The Blue Child

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Here's a small story of what happened to me with this little girl and I somehow saved her life.

Submitted: November 12, 2018

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Submitted: November 12, 2018






If you’ve seen the news lately, then that’s probably why you’re here, right? I don’t see any other reason, unless you just stumbled upon this letter in your local Starbucks maybe? Do chances like that even happen? Well, the fact that you’re reading this letter means that those chances do indeed happen. You know what I mean right? Or perhaps ya don’t know, and that’s why you’re here. Either way, strap in, Imma tell ya the story of how I stopped the world from ending.


Now don’t get too excited, this story isn’t an amazing, and a wondrous story full of grand worlds and characters gearing up to save the day! No, not really. If you were hoping for that then I’m sorry. This is rather of the logic that a random man that barely anyone knows, can just happen to run into the most interest girl he’ll ever meet. However, when I say interesting, I certainly do not mean the “love of my life” or the “ the one to finish my half” or anything like it. I still have only myself and that’s it. ( Tho I am ready for anyone ready to mingle and not be single if ya know what I’m sayin’.) This is just a girl, that had a unique quirk about her, a thing in her soul that you just don’t hear about often, or if at all. Maybe if you’re a nerd with stories and bio mutations and all that. Actually, if there is a biologist reading, can you let me know how in the world this girl’s problem was actually a thing? Cause even after it was all over, I still don’t understand how it even happened in the first place.


By now you’ve gotta be wondering what the hell is so special about this girl right? Well I’ll tell you. She was a bomb.


It was seven forty nine in the afternoon. I had just gotten out of my dark red car, and slung on my hiking pack. The small clearing spread out before me. Green bushes and trees littered the dirt trails. A decently large mountain grew out from the earth’s surface down the way. The sun was in close distance to the horizon. “ I shoulda came here much sooner than now.” I thought to myself. I shouldered my pack till it was comfortable, and checked my phone. Then I headed off.


As I walked along the trail, I realized there was no one else there. I was the only human being out in the wild. A lizard ran into the bush, a hawk flew over head. But I just kept on walkin’. I was fine with this, I had been alone for pretty much my whole life anyways. During school I’d been the one kid eating with one other of his friends and no one else. The thing was, I had the opportunity to eat with other kids that I knew, in bigger groups, but I didn’t. Not sure what it was, but I was just a loner compared to them. I didn’t go to homecoming or parties or anything. Only a few friends and that was it. It did make it easier to live on my own. As soon was I eighteen I ditched my mom and dad was on my own. It’d been nice, making my own rules, allowing myself the pleasure of total and absolute freedom and tyranny over my own household. Mom wasn’t there to tell me not to leave soda cans all over the place, or not to leave a quarter of my steak left on my plate once I was done with dinner. I chose what went and what didn’t in my house. Now of course it wasn’t all sunshines, I still had to pay taxes, clean the house every week, and do my job to keep it all going.


I liked my job well enough, working at a radio shack. I didn’t really do much, just sat there in the shack, keeping track of what played on what stations. There was always two other guys or gals in there with me. I’m not sure why, only one of us ever did anything. We’d take turns switching between who would do the station monitoring and who would just sit around, and who would clean up the place. None of us ever wanted to clean the place, so we’d played games to see who would get the job. Or if there was someone no one else liked, we’d give them the job for the whole shift. It wasn’t the best, but it was fine enough for me. However, that gets kinda annoying, just sittin’ there in the shack like that, six hours a day. I have to get out sometimes. Like today, I have work off today, so I thought going on a lone hike would be fun, get the endorphins goin’. I need them to go more often anyway, depression’s a bitch. I heard exercise helps. It kinda helps for me, I mean I don’t go out much, but the times I do go out, it kinda helps. It would probably help more honestly, but that’s just how I am. I prefer to sit my ass at home, watching tv, maybe writing for a bit.


Anyway, I’m probably boring you with my boring life, ain’t I? It’s fine, that’s what the girls tell me all the time.


So I finally make it up the small mountain at the end of the clearing. It’s around

eight now, and I’m sweating like a mother fucker, I really am. This is another reason me and exercise don’t work too often, is my body leaks like crazy. Probably another reason girls don’t like me, I’m too wet. Some kids would say that’s a good thing, but honestly, if that’s the reason someone likes me, then I wouldn’t swing with them anyway. I swing other ways, you know? A good example would be the girl I met on the mountain peak. She wasn’t into that stuff, she was into suicide. I’m not being edgy or anything, I’m dead serious. ( That wasn’t funny.)


As I take my take my steps up onto the top, I set my backpack on the ground, pulling out a water bottle. I take a few sips, and wipe my mouth. Some of it drips onto my black T-shirt. I look ahead of me, and I see her. A figure standing too close to the edge of the mountain. At first I don’t think much of it. Just another person that’s come before me, right? I zip up my pack and put it back on, walking up next to the girl. I look out over the view. It was pretty great. A valley stretched downwards, to a small forest down below, and the city past that. In the darkening light it was even better. I noticed one thing though, the drop downwards was VERY steep. And very sharp, and not something a human would survive if they fell. So you can guess my surprise when I see out of the corner of my eyes this girl letting herself fall off the cliffside.


