The Wish of an Eternity

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
This is the story of an adventurer and a guardian. A story about their wishes and desires, of how those wishes became their drive to set out on a journey together, of how these two fulfilled their wishes. Moreover, how will they feel after fulfilling those wishes, and how will they live after that point. Does fulfilling one's wishes grant them happiness or will it leave them empty? Will they still have a reason to live or will they be prepared to face the afterlife? Does fulfilling one's wishes leave them in peace or will it leave them in despair? This is the tale of how they overcame the trial that comes after fulfilling their wishes. This is "The Wish of an Eternity".

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Chronos Sagrad

Submitted: November 13, 2018

Hello there! =), Welcome back to me! *sigh*, it's been so long since I was able to post anything here at booksie xD. Well, that doesn't matter. I hope that you will enjoy my new work, and that I be
able to finish this one unlike its predecessor.
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Riel Eteria

Submitted: November 14, 2018

Good morning everyone! =)

Chapter 2 arrived a lot earlier than I had anticipated. To be honest, a couple chapters has been sitting for quite a while now, but I want to edit and fix as many of the errors and wordings as much
as I can to the best of my ability, so that you guys may enjoy the result of my hobby =).

Thank you for reading!
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A Journey Towards Their Wishes

Submitted: November 17, 2018

Yes! Chapter 3 is here! Yayy!!

To those who began to read the story that I love so much(even though I'm the author, lol), THANK YOU VERY MUCH!. Every single view counts, and I'm really happy about it =).

Now, just a little trivia. Remember those bold words from the past two chapters? We will see a lot of it from the future chapters too. Maybe you are wondering what those bold words mean, so I'm
telling you now. Bold words are things that will be of great importance to the future of the story. If you stumble upon a word in bold, make sure to remember it. If you are the type to theorize
about the stories you read, I'll be happy to hear your theories =).

Another thing, some people told me there are certain parts of chapter 3 that sounded incoherent. I'd like to tell you that some parts of the story is MEANT to be confusing. There's no plot hole or
anything. They'll be explained as the story goes. Heck, if we're strictly talking about plot holes, the biggest plot hole in this story is Chronos' unknown appearance(lol. Find out soon xD.)

Anyways, I don't want my chapter note to get any longer than it already is. So, I'm ending this with another big "THANK YOU" to all of you who decided to try this story out =).
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The Journey Begins!

Submitted: November 29, 2018

It has nearly been half a month since the last time I posted a chapter. I apologize for the delay. You see, this chapter is particularly long and I'm also getting a bit lazy xD. I'm kind of
addicted to Ragnarok M right now, but don't worry. I'll release the next chapter quick! This is a promise <3
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A Distant Memory

Submitted: December 06, 2018

I did promise to release chapter 5 faster. Still, this took more time than I expected it would. Happy reading!
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