Do You Own The Story ?

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This is a writing about the unchained faith our creation has for God's deepest gifts. :)

Submitted: November 16, 2018

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Submitted: November 16, 2018



If you got a lucky chance to work with few people who can make a difference,
who will be your choice ?
The magic is in the air,
Dont put your life behind the choices you will ultimately break your heart,
A broken walkaway just feels there is a smile in your endless spirit,
The choice is yours so nourish this mind with good thoughts,
Thoughts follow where you act to make your big life so simple,
Just feel there is a human so simple behind these expression,
Who always tried to convince the invincible,
Towards the light where our feelings wrinkle,
Making us little known as a life on this planet,
Tomorrow when the population shrinks its weight on the universal spirit,
You may know the true story always lives forever,
Are you going to find it in the hardest song of the sweat?
A life so blessed like him,
Who faced the days like the burning candle,
Never follow its shade,
But be away into the little woods with these days forever,
I like to discover this talented soul, 
Let us join our time where there is someone undiscovered,
This musical notes tells us deep findings of human life,
Who will you want to lead?
There is something find you so crazy,
The world is not going to end,
But the end itself is our new beginning,
Be the dream hunting doubts in the night,
Yet finding the reality helping discover the incredible being,
In yourself you must put the effort to be a example,
So rise up and be the king,
Silently very gratitude this lifetime own the story,
As a selfmade human quest for the harmony times will be a change,
May challenge you own the story towards a awesome completion,
In the end where you look back there will be many silly compulsions,
You left hidden into your life as simple spelling mistake,
But the story was never complete without these gestures,
You own it as the takeaway is your story on Earth,
Make it memorable and well scripted as a deserved life for all,
Finding a drama you play in many simple gestures of a human expressions,
There is more than this,
It is ultimately your own worth,
How to be so genuine will not kill itself,
But until you always carry the baggage unwraped without nothing,
You will always have a prayer,
For the harmony your commonhome feels within the silence,
Let you unlearn the bad habits you try discovering an accidental devil within,
Making them untold you will not let yourself into the dark,
Waiting for the dawn to shine itself expelled as a dead end,
For the either side weather the opposite signs of the same script,
You have the choice to own the story where you want to be,

One day an angel asked God,
Do you own the story?
God asked what made you so unclarified,

The angel told the plantation is yours,
And the play is your draft,
Only the time and space ages in every script,
Your role simplify the story as human,
They left our vision for new luxuries,
Yet God you still remain the same,
Not quiet within everything so undone,
But helping them a story that trade this bond,
Where the roof they guide as the shade of our Earth,
Itself seem unfinished as a story owned to win more hearts,
Every duty as a natures gift with God's image,
Humans never wandered into the darkness alone,
There was a heart who took the pain to fortell,
Everywhere the epic is a blessing,
But for one Earth the passage of time is a big loss,
Life lost boils its deepest struggle to exist,
Those who are warned never complete the disappearance,
Yet today the entire climate is changing,
Who brought this diversity into our planet,
Is so silent for the takeaway into human action,
Will the voice who raised the call do the incomplete gathering?
I only wanted God for an answer?

God told these days are more than a sacrifice,
It is towards the destiny they have lead to decide,
Where the unkept steps will warn them,
And will inform a timely awareness,
For the heaven above is listening,
Searching for the roots that the future,
Never remains unsafe,
But timely action seeking the right knowledge,
Will guide infinite hands for a workshop,
I will be mentor who guides their spirit,
And always will be the handicraft of our beginning,
If you discover the plan was long made before the change,
For the entire known universe you have seen my guidance,
Never framed the humans as guilty,
There is a action that follows the wind of thoughts,
It takes all the requirement to lead against the ending fight,
For new plants take its roots to the deepest fertile depth,
My plantation is well said about their roles,
It is a fear that raised their insecurity,
For the end of a hatred will bring them the cause,
That may lead for a surprise I call as my story,
May you compel your story as my angels,
Giveaway the rain for the rainbows that call its shine,
I have known your script as a maker of this human bond,
If you feel the same,
Let you ignite a human childhood on the living Earth,
As a trade that let discover what is essential for the survival,
Where all the call bring them an answer,
Taking the lifeline to benefit for all who cares,
May you know the price is already paid,
And you must not feel the guilt,
Unless you may forgive the wrong and,
Never forget to do the right at these times.

© Copyright 2019 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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