Now, when I say I saved her, don’t you dare think it was a magical anime moment where I gracefully leap in and swing her into my arms, and we lock eyes and a spark ignites between us. First off I’m waaay too old for that, I don’t wanna go to jail. Second, I’m too much of an idiot to do something that cool. Basically I dove for her feet as she fell. I grabbed on, both hands on one leg. The rest of her was hanging over the side, and I was on my knees holding onto her leg. For a second we stayed like that, both confused as to what was happening. My arms started to give out, so I yanked backwards, pulling back onto the mountain top. She got her face scratched in the process, and her arms. See, not professional at all. But hey she wasn’t dead soo… yay?


I remember just looking at her, still comprehending what was happening. She had brown hair, light skin, a fairly emaciated complex, and generally seemed like the girl that you see walking by in a restaurant, thinking, “ how in the world can she eat that much with a body that small?” She had a white and green dress on, and brown shoes, and nothing else. If there was a guardian or parent with her, they didn’t show at all. Or ever. I get up, preparing myself to say something. Before I could a slip out a word, she started to move and groan. It was a sad and defeated groan, the kind you make when you get the wrong kinda burger at McDonald’s but you don’t wanna go back in and say it was wrong. The girl slowly moved her frail hands, and sat up on her legs. There were tears dripping down her face, and she covered her face with her arms. Whatever I was going to say abandoned me. I was thinking, “ Ok this girl obviously needs help, but I have not the slightest fucking idea what to do.” But I couldn’t leave, I didn’t have the heart to leave a girl like this. I had to at least help somehow.


I bend down, looking at the crying child.
“ Hey, don’t be scared, I have a question for you, is it okay if I ask it?” I didn’t say the usual ‘what’s wrong’ because that does not help, trust me. It makes things worse for the person, never say that. The girl moved her arms a tad, looking at me. Her emerald greens eyes tinged red. I almost fell back it was so cute. I was grounded now, I wouldn’t be leaving. She didn’t say anything, so I continued. “ You know, if there’s one thing I’ve heard, it’s that mountains aren’t the best way to spend the day. You know what’s better, is Starbucks.” The girl got a confused look on her face. Her body didn’t move. “ Do you like coffee? I sure do. Really helps in the morning ya know?” She dropped her arms, gaze dropping to the rock.

“ I… I don’t…” She muttered.

“ Don’t drink coffee?” I asked.

“ I haven’t…. Had any….” She said.

“ Hm, well guess what, you just unlocked an opportunity then.” I said, standing up. She looked up at me again.

“ A...What?” She said. I noticed something in her skin. Her veins were very noticable. But they were blue, not green. I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. They were blue alright. I suspected that may have something to do with this.

“ Yeah, an opportunity to try one of the best liquid concoctions man has ever made. Or the worst, depending on how you see it.” I said. I was confusing her even more.
“ Do you mean….Coffee…?” She said very softly. “ Or maybe... Nevermind…” She added.

“ Yeah I did! So you know what I mean, good. I was gonna go get some after this, and I’d like for ya join.” I said. I had no plans of doing that afterwards, but now my plans changed.


The girl shakes her head.

“ I wouldn’t help...That’s why I’m here.”

“ What’s to help? Well, if you wanna consider it that way, then sure you would! I wouldn’t have anyone else to be with, but if you came then I would have someone to be with. In turn that’d my night a hell of a lot more interesting. So you would actually help me.” I said.

“ I…” The girl was again looking at the rock. I could see emotions flash through her. She didn’t feel like she was a help, and she hated that, but she was afraid to try to help, for she might mess it up. I sat down on the stone.

“ Kiddo, I’ll be honest, when I came here, there was only me at first. That made me sad, since I was coming here to look for a partner to spend the night with. I had given up by the time I reached here. But then I saw you, and I realized you were the one I’d been looking for. A friend to be with, ya know? So I wanted to show you how much better Starbucks is than this mountain.” I said.

“ Wouldn’t be better with me… I…” The girl glances at her arm, at her veins. So that was the problem, but what about it? Why?

“ Kid, I’m sure it would be. I’m not leaving here unless you come with me. I honestly feel like I need ya at this point.” I say, letting out a laugh.

“ ...You sure?” She asks.

“ Absolutely.” I stand up. “ And I’m sure it’s cold as hell up here, when did it get so cold? Damn, well…” I hold out my hand to her. “ I need something to warm me up, wanna help with that? I could use it!” The girl looks at my hand. It’s covered with rocks and pebbles. Her faces becomes stoic as she takes my hand. As if whatever happens, she doesn’t care, it’ll end the same way as always. I was gonna make sure that wasn’t true.


I pull her up slowly. God her body is so fragile. I’d have to be careful not to crush it with my own weight.
“  Well, ready?” I ask.

“ For what.” She asks.
“ That place called Starbucks, come on.” I walk a few feet back the way I’d come. At first she doesn’t follow.
“ It won’t end well.” She says. Her voice came out very serious and certain. It kinda scared me.

“ No I think it will! Since we’ll both be getting high off caffeine together!” I carefully take her hand again. “ I honest to God promise it’ll be fun, do you have a place to go afterwards?” She shakes her head solemnly. “ Oh, well that’s fine, my place needs new faces, I think it hates me.” I barely see the essence of a smirk on her face for a split second. That was all I needed.

“ Ok….” She starts to follow me. Going back down the hill was longer than going up, which was odd since normally it takes less time. But this girl moved incredibly slowly and I wasn’t about to stay away for more than a few feet. Not much is said as we reach my car. I think I hear a few sobs, but I don’t mention it. I help her into the passenger seat.

