Simon Sinister

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hi. I’m Simon Sinister. You don’t know me but I know you. That depends actually. Have you wronged me? I tend to kill in the wake of vengeance. To bring justice I need to feel good again. Feel sane again. I’m not sane in this moment. My wrath. Who wronged me? That doesn’t matter. They’re already dead. Well, in my eyes. Don’t worry - this isn’t my first kill. Oh the enemies I have! Well not enemies exactly. I see them more as my...friends. I believe friends are honest. And in that honestly lies actions that people do which tend to be...irrational. Like making me mad. How mad am I for me to kill someone? I haven’t been caught before. Well, surely if it’s not my first kill then I’m out in public? Or does my victim lie in jail? I haven’t been caught, remember? So I roam the streets yet they don’t see me coming. Do you see me coming? Why you? I really am a nice guy. People tend to think I’m crazy. Crazy is defined as normal from person to person. I’m not crazy. I laugh like my fellow man does. What I find funny is the difference between me and society. I find my killings hilarious. I see the joy of my victory. My conquer. My celebration. I won. This was all a game. My friend mocked me. Humiliated me. Made me insane. Losing stability of righteousness. I do marvel in my works of slaughter. My Mona Lisa. Every death is a painting. Together they form a gallery. How big? That depends on how many people insult me. But right now I eye my prey. Waiting to pounce. To awaken the demon inside of me! Everyone has a demon inside of them. Oh the evil within us! Why? Why, why, why? Why did they do this to me? Disturb the peace of my solitude. Why? What an idiot! Now I have to get my hands dirty. I can smell their scent from where I am. The smell of a fear. The smell of a terror. The smell of a horror. I see my corpse in the wake of a crowd. What if they hear me? Who said a crowd has to be people? I see objects as a crowd - let them witness a spectacle! It’s a shame I don’t get get paid for this. I sure am good at this. Then again, the best criminals are the ones nobody hears about. The ones who got away. I don’t know the ending of this tale. I just know I have to kill them. Kill you. Kill them. Kill. I have to. I need to escape my instability. They disturbed my path to...redemption. I thought people would leave me alone. Oh the death of my dear friend! I put an end to their clock while I breath..the air...of another day. Another day to believe. Believe that I’m more that just a murderer. I guess a leopard never changes its spots. I am who I am and I...embrace that. This is me. Simon Sinister. Don’t worry about my surname. Or stage name. I am who I believe I am to be. Simon Sinister. The black of death. Ashes. Bones. The result of my hunt. Of which I’m on as we speak. There they are. There lies an opportunity. Do I take it? Do they know what’s about to happen? Do they understand why this is being done? I want to teach a lesson. Make a statement. Paint the city red. Red is romantic. This death deserves a rose. Only one. A dear rose. The meaning of it depends on circumstances. Most people use roses in fantasy of love. I use it to say my goodbyes. Some people never get to say goodbye to their lost ones. I have that privilege and I appreciate that gift. I’m heading closer to the sounds of police. After a certain period of time, they will rush to the scene. The scene of panic. They sure must be panicking now. I’m merely a feather away from them. I told you not to wrong me.

Table of Contents

No Peace

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Time is ticking. Ticking for my mom. My dear mom. The queen of my life!. Constantly getting beat - I watch. That'... Read Chapter


I've always loved the jaguar. Never seen one before but I've done my research. The bond between a mother jaguar and her son is such an ex... Read Chapter

Chess Game

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Public Face

Nothing is more scary than going to a place you don't know. Especially one where you end up going alone. That's me right now. Best part a... Read Chapter

Black Mamba

This journey to kill one man has become more than just one death. My list is still intact yet I am wasting time. Babu thinks I'm on his s... Read Chapter

A Moment Before Death

They say just before you die you think about the people most important to you - the ones you love. I love my mother. I miss her so much. ... Read Chapter


I always think about the outside world. From the corporate people. To the supercars of the rich. And the women too! Could never spend a d... Read Chapter

Pray Before I Prey

I sometimes reminisce about the times I had with my mother. From our ice-cream talks to the starlight walks. I miss her so much. But now,... Read Chapter

Caesar's Chamber

I don't know whether I'm alive or in heaven. A guy like me ending up in heaven? Probably not! These flashing lights and screams could be ... Read Chapter

Only The Beginning

Today could be my last day. My last day in this world. I may have underestimated my father's connections in the underworld but I barely c... Read Chapter

