jack smith and the dawn of lightning

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Jack goes to school and blows up a pen, then he gets kidnapped.

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Submitted: November 16, 2018

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Submitted: November 16, 2018




Wasting Time On Simple Things


Jack Smith fell to the floor. It happened again. He shocked himself. He went to plug in the toaster and his powers had reacted to the electric surge coming from the outlet. Flying up into the air, it seemed like time had slowed down and Jack realized that this was exactly like in those cartoons when they run off a cliff and then realize they are about to fall, so they look down and up, down and up, then they scream and fall.

Well, Jack felt that right at that moment. The thud had sent his mom running into the kitchen and gasping at Jack.

“Are you okay?”

Jack chuckled. “Ow.”

“It happened again?”


“Okay, if you are alright then get ready. School starts in an hour.”

Jack stood and looked at the toaster. “Jerk.” He walked away from the toaster and grabbed an on-the-go waffle. After shoving it into his mouth and chewing quite noisily, he opened the door and went outside.

Nothing would have prepared Jack for the pop quiz. Nothing. Even if it wasn’t a pop quiz and he had had time to study. Jack was staring at his paper. Ten minutes into the quiz time. He inspected the first question.



Jack tapped his forehead with his pen. He began to write.


The pilgrims came to America because they wanted to practice religious freedom. They set sail for Virginia in September of 1620 aboard the Mayflower. The pilgrims wanted to create a free country where they could stop being forced to believe in certain things.

The king of England didn’t want anyone going to church in any place other than the Roman Catholic Church, so they agreed to leave.

Jack was writing so fast that he didn’t realize his hand was getting too hot, and he didn’t realize the bright blue glow in his hand. Until it was too late. He noticed when his writing began to look like splotches of melted ink. Because they were.


The Pilgrims were struggling to find food and they couldn’t survive for much longer. Then they met  an indiantribe. They showed the- SPLAT!


Jack’s pen exploded, not too loud, but it was possible to hear from the front of the classroom. Mrs. Jane, the eighth grade history teacher, looked toward the ink-covered Jack, as did most of the other kids.

Shawn Benson, Jack’s best friend, and Taylor Quentin, Jack’s girlfriend, both experienced the pen explosion to a higher scale than most of the other students in the room, and they too were covered in ink, due to being on either side of Jack.

Shawn chuckled and looked at Jack. Taylor sat, motionless. The teacher walked over to Jack’s desk and picked up his black essay paper. Ink dripped to the floor. Jack tried to keep from crying and laughing at the same time. He thought it hilarious, but also felt bad for staining Taylor’s beautiful shirt. He sighed and slouched in his chair as the teacher’s blank stare penetrated Jack’s brain. Then the bell rang.


“How do you blow up a ballpoint pen?” Shawn asked. “Only ten dollars per person to see the famous and amazing Jack Smith cover you in ink.”

“Thanks, Shawn.”

Taylor was sitting on the bus stop bench using a wet rag to wipe as much ink from her shirt as possible.
“Sorry, Taylor.”

“Don’t apologize. I hate this shirt.”

“Really? I always thought it looked nice on you.”

Taylor smiled. “Thanks.”

“Jack, don’t ever write with a pen again.”

“Well, I didn’t know the dang pen was gonna explode.”

Shawn slumped down on the bench. Jack sat down next to Taylor who leaned against him.



“Why can’t you control your powers? I mean, why won’t your body let you?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m scared. What if they take over you and you get killed? What if I lose you?”

“You won’t.” Jack said. He hugged Taylor. The bus pulled up to the bench. Shawn was the first on, then Taylor. Jack stood one step up into the bus and looked back. Sitting on the bench was a man, and in his hand was a gun, pointing at Jack.

Taylor screamed out as did Shawn. The bus driver looked past Jack at the man and yelled to all the others on the bus, “get  down! Get down now!” He

cussed in French and ducked his head down, closing the bus door. Jack moved his leg right in time as it shut. There would be no way to get in now.

He raised his hands in the air and said to the man, “what is it you want?”

In a deep, gravelly voice, the man spoke in a frightening tone to Jack. “What is it I want? You, of course, Jack Smith.”

Jack was awake only long enough to see the bright blue dart in his chest and feel the sudden nausea. Lightheaded, he collapsed to the ground. Taylor screamed something through the window that would have been very offensive if it wasn’t inaudible.

The bus driver, realizing he should probably do something to help, ran out of the bus and football-tackled the man with the tranquilizer gun who quickly recovered from the blow and kicked the bus driver in the gut.
Curled up in a ball, the bus driver got to his hands and knees and tried another attack, missing and falling on his face.