“ Are you a pedophile?” She asks as I close the door.

“ H-huh?! N-no God no!” I say. “ I despise the very thought of that kinda stuff, I’m too good for that, alright? To hell with that, I try to respect people of all ages.” She stares forward. I awkward get into the driver’s seat and start up the engine. I did feel a bit odd, now having a small teenage looking girl I didn’t know in my car with me. I had no clue what the hell I was gonna do. But for now, I just had to get to the closest Starbucks and move on from there.


The tension rose too high for me as I drove down the dark road.

“ So… Ya have a name?” I asked.

“ ...Af...Afi….” She said. I waited a bit. “ Afilia…”

“ Huh, Imma be honest I’ve never heard that name before.” I said. “ BUT! That’s just means it’s more unique! And don’t think I’m lying either, that’s true. I like it.” The girl’s silent for a while longer. We cruise on.

“ You?” She asks suddenly.
“ Me what?” I ask.

“ Name.” She says.
“ OH, I’m Corin. Nice to meet ya.” I say. She doesn’t say anything back. We continue. We didn’t speak all the way till we got to the coffee shop. I played some music to break the tension. Did she feel it also, was it just me? I wasn’t sure. I helped her out of the car, and we entered the Starbucks. There were a couple of people sitting around. One was on his computer, another was sleeping. The girl at the register looked bored. I walked up, Afilia stayed back at the entrance door. I waved for her to come over, but she stayed put. I shrugged.

“ I’ll have a double chocolate shake with choco bits, small size.” I said to the girl. She nodded.

“ Name?” She asked. I told her.
“ Anything you want Afilia?” I asked my partner. She fiddled with her hands for a second, then walked over.

“ V-vanilla shake…” She says.

“ Size?” Asks the girl at the register.

“ Small… Please.” Afilia says. The girl nods, and I pay.


I lead Afilia to a table just outside of the building. She sits down, and I sit across from her. We’re both silent for a bit.

“ Look,” I say. “ If there’s anything you want to say, then let her rip, cause I’m open. Okay?”  Afilia nods softly. “ Okay good, cause trust me when I say I know how hard it is to tell someone how you feel. Like whenever I try to tell people, they just call me retarded and walk away. So I get it.” A slight relief comes over her face, as if that’s how she feels, but is still silent. Some minutes go by, and I get up.

“ I’ll get the drinks, should be ready by now.” I head back inside. I come back out with the shakes, setting them on the table, and sitting back down. Afilia stares at hers, then takes it and sips it.

“ How is it?” I ask.
“ Good,” She said. “ Thanks.”
“ Mhm, anytime.” I drink mine, it made me even more cold. We finish both of our shakes in no time.

“ Hey, are you hungry?” I ask.

“ Yeah…?” Afilia says.

“ Ok, then our next destination is my house, if you want to go?” I ask.

“ Uh….I’m not safe…” She says.
“ It’s even worse to be alone, so let me be here with you, please?” I say. She’s silent some more.

“ Okay..” She gets up and looks at me expectantly. I drive her to my place.


My humble abode. It’s decent. Four rooms, living room and kitchen. Two bedrooms, guest room and a bathroom. It’s more than I need, but I like it, not too expensive. Once we got in, I cooked up grub while Afilia sat in the living room, staring into nothing. I kept wanting to ask questions, but I knew it’d make things worse if I pushed her. So I waited till she would spill the beans. I mean hopefully it wouldn’t be literal beans, since I made chilli for us. I set out two bowls, with some sodas to boot. As we ate, it was the same as at Starbucks, nothing. I could only hope she was considering telling me. But for the night, I’d have to keep waiting. After dinner, I showered, while Afilia laid down in the guest room. I found her dead asleep. Her veins still pulsed blue, actually they were giving off a faint glow in the room. “ I’m going to figure this out, I swear I am.” I thought to myself. If I was to do this, then I needed some time off from work. I spent the next two hours on my computer trying to get my boss to let me off for the next week. My logic was this: I hadn’t taken a vacation in months, so assuming my boss was in a good mood, and was feeling generous, then I could take off a day or so. At least long enough to get this girl sorted out. Since I had a small plan to figure out what was up with her. Maybe it was just late night hysteria, trust me I know what that’s like, but I wouldn’t stop till I healed whatever wounds had dug their way into Afilia.


Am I normally a nice person? I guess, I dunno. It really just depends on how I’m feelin’ you know? If I’m busy n stuff, then I won’t help someone just because they look n they look like they’re about to die. I mean if I’m currently not busy, and I’ve nothin’ to do for a while, then sure, I’ll give ‘em a hand. So it really just depends. If I had just taken a vacation, meaning there would be no way for me take off more so soon, then God no I wouldn’t help this girl. I’d just send her to a orphanage. That’s a good idea, I should do that, not let it get in the way of my life….. But, naw, I can take off the time for it, as long as Boss let’s me do it.


