The fear is bad

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Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



The fear is bad.
You don't understand
This fear he has;
It makes no sense,
But the demon makes sense of it
And tells him to be afraid of it.
Convinces him to fear things that are
Completely ridiculous.
I don't know how he believes it.
In his head
There’s rerun recordings
Of the same old excuses.
It’s useless,
But he uses it
To convince himself the fear is real,
That he has a reason to fear
And the reasons are good.
He listens to the rerun reel
As his mind throbs and his heart spins

Like a record.
His stomach drops
And the reruns taunt: “can't do it,”
“Won't do it,”
“Sick, sick sick.”
“Too scary... be wary”
As if he’s still a little kid.

Fear is good;
It's a defense mechanism
To keep you from doing things you shouldn't,
But not like this.
This fear is different.
It's persistent.
Never ending.
It lies, it's defective,
Says he shouldn't when he should.
Says he couldn't when he could
And it feels like prison
Every fear another bar
That encloses him
Inside this cell with all these restrictions.
And the demons become his friends.
Kind of a love hate relationship
I mean, he thinks he wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for them.

You'll take anyone as a friend

When you're all alone,
Just to get away from the loneliness.

They stab him in the back

And they laugh

And he laughs too,

Because it’s all he’s ever known.

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