Who is Drargomor?

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"who is drargomor?" is the brain child of spontaneous decisions and over ambition. hoping i can reach out to people who just want to read my story even if its boring the way i write it.

Submitted: November 14, 2018

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Submitted: November 14, 2018



 I started off today knowing it was going down the shitter. Maybe it was my resltless night, the fact that i hadn't revised for a a chemistry test i had in a few hours, or the fact that the fucking car almost broke down. Yes the hints weren't the oxford definition of subtle but hey, at least i could see it coming. I managed to get some revision time in before making my way to the car. A couple of things were on my mind:

1: Caitlin.

2: I'm going to school sitting next to a guy whose arm I almost broke yesterday.

 It is Wednesday my dudes, and I'm gonna be honest, I should be printing off an English essay about "the theme of class from J.B. Priestley's "Inspector Calls"" but my procrastination is reaching an unhealthy level and frankly my dear i don't give a damn. I'm gonna be finishing my essay at two in the morning, that it's due, at best. I haven't written a plan or anything. Basically, until i get my shit together, at the back of my head I'm thinking, "I'm buggered". Enough about my mental issues. We'll save the interesting parts till I stop complaining about my privileged life.

 What age do you think I am right now? 12? 20? 40? If you thought the last one you're an idiot. If you guessed 20 then you're still wrong. If i was 20 I'd have probably said "uni" instead of school. If you thought 12 you're still wrong. Much like the contents of Marcellus Wallace's briefcase, my age is up to the reader. Although have some sense guys, I'm not 58 years old, and if I was, I'd get therapy instead. No. I'm not gonna tell you my age yet. I might never tell you it, or my name, or my hair colour, or my gender. Actually i will tell you my gender. I am a straight male. A straight, white male at that. See I come from the corner of society that can't be discriminated against. The majority! If you want my views on being middle class and white you can ask Ben Folds in his song "Rockin' the Suburbs".

 Anyway, lemme explain my thoughts from earlier this morning. If you've not already guessed. Caitlin is the name of a girl I like. Or more like love. Or more like "have been dating for 4 months and 5 days now". She's been on my mind non-stop so from now on you can assume she's in my thoughts while reading this. If you ever read this Caitlin, I was writing this sentence after telling you "I love you". Christ does it ever get annoying when I talk about my relationship? Probably. Depends where you lie on the scale of "tolerance for bullshit". Me personally, I'm quite low, but the consequences of irritating me are probably empty threats or low level violence. 

 Okay I'm gonna be honest with ya here. Of course I'm not actually sure I almost broke this bastard's arm. I just hope i did. I've known "this bastard" for pretty much all my life. Grew up with him. My worst moments were with "this bastard". None of the best ones. The best ones were probably me on my own or with Caitlin or one of my friends. But no. Only the worst moments with "this bastard". Anyway, to save me time we'll use his name. Sam. 

 Sam's a dick. It's in his nature. He's a dick by nature. Yesterday I made a small mistake that costed nothing but time, which if you're young like me (hint) it's best to assume you have more of than you will when you're older. Sam and my brother were giving me shit about it anyway, and after 44 minutes of taking hits, i had enough. I put on my oh so precious headphones and zoned out for a while. Then out of the corner of my eye I see "this bastard's" finger coming towards me. I stare at him, and seeing as he's not evolved to think before his actions i thought i'd get straight to the point and bend his arm in such a way that his body would follow it or he would break his already injured wrist. So yeah, fuck him. I haven't even got past the morning of my day yet and I've written a crap ton.

 I'm gonn leave it there for now. At this very moment I've just realised something very fucking irritating and i have to solve that now. Have fun wherever, whoever you are. Cya later.

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