Slaw's Move

Being a kid from the slumps, I always sought adventure in life. I always wanted to swim in the oceans that were envisioned in my head. I ... Read Chapter


Sometimes we can imagine a paradise so magnificent that when we may see it one day, we may believe we are living in a dream and not in re... Read Chapter


The one thing about Cabur that makes it a very mysterious island is that not only does it have various tribes but it has various environm... Read Chapter

Gorillas & Bears

I am never naïve when it comes to beautiful women – I always saw their intriguing outer beauty always hid a terrifying inner chaos! Su... Read Chapter

Instant Impact

I can’t afford to not perform in my upcoming duels. My temptations got the best of me while five gorillas got sacrificed in a fierce wa... Read Chapter

Ceru's Crew

I wish I could start this story with one of my reminiscent moments, but I have Ceru approaching me at full pace with both his hammer and ... Read Chapter

Valleys of Bone

I have always been a wild admirer of nature and its scenery. Nature is very luring – it has a charm to make someone silent and marvel. ... Read Chapter

Fenz & Inah

Life is a test –it’s a constant test. We need to forever remain for any situation life puts us in. We need to be versatile in our abi... Read Chapter

Babu's Proposition

Life is so short – experiences are so…temporary! We can never truly live in a moment forever. We take time for granted. Sometimes the... Read Chapter

The Pit

As much as I may have my doubts about Babu, he has taken care of me in a moment of my own weakness. I’m all healed now. Unfortunately, ... Read Chapter


The journey to killing my father seems to be taking me all over the place. Since Diego is one of the pawns that his king must hide behind... Read Chapter

Good Knight

What’s life without rules? Will it be a barbaric scene of criminals running wild? Will crime even be exciting to commit knowing that im... Read Chapter

Queen's Move

I knew this adventure would be a dangerous yet…thrilling one, but I may have underestimated the magnitude of extremity along the way. I... Read Chapter

Truce or Death?

I am a long way away from Versau – the place where my journey began. My father resides there probably with Uxeer – his king. Here I a... Read Chapter


As much as I an eagerly anticipating one hell of a fight between Harz and Gilo, Gilo’s orthodox entrance is accompanied by a crowd who ... Read Chapter

Next Move?

It seems that the closer I get to my goal of killing my father, my death also awaits me. I may be elusive but I have vulnerabilities – ... Read Chapter

Sorsen Palace

To be honest I may be a sheep being prepared for slaughter – I’m assuming that Babu and Visor are taking me in to get closer to killi... Read Chapter

True Darkness

I can’t wait to leave Remz. I’m actually not sure if I’ll ever leave this place. I guess I should’ve known that the black pieces ... Read Chapter

Advantage or Disadvantge?

One thing I’ve learnt from the queens of this game is that beneath their…devastating beauty lies a wrath of wickedness which can be s... Read Chapter


I seem to have found myself in the middle of this chess game – my lack of loyalty may cause lots of judgement and possible action again... Read Chapter

What The Future Holds

I’m not entirely sure how this story will pan out – does it all end at Vinare Prison? I do expect a full throttle attack from Penelop... Read Chapter

Vinare Prison

While I still ponder what decision I’ll make, I’m in the company of Maria, Avai and Thorn along with Henna and her pack of wolves as ... Read Chapter

Bright White Light

As we open these doors to enter the main building of Vinare Prison, we are welcomed not only by the piercing sound of the alarm siren, bu... Read Chapter

Decisions, Decisions

My head is spinning right now – a lot of the future lies in my hands. My problem is that I don’t really have enough time to make this... Read Chapter

The Infirmary

As I search for Maria and Thorn in their respective floors, I possess no rifle with me. I’m not entirely sure how Penelopé expects me ... Read Chapter

The Duel

Who would have assumed that I’d be in my current predicament? All those scenarios I played in my head involved my survival –my domina... Read Chapter

A Door's Opening

As I make my way to the lower level, I realise that there are various outcomes for when these elevator doors open on arrival. The first o... Read Chapter

Last Man Standing

I don’t know if this is the end. I don’t know what will happen after this war. I don’t war what lies behind those doors but my fate... Read Chapter

An Eye for an Eye

One may think that this game is over, but that’s only possible if both Diego and Enzo make it to Cabur and put Zabaye to his death – ... Read Chapter

The Final Move

I miss my mother so much! I wish I could be with her one more day. I wish I could see her smile one last time. I wish I could jump up and... Read Chapter

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