Grand Movie Night

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Sometimes, just for a few seconds, we become aware of the ways of our world and what seemed absolutely normal only a moment ago, all of a sudden can feel strange. For merely the blink of an eye, we stand above everything and get the chance to watch the game we are usually part of.

Submitted: November 16, 2018

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Submitted: November 16, 2018



It was the evening of a grand movie premiere. Flashlight smashed across the red carpet, the crowd crashed like waves against a wall of security guards and in the middle of all this chaos walked, seemingly untouched, an actor. There were many famous names strolling across this narrow piece of red fabric, shaking hands left and right, giving autographs and interviews. But there was that one lonely soul wandering around aimlessly and lost. He looked towards the cameras but stared right through. Sometimes a faint smile scurried over his face, but was soon extinguished by sadness and pain. No one seemed to notice his absence, whereas he didn‘t notice their presence.

I stood within the crowd and watched, as if I weren’t part of this world or any other. I watched as these two realms  collided with and repelled each other. It was an abstract act of affection and separation. A separation so unscalable it manifested itself like a wall between the acting parts. Just the two of us, the actor and I, stood above this game. That was when our eyes crossed, for not more than a second, our faces didn’t move and our eyes didn’t show any signs of recognition. We didn’t know each other. But we were suddenly made aware of the others existence.

I turned away from this cold and isolated world, that only few know of and I turned away from the destructive nature this world imposes on its subjects. I turned away with a heavy hart but carrying a warm feeling within me, that made me smile.

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