the hymn of quetzalcoatl

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Hymn of Quetzalcoatl

The Great god & illustrious king of the Mexica people.

Long ago Tonacatecuitl from nothingness
Was born. The universe didst he create. Witness
Of how light & darkness once wert.
He separated them with his breath to avert,
The chaos which ruled the young universe.
A new cosmopolis of planets didst he nurse.

Long ago Tonacatecuitl bore four children
From his second breath, to aid him to fill in
The whole world. They wert Xipetotec the red,
Huitzilopochtli master of war & dead,
The blue. Tezcatlipoca the sombre black.
& Quetzalcoatl the white. The noisemaker of clack.

Long ago the black & white gods wert tasked
To kill the monster Cicapctli. They wert asked,
By their father to haunt her in the eternal
Waters of time. Semper in hunger the infernal
Monster lived. Semper thirsty for godly blood.
Wast the demon who ruled a world of the flood.

Long ago a godly sacrifice was made.
Tezcatlipoca cut his own foot & paid
With great pain to lure his mortal enemy.
The flesh called upon the beast & incredibly,
The two brothers jumped on her back, fighting
Every mouth on her joints with blows like lightning.

Long ago bestia caedo en tempus mare,
Membrii terram et caelum forma dare.
Four Tlaloc were planted to hold the sky,
Far above the gods crowns to honour the high
Ruling ever god, Tonacatecuitl.
From the highest realm, Tonacatecuitl,
The king god pierces the earth deep bowels.
Sixteen hundred gods forbear. Those who fly as fowls,
Swim in the deepest ocean as mighty sharks
& haunt in the wild on jaguars motted backs.

Long ago the gods met in Teotihuacan,
To create a sun to light the future man.
Four attempts were made before to create
A star of fire. In a trial & error state,
Four attempts were made to create man.
A fifth sun was elevated where it began
& humanity was created of
Corn & clay, aye the gods adore & love.

Long ago in Tula a king governed.
Quetzalcoatl the just, many things discovered.
To his people great knowledge didst share.
Sacrifice condemned, for the gods, not a hare
Was to be killed to adore their honour.
& so the god of the darkest colour.
Revenged against the white godbrother.
Tezcatlipoca transformed into other.


Long ago the black was transformed into old
Man. To an aging god promised youth & gold.
A medicine of octli he was given.
By the powerful alcohol, mad was he driven.
Many sins didst he commit in one day,
Things which can not be written nor dare I say.
Sins wert from his graceful state his fall.
He departed away to the cries of his people’s call.

He traveled to the coast in the Far East.
Riding a boat of green snakes, the  virtuous priest
Departs in sorrow & great shame, promising
To those present; ‘As the blossoming
Flower returns every spring, so will I!
Thus only for now farewell & goodbye.’
& the Mexica look to theFar East
To see the return of their god & priest.

Submitted: November 11, 2018

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.

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