So I spend a bit more time, waiting for his response. It’s around twelve now, and I’m getting delirious. I can’t do much of anything when I’m tired. I can do only the stupidity and nothin’ else. You have that happen to you? Your brain is so out of it that any logical means to an end isn’t existing right now. All that exists is a simple, “Let’s do that” cause you can’t think of anything else. That was me. When my Boss responded, asking “ What do you need time for?” I wasn’t sure exactly what to say, can’t say I have a blue girl that I’m helping, it wouldn’t make sense. So I say “ I’m going to my grandmother’s funeral, and I need a few days off, so I can care for my parents, you know how it is.” For some reason he actually bought it. “ Alright, I can give ya three days for that. Give your folks my condolences.” And that was that. I did feel a bit bad for lyin’, however I was being sucked in my stupidity. This was the rare time, I felt, that my idiocy was going to last more than just tonight, more than just the liquor in my fridge. It’d last at least the whole of these three days. Speaking of that liquor, I started drinking after I’d done with the messages to my Boss. I’m not sure why, maybe I was just too bummed out at the moment. Why? I think it’s because I was nervous. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to help this poor girl Afilia out, and her plans to rid this world of her would succeed, and I’d have it on my shoulders, crushing me down every day that proceeded after it. Or maybe it was happiness, perhaps I so gosh darn excited that I had a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. Not just temporarily, but for their entire life. Afilia would live differently because of me. That’s why, yeah.



So, in the morning. I us some hot pancakes, and two glasses of milk. One thing I learned, Afilia could, a LOT. Those fifteen pancakes were gone. I was planning on having some, but I wanted her to eat first, to be nice.

“ Wow, you normally eat that much?” I ask. Afilia wipes her mouth.

“ I guess, I dunno.” She says.

“ Huh, never have I seen a teen eat that much.” I say. “ Normally it’s the otherway around, especially with me.”
“ Teen?” She asks.
“ Yeah, you are one, aren’t you?” I say.

“ Uh, I haven’t really thought about it.” She says.
“ You haven’t?” I ask.
“ Why do you care?” She asks.

“ Just wonderin’, how are you?” I ask.

“ Sixteen, I think.” She says.
“ HMM, so you’re not legal yet?” I ask. “ Dang that’s too bad hahahahaa.” I start laughing. Damn those drinks, thought they would’ve worn off by now.

“ What? You ARE a pedophile!” Afilia stands up suddenly. “ Stay away!”

“ What? NO, I was j-joking!” I say.

“ What? No you’re not! You just said- stop playing with me!” She stepped back a few steps. Was she getting angry? She was. Definitely a teen, only they get so offended by this stuff. Though perhaps my actions weren’t helping either. I step a bit closer to her.

“ Afilia, no, I was joking, I’m just a bit drunk that’s all, alright?”

“ WHAT? I knew there was something wrong about you!” She says.
“ Is that why you’re overly quiet?” I ask.

“ You just wanna set me up huh? I’ll end this before you can hurt me!” Afilia says, stepping back.
“ I don’t… why? Did something like this happen before to you?” I ask. She just stares at me. Her veins are glowing now. Is that just me? Or are they actually glowing more than they were before? It’s definitely noticeable now.

“ Afilia, I have a fix for your blueness-” She flinches as I say it. “ I know a person we can talk to, he’ll know about this!”

“ Is that all you care about? Is just my LOOKS?” Afilia is starting to scream. Was it me? Was it a dream she had? Or was she really just trying to protect herself based on past experience? Her arms and legs get more blue, like azure piping lining her body.

“ Okay,” I say. “ Look Afilia, I can tell something’s wrong, and despite my retardedness, I want to help. Sure, it may be because of your skin, but that just tells me you have something I can help with, so can you let me?” She’s still clutching a wall.

“ They all say…. That. You can’t.” Her face is angry, but that’s only to mist the fear underneath. “ That’s why I’m going to…. To….”
“ No you’re not, I’ll help with it, or rather my friend will. Can you at least see my friend?” I ask. I look at her, the distance a tad bigger than four feet. Afilia is quiet, she looks at the ground, shaking a bit. She looks back up at me, her eyes glossy.

“ Is your friend like you?”

“ Kinda, tho he can help out way more than I ever could, that’s why I’m recommending him.” I say.

“ Hm…..” She silent again. It’s obvious she’s split on whether to keep on trusting me or not. I step one foot closer. She straightens up and stares at me.

“ Please? I’ve been good so far right?” I ask. She nods. “ Then let me show you to my friend. Alright? That way I think we can figure out a solution.”

Eventually she agreed, or rather, let it happen.


I let her by herself for the rest of the morning, while I texted my friend Seles if he was available. He said yes. Now, if there’s one thing I remember the most out of this, it’s this. When I drove Afilia over to Seles’ house. Afilia was in the backseat this time, which I didn’t say anything about. I had an off feeling about her veins, but didn’t mention it. As we approached Seles’ front door, I had knocked. He opened it. My amigo, with his brown, curly hair, sand colored skin, and purples eyes. He was wearing a lab coat, that was still dirty.

“ Hey man, you still haven’t taken that thing off?” I ask.
“ Well, I’m washing ma clothes today, so I figured why not wear it for a bit. I like it. What’s up?” Seles says. I put a hand on Afilia’s shoulder. She quickly pulls away.

“ Well, this one. Wanna introduce yourself?” She looks at Seles.

“ Hi.” Seles smirks.
“ Heya, so what’s-” He sees her arms. “ Oh….” He looks at me. “ Do you know?”

“ No damn clue. That’s were here, get it?” I say. Seles thinks for a moment.

“ Alright, well, I have a quick theory about why she’s like that already, although….” He stopped, noticing Afilia’s death stare. Yeah she’d gain the ability to do that during the drive over here. I had to stop looking at her in the rearview mirror cause she was so scary.

