

Where you will miss anything,

If you remain silent,

It gives you more life to explore,


Says life is not a threat,

Where you need to pay ramson,

If you remain to be nourished,

It gives you wisdom paid for fortunes,

Then what is life?


Life is a call you must shine where you are,

A wake up you must not miss,

Giving everyone a care to be loved,

One friendship for our human family,

Life is so more than giving,

It honours everyone with respect,

For you belong here to feel our worth,

In this cage everyone is a free bird,

Where the greatness blesses,

When every gate open to find peace,

Let us rise to this wisdom,

More it may make you committed,

I must not be its shore but,

Waves that changes will bring,

Will be the season of your story,

A shade you find this moment,

Will be the help of God,

Who has been your guardian,

In every name and form,

The great love is so a harvest beyond any end,

For this gratitude has submitted us a reunion,

Earth is only our passage through time and space,

History we make here,

Where the baggage is our vision to be a contributor,

A heart that sowed these beats,

Will remain with you wherever you are,

Making us as a gift of living Earth,

Let us not kill its harvest,

Being born here we are gifted as its inheritance,

Let us awaken this story as human,

By birth a need to refresh its branches with hope,

Feeling the darkness will be win by the gratitude to be humble,

All the stars in the night sky,

Come here to welcome us a new beginning towards this dawn,

Let us stay spirited for our call into destiny,

Where unseen future will be birth of our oneness in unity,

For our planet need this life reborn to touch a soul,

From everywhere let us keep,

Our deepest faith in trust to win,

Any heart ever lived a lifetime so true,

Like the sun gives its light to all,

All these belonginess you listen,

In God’s timeless existence as one among us,

Let us become the infinite light and shade everywhere,

All life wondrous the Truth that’s beyond all,

Let one love for humanity be the eternity,

The living Earth on which all the life,

Made you as God’s child in an immortal self,

Where there is no end or beginning,

Let us be led into this wondrous vision,

Will all the heartbeats of the universe,

Rising for all the lost child dreams for our peace,

May we know,

The entire creation is a little image of God,

Enchanting into the vision infinite,

Helping life to grow,

And be free and happy,

Beyond body, time and mind;

My heartbeats say one ordinary song separates I from God,

This hidden treasure reveals heavenly harmony in one spirit,

Such a grace of all worlds is ever upon us,

The inexpressible grandest truth trust life is none,

But one mere instrument where our hearts dwell in peace, hope and joy.

Submitted: November 10, 2018

© Copyright 2022 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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