The man who shot Jack was picking him up and running away with Jack on his shoulders. Taylor was sobbing and banging her fists quite rapidly on the bus windows. Her and Shawn ran off the bus and chased the man, passing the groaning bus driver.

Taylor was quite surprised at the speed of the man, considering he was carrying an eighth grader.

Shawn was picking up speed rapidly, storming ahead of Taylor and screaming out, “you have nowhere to hide!” This was a lie of course, because the man disappeared behind a corner.

Shawn went around the corner and stood still. Taylor approached and was surprised at what Shawn was looking at. Nothing. There was nothing there. The man just vanished.

She began sobbing again. Shawn tried to encourage Taylor by saying that they would find him but it seemed to make it worse. Taylor kept responding with “no we won’t!”

Shawn and Taylor searched around the place the man disappeared for an hour, then, after finally assuming Jack was gone, they went home. They called the cops and explained what happened.

By the time the cops returned, it was midnight, seven hours past Jack’s disappearance time. Taylor was on the porch chair, wrapped in a blanket, crying. The cops had just went back to the station, after telling Shawn’s mom, Jack’s mom, and Taylor’s parents that they failed to find any clues as to where Jack could be.

Taylor was taking short, labored breaths. Her mom came outside and sat next to her.

“They'll find him.”

Taylor was silent. She kept crying. Her mom was trying her hardest to calm her down but nothing could stop Taylor from thinking, I told him.




Jack opened his eyes to see himself strapped to a chair sitting in a large room the size of a basketball court. There were tables covered in weapons and tools like guns, tranqs, knives, and tasers.

Jack turned to face behind him and was startled at the sight of the man staring at him.

“Hello, Jack.”

“Where am I and who are you?”

“My name is Zen Ying. You are in the most advanced prison in the world. It is a prison for beasts like you.”


“Yes, electric beasts. We are on a mission to stop you all and take the power from your cells. As you can see-.”

“There are others like me?”

“Yes, and you will learn not to interrupt me.”

Zen tased Jack, which Jack assumed wouldn’t hurt him, but it did, and continued speaking.

“As you can see, you are in the torture room. And it is your turn. You will tell me everything I want to know. Now, please don’t squirm. It will make it more painful.”




“Shawn, I need your help.”


“I am going down to the police station and I need you to help me explain what happened. I know they already know but they need the details again. If they don’t go looking… then i’ll do it myself.”

“By yourself? Taylor, it’s Seattle. You’re not gonna go searching all around one of the biggest cities in the world alone.

“I won’t be alone. You will go with me.”

“Still. Do you realize how many bad people there are here. By the time we find the criminal, assuming we’re not kidnapped first, it will already be too late.”

Taylor ignored him and continued to speak. “Shawn. I’m going to the police station. Then i’m gonna find my boyfriend. Are you coming or not?”

Shawn sighed and followed Taylor to the buses. “Are we walking?”


Shawn and Taylor walked around to the back of the school and made their way toward the police station. Then to find Jack. If it wasn’t too late. But it was.




Jack’s mind felt like a bomb, just waiting to explode. His forehead had been severely beat up, not to mention the sticky blood running down his face. Zen had used almost every tool in the room. Nothing had made

Jack speak, however. Zen wanted to know something that seemed so simple for Jack to say. And Zen had told Jack that he was wasting time on simple things.

“What is your father’s name?”

“I- won’t- tell- you- anything.”

Zen chuckled. “I love your certainty. But yes. You will.” Zen struck Jack across the chest with a long, skinny blade that ripped open half his shirt and a large red line in his skin.

Jack cried out in pain and he bit his lips to keep from talking.

“Who is your father and where is he?”

Zen struck Jack again but across the leg.


Zen lowered his blade and looked at Jack.

“His name is Michael Smith and he is a former veteran. He worked at the electricity mill until a big disaster happened and destroyed the mill, killing everyone in it.”

“Good boy. Yes, everyone except four kids. They were born the same day of the explosion. And they were in the hospital across the street from the mill. They experienced the blow to a luckier scale, avoiding death, but leaving with a burden.

“They had taken some of the unidentified energy out of the mill, and had absorbed it into their cells. Their names were Lily Star, Ian Mills, Tanner Anderson, and Jack Smith.”
Jack’s eyes were bigger than usual and he was looking into those of Zen with great fear.

“Sadly, we must wait a week after torture to extract energy, so we will bring you to your cell.”



“How do I know you’re telling the truth about me.”

“Because I am another survivor of it. I just didn’t absorb the energy. Any more questions?”


Jack stared at Zen for a moment and then did something that Zen really didn’t expect. He electrocuted every metal object in the room. Including the one Zen was holding.

Jack only saw Zen drop the weapon and grab his arm before Jack passed out.


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