“ Hey, he can help,” I tell her. “ Do you not want whatever that is to go away?”
“ I WANT you two to treat me normally!” She says. Her veins glow a bit again. I wasn’t sure what was more surprising. Her colorful skin, or her snappy changes in temper.

“ Ok okay! Seles, could ya help us out?” I ask. He may have been able to tell I was kinda desperate, which I was. IF he couldn’t do anything then I was stumped. I don’t think my boss or my head would’ve appreciated that.
“ Yeah, I can see. Come in.” Seles moves out of the doorway. I look at Afilia, who is looking back at me.

“ Don’t hurt me.” She says.

“ No, not at all.” I say. I enter my friend’s house, turning and motioning for her to join me. Seles waits. Afilia shifts on her feet, then steps in hesitantly.


Seles’ house is only a bit bigger than mine. There’s three rooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and backyard. We go into the living room. There’s a red couch with bags of chips and soda bottles strewn about. The tv is on pause of a cartoon show. The kitchen is freshly cleaned.
“ Sorry that the couch isn’t clean, I can get it.” Seles goes to pick up the things off the couch.

“ It’s fine man, but….Uh” I point to Afilia, who is looking around, still unsure. Seles nods.

“ One second.” He hastily picks up the bags and soda bottles, and walking into the kitchen. I hear the opening and closing of a trash can. I sit down on his couch. My bottom sinks a bit into the softness.

“ Hey kid, wanna join me in this crimson world?” I ask.
“ What? What do you mean ‘crimson world?’” Afilia asks.

“ What I mean is, this couch. It’s better than standing, unless you believe in ‘ workin’ on your muscles’ or some shizz.” I say. Afilia cocks her head, confused.

“ Do you laugh at anything?” I say. She flinches a bit, and then rubs her arm.

“ Uh….” She mutters. I silently curse myself. I shouldn’t be criticizing her for her personality and sense of humor, after all, everyone’s idea of what’s funny is different, ain’t it? I’ve heard enough ‘jokes’ at the radio shack to know that. Plus the crazy people to come by to complain to us, or suggest to us songs we should play. We never listened to those people. So if I can deal them, I can muster up some manners for this girl, no? I put my hand apologetically. “ Look, sorry, I’m just bein’ stupid again. If you don’t think I’m funny that’s fine, but I’d like it if you would sit down.” Afilia’s expression still reads that she’s a bit mad at me, but she waddles over to the couch and slumps down. She makes sure to not have any contact with me, leaning against the opposite armrest. I nod to her and look at the tv. I change the channel a nature show. I’ve been to my friend’s long enough to be able to do things like this. We watch it for a while.


Seles comes back in.

“ Alright, sorry I was just setting up my room, for uh….. Examination?”

“ Examination? Of what?” Afilia asks, still watching the screen.

“ Well, I may know about what’s causing the blue in your veins, so I was thinking I could do a quick look at you, to see?” Seles says. Afilia wraps her arms around her body.

“ No.”
“ Why not?” I ask. “ You want that to be helped right? Otherwise everyone’ll think you’re weird still.” She turns and glares at me. “ But we can HELP with that! Seriously!”
“ That’s what everyone’s told me. All they do is use that to hurt me instead.” She says.

“ This won’t hurt!” Seles says. “ This’ll just be a way to find out for sure what it is, and then I can see how to get rid of it! Then you’ll be able to live and not have to worry about it!”

“ No!” Afilia says, a little louder this time. “ I can’t-won’t trust…” She looks at the floor again. I’m still feeling like there’s something in her past that’s causing this, but what? Seles shifts awkwardly on his feet, glancing at me. I sigh, and pause the tv.

“ Ok look,” I say. “ Afilia, if you don’t want my friend to help, then fine. But, do trust me at least?” She just stares at me. “ Ok, maybe not, fine. But-” I get up, looking at Seles. “ Gimme a second.” I go over to Seles, whispering something into his ear. “ Can we talk in private?” He nods. I face Afilia. “ Alright, stay here, I’ll be back.” Afilia doesn’t say anything, just simply presses the pause button on the remote and faces the screen again. For I knew at that moment she would run out of the house before I came back. But I wanted to figure out a plan. Seles took me into his room, closing the door.


I sit down on his bed. He faces me.

“ So..?” He mutters.
“ Well, we know that front up doing it isn’t gonna work with her.” I say. He nods.
“ Do you know her?”

“ Uh…. No?” I rub my face. “ It’s…. Weird.” I explain to him what happened the night before. Seles listens intently, focus and belief on his face. If anyone would know about saving people from suicide, it’s him. This man has told me about THREE people he’s prevented from ending themselves, just people that live in his neighborhood. Why? I guess it has to do with the political changes. No one likes the government's decisions, and they believe only way to end it is to end themselves. They think that we’ve done this battle so many times, and yet the average man STILL loses, that does it matter anymore? Some of us think so, others not so much. That’s another reason why I came to him for this kinda thing, since my other friends aren’t as experienced in this as he is. Plus the other thing. After I’m done explaining, Seles sits down at this desk and starts to look for something in his computer. I wait for a bit.

“ What are ya searchin’ up?” I ask. He’s silent a moment.

“ This.” He shows me the screen. It’s the main website for his work, SRB. A medical science corporation that works to help with the rarer and more unknown diseases in the world. He was on a page, labeled “ Azulias Blood ( Blue Blood.)”  

“ This,” Seles began, “ Is something that’s kinda new? I started studying with my colleagues some weeks ago. Anyway, it’s a symptom that turns your blood a light blue color, and it affects your whole body, and is permanent on its own.”

