Morgan Dean

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Morgan Dean has received a great opportunity but will she be able to achieve her dreams

Submitted: November 18, 2018

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Submitted: November 18, 2018



‘’All aboard.” Screeched the conductor, closing the train doors as he said this. Morgan Dean rushed down the platform, she couldn’t afford to miss this train. She had an important meeting to attend regarding her flower shop. Her dream since she was young, was to run her own flower shop. She had saved up all the money she had earned doing various part time jobs until she had enough money to apply for a loan at the bank.

The reason Morgan was racing to catch the train was she had received an opportunity to expand her shop. She had set an alarm, but the alarm hadn’t gone off, so Morgan ended up rushing about. Gathering up her portfolios and business folders, Morgan finally reached the train station. 

Glimpsing the train approaching, She raced down the stairs onto the platform and stepped onto the train moments before the doors shut.

Finally, Morgan found an empty seat and was able to relax and think about how she could impress in the meeting and possibly expand her flower shop. As the stations got closer, Morgan started to get slightly nervous. What if what she had prepared wasn’t enough. 

She would be devastated and upset. All the time Morgan had spent behind the counter of various fast food places, coming home smelling like oil would be for nothing. 

Morgan had worked hard for 2 years saving up every spare dollar towards her dream. As the train raced towards Manhattan, Morgan started going over what she was going to say.

Packed in her bag were a few portfolios full of her work as a florist as well as a couple of events she had been lead florist on. “Hopefully these should do the trick.” Morgan thought to herself. She tended to become slightly nervous when she was facing unknown situations.

Morgan began flipping through her portfolio, examining all the photos in it. This one will be perfect. She thought to herself. The photo she had chosen was a favourite of hers. Morgan had sent out emails when she first started out, searching for companies who would welcome free floral arrangements in exchange for Morgan building her portfolio. It had required a lot of hard work and busy days but she had eventually created a portfolio that she was very proud of.

Morgan rested her head against the train window, remembering when her love of flowers had started. She was five years old and all she wanted was a bunch of flowers. Everyone thought her mum was mad giving a five-year-old flowers. “Who gives a five-year-old flowers.?” They all wondered to each other. But her mum had ignored all their friends and family and had brought her daughter the bunch of flowers she so desperately wanted.

When Morgan had first saw and held the flowers, she was in awe of their beauty. They looked so colourful and from then on, Morgan was obsessed with flowers. Growing up Morgan began telling her mum and anyone else in her family that would listen, how she would own her own flower shop one day.

Since that birthday, Morgan had dreamt of what her own flower shop would look like which meant plenty of snapdragons and roses plus daisies. Since she knew her dream would be expensive, she had started saving up every penny to achieve her dream. Finally, she had saved up enough to rent out a small little shop in a central location with lots of foot traffic. This meant that her business had fared well.

Her best sellers were her assorted bunches of flowers which reminded her so much of the first bunch of flowers she had received as a small child. Some days Morgan couldn’t fully believe how far she had come since she had first started her business. Her business had become successful enough that she had needed to hire another employee to help her with all the various flower orders and deliveries. That person was Lena Smith, who was as obsessed with flowers as Morgan.  Lena was responsible for answering flower enquires and helping to fill custom orders. Lena was very capable and was currently running the shop while Morgan was headed to her meeting. The train began pulling into one of the city stations, alerting Morgan to the fact that her stop was near. She began gathering up her belongings, holding her portfolio so that it would not become squashed between herself and her handbag. “It’s now or never.” She thought to herself.

As the train approached Morgan’s stop, she began to feel a few little butterflies in her stomach. “It was normal to be nervous before an interview that could lead to an amazing opportunity” She thought to herself. Morgan navigated her way through the morning peak rush, finally spotting a gap on the stairs. She began climbing up the stairs to the ticket barriers.

She pulled her phone out to check the address. Going through the ticket barriers and turning left, Morgan began to feel a little less nervous and slightly more confident. She had this, all she had to do was explain her experience and showcase her portfolio. “They should speak for themselves” She thought to herself.

Strolling down the street, Morgan began to smooth over her dress. She hoped that her dress wasn’t too wrinkled. Morgan needed to make a great first impression. Glancing up at the address on the front of the building, Morgan knew she was at the right place. Opening the door to the building, Morgan walked up to the security desk.

