The Ultimate Pleasure: HOT and SEXY Romance!

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Julie also has sex, much to her boss Bill's immeasurable delight. Yes, Julie is wonderful around the office and even better when she works overtime. The best part is that Bill's wife Alice knows that her husband is having sex with his secretary-and she thoroughly approves....Now The Action Begins.....

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Chapter 1

Alice gave the young secretary a quick once-over. She couldn't understand why her husband was interested in such a mousy little creature. The baggy clothes, the long brunette hair pulled back in a bun, the horn rim glasses, made her look old beyond her years. Well, whatever made Bill happy-Alice kissed her husband and said, "Be good now. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. See you later tonight."

"Have a good time, dear. Julie and I are just going to catch up on some work."

"Uh huh, sure you are," Alice replied. "Whatever you want to call it is okay with me."

Bill grinned. He knew where his wife was going and, in general terms, what she was going to do. He hoped he could convince Julie to do some of the same things with him.

The "work" Bill had asked Julie to do at his house was finished in about an hour. He had watched the girl carefully as he made suggestive remarks. If she understood what he was saying, she gave no sign of it. A more direct approach was required.

"That's all the work we have to do tonight, Julie. Let's go down to the game room and relax."

"Oh, I don't know, Mr. Young. Maybe I should be getting home."

"Nonsense, dear. Take a little time and relax. You're very tense. Don't you ever have any fun?"

Bill took Julie's hand and led her downstairs while she answered him.

"Well, not a lot, I guess. I'm not sure I know how. You see, my mother was very strict."

"That happens to a lot of us." Bill turned on the stereo. "Would you like a drink or a dance?"

"A dance! Oh, I'm not a very good dancer, Mr. Young."

"Call me Bill. We're not in the office now, you know. Just follow along and try not to step on my toes too much and we'll do just fine.

Julie laughed nervously at his little joke. That was exactly what she was afraid of doing!

To her surprise, she found it easy to follow his lead. After a few minutes, she snuggeled up close to him, offering no objections when his hands started caressing her back, then cupping her ass to hold her belly tight to his groin.

Bill steeered her to a room off the game room and stepped back from her. Julie's eyes went wide when she saw a bed standing in the middle of a room next door. Tenderly, carefully, he pulled her to him and kissed her mouth passionately, working his tongue between her lips.

Julie accepted his tongue reluctantly. Then she began responding. By the time he broke the kiss, she was breathing hard and trembling.

"I want you, Julie," he whispered.

"Oh, Bill! But what about your wife?" she blurted, unconsciously telling him yes.

"Alice understands about these things. She knows why I asked you here tonight. That's why she went out for the evening."

And also because a young stud caught her eye and she wants to try him out. But this shy young woman isn't ready to hear about that.

"Oh, Bill, I'm not sure this isn't what I expected!"

"You don't really want to leave, do you?"


"I'll get you a drink. We'll sit right there on that couch and talk."

"Thank you," Julie whispered, trembling inside. She took her drink and sat down. Bill sat down, close enough to retain their intimacy, far enough away not to be a threat.

"Tell me about yourself," he said. "Just talk to me and relax. You said your mother was very strict. I imagine that's a pretty tough situation to overcome."

"I haven't overcome it!"

His gentleness, his obvious concern for her as a person, was the trigger that started her talking. She talked a long time, telling him about her childhood.

Bill kept her supplied with drinks and listened, talking only when it was necessary to keep her going. One only had to pay some attention to her to that underneath that prim, scared exterior there was a passionate young woman, desperately seeking a way to express herself. He began to appreciate his good fortune at being the man who could help break down her barriers.

Julie talked herself out, then sat quietly for a few moments. At last she realized that all she had on was her prim, full-cut cotton panties. Bill had taken away her glasses, released her hair from its tight bun, and undressed her. All without her having noticed what he was doing.

He was sitting on a footstool in front of her, still dressed. She wasn't shocked or embarrassed by sitting there, almost naked. She wondered why that was.

"I think I'm a little drunk," she muttered.

"You're a very beautiful woman, Julie. You should't hide your beauty under those baggy clothes." He put his hands on her naked knees. "Tell me, Julie, have you ever had an orgasm?"

"No, I don't think so. Guess I just don't know how." Why didn't she object to this? Why didn't she get up and leave? This was ridiculous! She was just sitting there, nearly nude, calmly talking to him about orgasms. She had to be drunk. Except that her mind was very clear, her thoughs very lucid. "I tried it with one boy. He called me an iceberg."

"That's nonsense. No woman is too cold to cum. You're going to cum in a few minutes." He gripped the top of her panties. "Lift your pretty little ass so I can get these out of the way."

Julie hesitated a scant second, then lifted her ass. No man had ever seen her totally nude. Now she was letting a man she knew only formally as her boss not ony see her that way, she was helping him!

His promise that she would cum was the factor that overcame her inhibitions. He had certainly negated her worries about getting undressed. She had heard that older men were better lovers. So far, Bill have proved that. The gentle, unhurried way he was treating her made her trust him. The only other thing she was worried about now was taking him inside her.

"But you're still dressed," she said. "How can yo do...."

Bill put his finger across her lips. "Shhh. Don't worry about me. This is just for you."

He gently pushed her legs apart. Julie could not bear to look at him as she exposed her most secret place to him. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, waiting for the shock of him entering her.

The shock never came. Instead, she felt his fingertip moving lightly over the inside of her thighs. The feathery touch tickled a little and made her nerves tingle. She took a deep breath and held it, afraid of what he was going to do next.

"Don't tense up," he whispered. "Concentrate on how good this feels."

He waited until she started breathing evenly again, then resumed lightly caressing every inch of the soft, lovely flesh in her crotch. He wasn't going to penetrate her pussy yet, not even with his finger. There would be plenty of time for that later. One of the things she had made clear in her story was the fear of being hurt when a man fucked her. Alice sometimes liked to be fucked hard, but this young woman hadn't reached that point yet.

Julie shut out everything except the feel of his tender caresses. Her pussy was suddenly getting very wet. She felt the lips opening of their own accord. The rest of his fingers were around her pussy, spreading the lips wide. He did it so gently and so carefully, she didn't even think of objecting. All she did was wonder how the inside of her pussy looked. Then she felt his warm breath stirring the hairs around her pussy. She jerked her head up and opened her eyes.

His head was between her legs, his mouth scant inches from her pussy. She saw his tongue exended, getting ready to touch her tender flesh.

"Ohhhh, nooooo!" she wailed. "Don't! No one has ever ... aaaaawwwwwwww!"

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