“ Where does it come from?” I ask.
“ We’re still figuring that out. We found so far that it’s come from specific kinds of experimentation like….” He rambled on about the things that you can do to someone that would leave Azulias Blood as a side effect. I don’t remember all of it, since I aint’ a science geek, but it sounded factual enough. I guess.

“ So…. You think she might’ve been… You know.” I say after he’s done. Seles shrugs, shaking his head.
“ No idea, but it’s the most possible. If so that would explain why she isn’t willing to speak it outright to us.” He says. I think for a minute, lying down on the bed.

“ So, do ya have a solution at all?”

“ Well… There is….Hold on…” He scrolls down the page. “ Here,” He points.
“ Just read it to me.” I say.

“ But it’s a lot to read.”

“ And you want me to have to instead of you?” I ask.

“ Do you want the solution or not?”
“ Fine, fine.” I get up, and look at the screen.


I think it said something along the lines of: Putting a tiny bit of this liquid green liquid called “ Alithua Granite” into the blue blood can remove the color, making the blood white instead of blue. We may have talked about other stuff, but I don’t remember. The gist is we had a plan. Which was: I’ll hang with Afilia for a bit, while Seles runs to his work to pick up a sample of the Alithua stuff, and then prepares it. ( Oh yeah it has to sit for awhile in open air before it can be used in blood.) So it would be about a day or so till we’d have the chance to fix Afilia’s problem. Seles would text me so I didn’t have to remember, thankfully. Problem was, what was I gonna do with her till then? We had at least twenty four hours. Seles and I go back to the living room. Afilia is lying down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. The tv is still running.

“ Hey kiddo, so I have an idea.” I say. Seles goes into his closet to pick out clothes.

“ What.” Afilia says, monotone. I lean over the couch and look at her.
“ Well, Seles is gonna make up a surprise for you, but in the meantime there’s some things we should do together.” She looks at me.

“ What surprise?”
“ He wouldn’t tell me, so I’m not sure.”  I heard Seles snicker. Afila stands up.

“ No surprises.” She says seriously.

“ Why not? They’re fun!” I say. She shakes her head. I straighten up.

“ Fine fine, but let’s at least get outta here. Didn’t you want that anyway?” Afilia makes a low sound, then nods. She follows me out the door, and down to my car.


“So, is there anything you wanna do for awhile?” I ask her. She’s fingers the car door handle.

“  I’m hungry. Can we get noodles?”

“ Noodles? I’m not really feelin’ up to-” I stop. Her face is on the verge of complaining. Two things. One I don’t want to deal with a child tantrum in the middle of a neighborhood, and two, I’m trying to make her happy. “ Actually, I think my stomach can take it. Any place in particular?”

“ I dunno, you choose.” She says.

“ Alright, then how about Blong’s?” I suggest.
“ NO! I hate their noodles! And the vegetables aren’t cooked right and the-”
“ Ok I get it! Then…. Watami Water?” I ask.

“ Hm…. Sure, that’s fine.” Afilia lets herself into the backseat of my car. I would’ve asked her to get in the shotgun seat, but I won’t risk it. I drive us over to the nearest Watami Water.

“ Okay, that name is bad. Don’t you agree?” I ask, as we sail down streets.

“ Watami Water? It doesn’t fit as much as it could...No.” Afilia says, looking out the window. She’s talking now! I think.
“ Like what about Watami Sushi, or something that’s more akin to actual Japanese things.” I say.

“ That could work.” She says.

“ What’s your favorite food?” I ask.

“ Dunno…. Chicken maybe.” She says.
“ Then do you want chicken?”

“ I dunno…”


Once we got to the restaurant, I figured something. I go to my trunk and took out a winter coat. Afilia pops her head around the side of the car.
“ What’s that for? Are you cold?”
“ Not really. But if you’re afraid of people seeing you then you could wear this.” I say. She looks at it.

“ Do I have to?” She asks.
“ No, but it could help.” I say.
“ I don’t want it.” She says. Then she takes the jacket and puts it on. “ Kinda big.”

“ Uh…. Well it’s not for you, but okay.” I say, dumbfounded. Was I that confusing as a teen? I can’t remember. Afilia looks at her legs worryingly.

“ I wouldn’t worry about those.” I say.

“ What?”

“ Your legs, people may just think it’s some odd tattoo.” I say.

“ Are you sure? How do you know?” She asks.
“ Because some people have much weirder lookin’ things on their legs then blue veins.” I say.
“ Don’t go ANNOUNCING IT!” Afilia looks at me annoyed. She glances around the area. It’s a parking lot, with a few people walking to their cars with shopping bags and coffee cups. No one heard us, and no one cared. Though I suppose teens do think they’re the center of everything, don’t they? I close the trunk, locking the car.

“ Afilia, I’m not ‘announcing it.’ Alright? Are you hungry still?”
“ Yes.” She stays idle.

“ What?” I ask. She looks at the entrance to Watami Water. Her eyes dart around nervously. I remember that she’s probably not comfortable in public spaces anymore. If anything it may have been a miracle she came with me in the first place. But that just means I have to make this count. I remember this, since it’s an odd but cool moment.


I offer my hand to her. She stares at it like it’s holding a bloody knife.