“Excuse me, my name is Morgan Dean and I have an appointment with Amelia Valentine.” Morgan told the security guard. The security guard checked a list on his computer screen and replied, “Yes you’re on the list, level 6 and there is another security desk when you reach level 6.”  “Thanks.” Replied Morgan as she began walking towards the elevators she could see on the other side of the lobby.

Amelia Valentine was one of the most well-connected members of the floral industry in New York City. She was sitting at her desk going through Morgan’s files. “These look good, she thought to herself. Amelia had a good feeling about Morgan and hoped that she was the person they were looking for.

Morgan approached the security desk on level 6. “Hi, I’m Morgan Dean, I have an interview with Amelia Valentine.” She informed the security guard. “Second door on your right.” The security guard replied. She walked towards the door indicated, knocking on the door when she got close. “Come in.” a voice called out. Morgan opened the door and walked over to a desk in the middle of the room. Morgan shook Amelia’s hand and said, “Morgan Dean, pleased to meet you.” Amelia observed Morgan and though to herself “So far so good.”

“I have been reading about your flower shop, it seems to be very successful.” Amelia commented. Morgan replied, “We have a good location.” Amelia gestured for Morgan to hand over her portfolio. Morgan handed over a portfolio and sat silently while Amelia looked through the portfolio. Good layout and these floral arrangements are very neatly set out. Amelia thought to herself. Amelia glanced down at her note pad. She asked Morgan “What was your most challenging event to supply and why?”

Morgan thought for a second and then replied “I was booked to supply flowers for a wedding, the challenging part was the number of flowers and the different types of flowers requested. We were able to successfully make the flower arrangements for that particular event.”

Amelia was interested in Morgan, so far, she could see a hidden passion for flowers that would serve Morgan well in this industry. What to ask next? Amelia thought. She flicked through Morgan’s portfolio again, stopping on a page she liked the look of. “What event was this arrangement designed for?” Amelia asked Morgan.

“That was for a business launch, a new cupcake store.” Morgan replied. The arrangement was very colourful, shaped into various cupcakes. The flowers used included daisies and tulips which gave the arrangement a balanced look. Amelia continued flicking through the rest of Morgan’s portfolio, carefully examining each page. Some of the arrangement were very complex while other arrangements were simple and delicate.

“The reason I have called you in for an interview is because I have heard of your work and thought you would be the person for the job.” Amelia explained. 

 “I have found some rare flowers that need collecting and in exchange I am offering cash for you to put towards expanding your shop.”

Morgan couldn’t believe her ears, cash for her shop and all she had to do was collect some rare flowers. She wanted to know more before saying yes. “Where are the flowers to be collected from?” She asked.

“They are in a nursery in Atlanta.” Amelia informed her. Amelia was slightly nervous; would Morgan say yes. She certainly hoped so and was banking on it. Amelia could see Morgan working it over in her head. “I will do it.” Replied Morgan finally. “But I’m curious about why you can’t collect them yourself.” She asked Amelia. 

Amelia thought about it for a second and then replied, “I have too many events booked in the city over the next few weeks, otherwise I would be travelling there myself.”

“When do I need to leave?” Asked Morgan. She was going to have to leave her capable assistant in charge of the shop while she was gone. “In a couple of days, I will just need to contact the nursery where the plants are being stored. “You’ll fly down to Atlanta, have a rental car at your disposal as well.” Amelia explained.

 Morgan was already itching to go, she had never been to Atlanta let alone left New York state. Growing up Morgan’s family had to work hard and hadn’t had the money needed to travel.

Morgan had hoped to start travelling when she had increased the business and was able to afford a couple more staff to help run her business while she took a much-deferred break. The cash that Amelia was offering her, could help her achieve this.

“Thanks for accepting, I will have my secretary contact you when all the arrangements have been made. Just leave your contact details with her on the way out.” Amelia informed Morgan. Morgan shook Amelia’s hand before heading out the door towards the reception/security area.

Morgan was very excited, she had secured an exciting opportunity. She stopped at the reception desk and handed over her contact details. Making her way down the in the elevator, Morgan began to think about what she was going to do.

 First, she had to leave here and reach her shop. This opportunity was too important to talk about on the phone to her assistant.

Morgan headed down to the lobby and waved goodbye to the security guard. She headed down the street and began walking back to the subway station.

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