Being Someone, Special

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short and simple tale about the difference between "Being Someone" and "Being Someone Special. A children's story that, hopefully, children of all ages will like.

Submitted: November 13, 2018

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Submitted: November 13, 2018



"Tripwater Dittle and Tripwater Dattle, the king has no cookies to eat. He Deep-fried the Moose and Spindled the Goose, now he longs for something sweet," was the skip-along song that Flaggerstone Tagget was singing as he traveled the Forested road.

Suddenly, and without announcement, a voice called out from the shadowy underside of a Willow Tree, "Who sings the song of a Tagget?!?"

Now this large sounding and very gruff voice frightened Flaggerstone immensely, so the Tagget Poof-ed into a state of Invisibility and ran under a Brittle-bush to stay hidden. (States of Invisibility do not last long with Taggets, only long enough to find a place to hide.).

The voice soon repeated itself by asking, "Who sings the song of a Tagget in a Tagget-free forest?"

Flaggerstone's response was timid, but he replied quickly by saying, "I am Flaggerstone Tagget and I believe that you are mistaken, oh large voice with much gruffness. This cannot be a Tagget-free forest, for I am a Tagget and I am strolling and singing among the trees."

There was silence for a few moments, in fact, all the forest was caught up in the silence. Yes indeed, it was so quiet that even the birds did not warble, twitter, or tweet.

Such silence Flaggerstone had never experienced before, so he mumbled, "This silence hurts my ears."

The thing with the gruff voice must have heard what Flaggerstone said because it responded by saying, "Only a Tagget would say such a silly thing.

The very thought of Silence hurting an ear is Chuckle-Prompting. And because I do not like being prompted to Chuckle, well, you should exit my forest without hesitation!"

Flaggerstone was becoming annoyed by the unseen voice, so he asked, "Who are you to claim this forest as your own?"

Suddenly the Great Willow Tree, that stood before Flaggerstone, spread it's spindling branches and stated, "I am the Largest of the Large and Bigger than the Biggest, nothing within this forest is greater; so that makes me King. And everyone knows that Kings own everything in their Kingdom. Therefore, you should exit my forest as I have commanded!"

Flaggerstone laughed hardily and replied, "Now who is doing the Chuckle-Prompting? It is you who are making humor when you said that you are King!

Kings have great power but you have little power. Kings control armies but you have no army. And Kings have castles, of which you are surly lacking."

The Willow Tree made a whimper sound, and then timidly stated, "Lions have no armies or Castles, yet they are called Kings of the jungle. So you see, I need no armies or castle to be King."

Flaggerstone replied, "That is true enough. But the Lion has power greater than all the other beasts of the jungle, and for that reason he is called King."

Then sap began dripping from the Willow Tree's trunk; the tree was crying.

"I'm just a big nobody," cried the Tree, "a powerless, army-less, castle-less, great big no-body!

At that point, all the branches of the Willow Tree hung low to the ground and sap started dripping from everywhere, the trunk, the branches, and even the leaves. This was a pure case of tree-weeping, the likes of which Flaggerstone had never seen before.

That is when Flaggerstone realized that he had shamed the tree into great sadness.

Flaggerstone felt the sharp tangs of remorse for being so mean to the tree, so he asked the Willow Tree, "Why do you weep? You have qualities that make you great even without a castle, or an army. Don't you know that?"

The Willow Tree raised its branches high in the air and shook them free of sap, and then it asked, "What kind of qualities?"

Flaggerstone thought for a minute, and then replied, "As you stated yourself, you are the largest tree in this forest. In fact, I think that you are the largest Willow Tree that I have ever seen, and I have seen Oodles of them in my travels."

"You Have?" was the Tree's response.

Then Flaggerstone continued with a stretching of the truth for the sake of the damage he had done to the Willow Tree's feelings.

He told the tree, "I have been from Zanzibar to Tipperary, from Topeka to Walla-Walla, from Sidney to Shanghai. And in none of those places have I seen a Willow Tree so wonderfully large!

The shadows you cast are a shady haven on the hottest of hot days. And beneath your canopy many creatures have made homes for themselves.

The birds and other creatures love to be with you. You are their sanctuary and food source during rainy-times, cold-times, and hot-spells too.

Let us face facts, above ground, or below, you are a friend to all who have come to trust and rely on you. And being a trusted friend is much more important than being a king."

The Willow Tree grew silent, then inquired, "So are you saying that I am a Super Hero?!?"

Flaggerstone smiled and stated, "Sure, --- good friends can be Super Heroes. But really good friends are at their best when they are just being themselves."


D. Thurmond / JEF


rew. 12-2019

© Copyright 2020 D. Thurmond aka JEF aka JE Falcon aka James Everett Falcon. All rights reserved.

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