“ It won’t hurt, I’m offering so-” She takes it. Her fragile, cold hand grasping mine. For a second I think we both froze. I’m not sure what it was, about that. But I think it symbolized some kinda progress? Yeah, progress that I’d made with her. If I could hold her hand, then I would be keeping that hand until that hand was healed. I gently lead her into the restaurant.


Now, don’t think that we looked weird to the people inside. Sure, they may have thought that Afilia wearing such a hot coat on a day like this was a bit odd, but otherwise we just seemed like a father and daughter. That was good enough for me. Neither I nor her needed questions being asked. A waiter brought us to a booth, and we sat down. Menus were placed on the table.

“ So what are ya gettin’?” I asked.

“ Why do you care.” Afilia responds.

“ Uh… Just wondering, that’s all.” I say. She doesn’t say anything for a bit.

“ I guess the tofu soup.”

“ Hm, alright. I’m having the vegetable one.” I say. No response. The waiter comes over. We order drinks and food. She gets lemonade and I get dr. Pepper.


A few minutes go by of silence. Afilia rests her head on her hand, staring into nothingness. I’m on my phone looking at Youtube.
“ You wanted to know, right?” She says suddenly.
“ Huh?” I put the phone down.

“ You wanted to know why I’m…” She moves her arms a bit. Good thing they were covered up. “ Like this.” The drinks arrive. I sip on my soda. Afilia just continues to look at me.

“ Right, yeah I did. Are you willing to..?” I say. Afilia’s eyes dart around nervously. Her hands fiddle on her lap.

“ Sure.” She mutters.

“ Alright,” I say. “ Just remember, you only tell me what you want to tell me, I’m not gonna force you otherwise, ok?” She nods. I gulp down some more soda and wait for her. Afilia being a teenager, it took her another minute or so to actually start talking.

“ So…. Before, I got to looking like this… I uh, was normal?” She says. The food comes. I thank the waiter, and Afilia just looks annoyed. I begin to dig in. She stares at me again.

“ What?” I ask.
“ Are you still listening to me Corin?” She asks.

“ Yeah! I’m just eating.” I say. She gives me a pouty look. “ You can keep talking, I’m listening.” She waits a while longer, eating some of her food.

“ Okay.” She says. “ So I didn’t have this...Color in me before. I was ‘normal’ I guess. Until this time at school.”  School huh? I could already tell this was gonna be something. “ In Chemistry class, I think. We had this one lab where we were mixing chemicals together to get the right outcome based on a sheet of paper the teacher had given us. We had to do it in groups.”
“ So did the chemical hit you or something?” I ask. She looks a tad sheepish.

“ Y-yeah… I never trusted anyone at my school.” She says.
“ Mean?” I ask.
“ Yeah, very. Most of them enjoyed doing bad things, and I was ‘too innocent’ to join them. I was taken clear advantage of, but I never noticed until it was too late.” She twirls her hair. “ Basically, I was heavy headed during the lab. I had too many thoughts going on in me at once. I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing. Or at least that’s what they told me afterwards.”
“ And what actually happened?” I ask.
“ We had these vials that we used to pick up the chemical and inject them into some fruits, as a different part of the process. Someone accidentally dropped their while they were reaching for one. It fell onto my arm, needle first.” She looks at me. I nod. “ I could’ve moved out of the way, but I didn’t…. I wasn’t watching, I dunno what I was doing, I was being stupid...I.”
“ Hey, kid.” I interrupt. “ That doesn’t sound like stupidity that just sounds like bad luck. But we can help with that.”
“ How?”
“ Seles and I were talking about it, and he’s a scientist right? He told me a bit ago that he may be able to inject another serum into you that can change the coloring of your veins.” She looks shocked and little scared.
“ You wouldn’t do that to me again?!”

“ No no! It wouldn’t be like the first time, I promise! This will make it a lot less noticeable. Also where’s your parents?” I ask.

“ What?”
“ I dunno if we discussed this or not. What happened to them?” Afilia plays with her food, her face drooping a tad.

“ Only my dad I lived with, my mom left us after too much fighting.” She says. “ He disowned me after what happened. I guess all the years of built up tension finally got to him.”
“ What kinda tension?” I ask.
“ He wanted me to be more outgoing and not be in my head so much, try different sports. Go outside and see the world, be more like him. Which I’m not, never was. I couldn’t no matter how much I tried. He was always a little mad at me, no matter what. He was the kind of person to never let go of grudges.”
“ And this was the last straw?” I say, she nods. Afilia slowly inserts some food into her mouth, chewing carefully.


I think for a while, as we eat in silence. A thought flashes through my head, a kind of thinking I had been considering for a little while. And even though it didn’t turn out this way, I asked it anyway.
“ What if I adopted you?” Afilia stops eating and looks up.

“ What?”
“ Yeah, since you clearly don’t have a loving family to go back to you, or so it sounds, why not come back to live with me?” Afilia looks to her lap again, and fiddles anxiously. I’m about to say something to try and cover up my stupidity when she interrupts me.

“ I-I’m sorry, but no.” She says. I stop and look at her.  “ Even after you’ve done a number of generous and kind things for me, things I’ll never be able to repay you for, I still can’t….” If I remember right she’s beginning to cry now. I offer her a napkin.

“ Alright, can’t say that’s not fair. But where else will you go?” I ask. She takes the napkin and rubs her eyes shyly.


Our waiter asks if our food is good. I tell him yes and we continue. Afilia eats some more of her serving before answering.

“ I dunno… I had been thinking, maybe an orphanage?”

