A Prayer to God (kami e no inori)

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A boy entering his last year of high school has been visiting a shrine everyday asking God for the girl of his dreams. One day he sees a girl he has never seen before. She has been visiting the shrine as well, asking God for a secret request. Their fates intertwine and the boy finds he is the key to answering the girl’s prayers.

*This writing style is unique in that each paragraph depicts a drawing panel of a storyboard*

Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



1st Panel:

Akihito (the male protagonist) is seen in his winter high school uniform (his 2nd year of high school) with his eyes closed and hands together facing a shrine. His scarf is blowing in the chilling breeze and his nose and cheeks are rosy in color from the cold.


2nd Panel:

Akihito is seen walking to school with his head slightly tilted downward with the vapor of his breath rising from his scarf. Random individuals are seen walking in the opposite direction. The reader should notice that the people are coupled to a partner while Akihito is walking alone and against their direction.


3rd Panel:

Akihito looks slightly older, his height for example has increased. It is now spring, the start of a new school year in Japan. His uniform is that of a senior’s and is once again found at the same shrine. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it makes the shrine look warm and inviting.


(Reader’s Note: Japan’s new school year starts in April unlike September in the US. Also, cherry blossoms peak in intensity around the end of March and beginning of April).


4th Panel:

Akihito finishes his prayer and as he looks up about to leave he notices a girl. She has big, bright blue eyes with black, silk like hair. She is also wearing a senior uniform and is admiring birds swimming in a fountain next to a beautiful cherry blossom tree.


5th Panel:

Akihito is seen in class absent minded of what is going on around him. His head is facing the window as it rests on his hand. In the reflection of the window, the girl, amongst the other students, can be seen looking toward Akihito’s direction.


6th Panel:

Michiko (the female protagonist) is seen standing next to an unaware Akihito. She is waving her hand trying to get him to pay attention. Her cheeks are slightly blushed and her expression is cheery. She is happy to see that another student in her class visits the same shrine as she does. Michiko says Akihito’s name as shown in a caption bubble. This is the only time her character ever speaks. (The readers finally know the boy’s name)


7th Panel:

Akihito finally notices Michiko waving and the fact that all the other students have left class because it was the end of the period. At this point his face turns firetruck red from embarrassment. He realizes that this is the same girl from the shrine and she must have caught him staring at her. He can’t believe they are in the same class.


8th Panel:

Akihito and Michiko are sitting next to each other on the roof of the school eating lunch. From the picture, it looks as if they are having an enjoyable conversation. The breeze is calmly moving their hair ever so slightly as they look out over the edge of building showing a busy metropolitan city in the distance.


9th Panel:

This panel is broken up into multiple sub panels. Each panel depicts how Akihito and Michiko are slowly spending more time with one another. They are seen studying together, playing sports together in gym class, cleaning the classroom together, and taking part in after school organizations together.


10th Panel:

Both Akihito and Michiko are now seen standing together at the shrine with their eyes closed and their hands are in typical praying fashion. One of Akihito’s eyes is opened looking down toward Michiko as he is grinning from ear to ear. Michiko has a peaceful, calm expression and is displaying a cute smile.


11th Panel:

Akihito and Michiko are seen eating together at a local ramen shop. Akihito is seen completely engulfed into his meal as Michiko catches a quick glimpse of Akihito. She becomes wide eyed and it looks as if she is going to laugh.


12th Panel:

Akihito and Michiko are seen at an amusement park eating ice cream. Akihito’s ice cream scoop has dropped on the floor which makes Akihito hold his cone up to his face with the greatest look of disappointment. Michiko is holding her stomach from laughing so hard. She then offers her cone to Akihito still laughing.


13th Panel:

Akihito and Michiko are at a lantern festival. Michiko is holding the lantern as Akihito helps light it. The soft amber glow reflects quietly off of Michiko’s face. At this Akihito blushes and notices how beautiful Michiko looks in the light. The sky around them is filled with lit floating lanterns.


14th Panel:

Both Akihito and Michiko are walking together to school among the random individuals. This panel parallels the 2nd panel, however this time Michiko is walking with her arms holding onto Akihito’s. Akihito is now looking upward with a smile instead of having a downward gaze with a downcast expression.


