I can still hear the clink

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Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



My head it replays this unchained medley;
You’re far away
And I’m still stuck in this same old place.
You're writing a song and your singing
And I'm doing the same
Probably writing about the same things.
I’m imagining our two songs mixing together
Unchained, out of key, not matching,
But it sounds perfect to me.

The beat
Almost sounds like treasure
Rustling around a chest together.

Dream of heavenly gold, it said,

Dream of wonder.

I miss the gold shining peace

That almost knew us-
I sit and watch the hope twinkle in the dark.


My heart says I miss you,
It also says I’m dead.
My heart had good intentions,
But it lies and they were bad.

The dream says your here,
But you're not;
I only know ‘cause when  I wake,

You’re gone.

I got rid of all your stuff.
My heart says I love you,

But it’s wrong.


Your dreams were tainted and materialistic;

You said you could do nothing with them,

So you sent me out to look for something better
Or someone who could make a dream come true
(Someone who can do something with a dream)
You were only mocking me.

I wanted to sing our song


The one that merged like a medley in my head,
But it doesn't sound the same
It used to sound so soft
Now it sounds like it's dying.

And the clink is haunting;

Like chains on a cell,

Opening and closing...

Opening and closing.
And I can’t escape.


You left and it felt like a nightmare in the middle of
A long confusing dream-

To you it might of ended,
But I'm still dreaming
With no end and no beginning.

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