“ Hm, but why there? Don’t you want a family to live with?” I ask.

“ I do…I guess.” She sighs. “ I just want to be normal with other kids, I’m tired of trying to be in a family.”
“ So once you’re no longer blue you want to play with others your age before getting a true family?” I ask. Afilia nods.

“ Is that… Stupid?”

“ Stupid?” I wipe my mouth. “ Kid, if wanting to be with others more like you is stupid then our whole population is stupid. I think we all want that, some more than others granted, but still. That ain’t stupid.”

“ You’re not...Lying?”

“ Do I look like I am?”  She stares at me helpless. Thinking back on it, it didn’t matter who looked liked what, they could always be a suspect.


Well, it was time that I showed her I wasn’t lying. As we left the restaurant, my phone rang. Perfect timing, a bit too perfect perhaps, but I was fine with it. God knows I had nothing else planned, or at least not at the time. I think. Anyway, Seles texts me that he’s made the serum early. Apparently his work had a leftover that had been sitting there from an experiment that made too much for. Well in this case too much was too good. I took Afilia back to his house. During the drive she was unsure, I guess I could call it. I tried to reassure her this wasn’t going to hurt her. But she didn’t really respond, more just like nodded to get me to stop talking. But I couldn’t tell if she really believed me or not. I remember my heart beating a little. I trusted Seles, more than my other friends. But what if this didn’t work and it somehow hurt her? The trust I’d been accumulating, I think, with her would be demolished forever. I just knew that I had to trust him, since I had no other ideas of what to do with Afilia. I remember every time I looked to the backseat of my car, and seeing her face. Scared, nervous, desperately hoping I was going to help instead of hurt, for once, that this man she was with would finally try to accept her and make her better. Damn, I absolutely knew I wouldn’t abandon her at that point. One of the few things I could be sure about in my life. Hell, I’m not sure about a lotta things right now, but back then? That moment? I knew damnit.


So, I brought her to Seles’ room. He had his desks littered with sciencey equipment and an empty soda bottle half filled with a green liquid.
“ I finally managed it, was sooner than expected.” My friend says as we enter and I close the door. “ How is..?” Seles motions to Afilia. She clasps her hands, and her eyes flicker between him and me.

“ I’d say alright. Got some info about her past.” I say. Afilia tenses up. “ But I can’t say, is the stuff ready?” Seles nods, holding up the bottle.

“ I couldn’t think of any other thing to put this in, so…”
“ It’s fine,” I look to Afilia. “ You ready?”

“ I…” She watches the liquid as if deciding what’ll happen to her. “ I guess…”  I sit her down on my friend’s bed. I give her the bottle. I feel like it was a good thing that it was drinkable instead of injecting it or whatever. I guess Seles found out it wasn’t necessary to inject it? I dunno, I never asked. I was too busy trying to give Afilia a reassuring look as she drank the liquid. I wasn’t sure when in my life I had ever been so nervous. I reallllly didn’t want this to go badly. Maybe my empathetic side was kicking in, but in that moment of watching her, as the serum fell past her lips I felt the anxiety, the worry, the what ifs. I had no clue what the hell Seles was doing, since honestly he didn’t matter that moment.


It was odd. I mean I didn’t know what to expect from the aftereffect of it, but it was odd. First thing Afilia did after she was done was put the bottle on the bed and roll up her sleeves. The serum worked fast man. The blueness in her veins was, like, literally fading away. It was similar to when there’s spots in your eyes, and after a few seconds they just fade away from existence? That was it. Now her arms had a faint white to them, but it was hardly noticeable. I didn’t even see it until Seles mentioned it. Afilia went into the bathroom to check the rest of her body. When she came out… Goddamn son. Best thing I’ll remember from this probably.


Her smile.



Is that cliche? I honestly don’t give two damns if it is. I’ll say it since I FELT it. It’s still something I can barely describe to people, and I myself think about it at night. What about it made me so happy?


Something about her features finally, damn finally, lighting up. Her lips curving UP and not DOWN. Her eyes casting a soft glow that had first died a long time ago, and is now restored. Maybe it was the fact that she hugged me, staining my shirt with tears. Even if I wasn’t a family member, she said those three words. Seles? He was thanked also, but he didn’t get as much thanks and I did, poor guy. He was the real hero, since without him I couldn’t have done jack squat. I did thank him later, so he didn’t feel left out, I hope.


It was sad however, when I sent her away to the orphanage. Sure, it was in my home town, and we did make a solemn vow for me to visit her once a week. But it was like losing that dog you’d been living with for so long. Or even that cat you saw on the side of the street and thought it was homeless. So you took it home and started to care for it, some feeling welling up in you. Then the real owners come to take it back and that feeling drips away, even if you’re doing the right thing. That was me, I think. I hadn’t had her long, like two days? Damn, sounds silly when I think about it. But then again, you don’t have to have something for a long time to know it’s special.


I knew that for sure when she left, crowded around kids who were eager to be with her. Whatever she feels about it, I hope she’s happy. This saturday I’m going to see her for the second time. One of the things I can’t even wait for in my life. I still question why I did it. I wonder what’ll happen to her in the future, and if she’ll remember me. Guess there’s only one way to find out right?


Well that’s it. What a weird and absurd story huh? Maybe you don’t believe me, but I know it happened. I at least know that I’ll never forget her, the Blue Child.


© Copyright 2018 Conann. All rights reserved.

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