15th Panel:

Akihito is stopped by Michiko as she stops walking and tugs on his arm. Tears are slowly forming around her eyes and Akihito has an expression of confusion and sadness. Michiko holds onto her stomach and falls to her knees. She expresses she can keep moving forward, but her body doesn’t seem to be moving due to the pain.


16th Panel:

Michiko is seen in a hospital bed and is in a hospital gown. She is connected to IVs and at this point is fast asleep. Akihito is sitting next to her holding her hand. Behind Akihito are Michiko’s parents (whose faces cannot be seen) and the doctors are explaining what is wrong with their daughter. Akihito displays an expression of worry and anxiousness.


17th Panel:

Akihito is told of Michiko’s condition by her parents and doctors. Akihito continues holding Michiko’s hand while tears are seen flowing from his eyes.


18th Panel:

Akihito is seen at the shrine alone. The cherry blossoms are gone and the trees no longer have any radiating beauty as it is near the beginning of winter. Everything around Akihito looks dead. We see Akihito on his knees with his hands folded together crying and begging God to save Michiko.


19th Panel:

Akihito is at the hospital arguing with the doctors as there have been no matching donors for Michiko. He puts himself up to see if he is a match. Unbeknown to Akihito, he has a condition that will put him at risk if he donates anything so the doctors are refusing.


20th Panel:

Michiko is getting worse by the day. She has now lost all her black, silk like hair and looks fragile and weak. Akihito is seen bending and kissing her forehead. A single tear is seen falling down Michiko’s cheek.


21st Panel:

Akihito is seen in a hospital gown next to Michiko’s bed. He is smiling as he is looking toward her. The doctors are seen to have multiple clipboards with a packet of papers attached to each. In Akihito’s hand is a pen and a clipboard with donation papers (He is signing AMA, against medical advice).


22nd Panel:

This panel is completely black to signify a time lapse


23rd Panel:

Graduation ceremony has arrived. Michiko is the valedictorian and she is giving the speech to her graduating class. Life has come back to her face and she has regained most of her hair. As she is giving the speech her face looks pained yet thankful for being alive.


24th Panel:

Michiko is seen alone at the shrine. Her face shows no excitement despite being cured, but despair. The trees around the shrine are slowly budding with leaves in comparison to Michiko’s hair growing back (It’s as if both are “healing”). She is thanking God that He answered Akihito’s prayer (giving him the girl he always asked for) and her own (a prayer for a donor).


25th Panel:

Michiko is seen with two diplomas in her hand as she is sitting in a hospital chair with her body leaned over holding Akihito’s motionless arm (complimenting her action in panel 12). The reader is to notice that Akihito never woke up from the surgery. He is still in a hospital bed attached to IVs with medical machines keeping him alive. Tears are freely falling down Michiko’s face as she feels she lost everything that mattered most in the world.


26th Panel:

Michiko is seen walking away with one less diploma as she places Akihito’s diploma in his hand. Her hair is over her eyes and the rest of her face looks black showing that we cannot see her expression.


27th Panel:

This panel shows a still shot of Akihito. He is laying in his hospital bed with his diploma. His face looks withered and the muscles of his body have wasted away.


28th Panel:

The nurses have come into the room unplugging the machines connected to Akihito. The once loud room from the medical instruments has now gone silent.


29th Panel:

Akihito’s room now has an empty bed, ready for the next patient to come in.


30th Panel:

This panel is also black signifying a time lapse


31st Panel:

They cherry blossoms have gone into full bloom again with Michiko at the shrine praying. She has never felt so alone in her entire life. She feels as if God himself has left her.


32nd Panel:

We see the back of a familiar looking boy standing behind Michiko in a distance. He is holding onto crutches for support as he slowly raises his hand in an attempt to get her attention. He says Michiko’s name weakly in a caption bubble. (The readers finally know the girl’s name)


33rd Panel:

Michiko turns around and the panel focuses on her eyes as they go from a downcast look to an expression of shock. Tears start freely flowing down her face as she immediately runs to the boy’s direction.


34th Panel:

The shrine is all that is left from the remaining scene. It is shining among the beauty of the cherry blossoms and radiating with a warm glow from the sunlight being cast off of it.



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