My Wife's Pleasures: HOT and SEXY Romance!

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The bedroom was softly lit. On the big bed a blonde girl squirmed, half-smothered by the weight of the big man above her. One of his legs was thrust between her soft young thighs, holding them apart. His hand was up underneath her short skirt, tugging at her panties. The girl's naked chest showed pink-tipped through the open front of her blouse. "Please . . . no . . . " the girl whimpered....Now The Action Begins....

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Chapter 1

The bedroom was softly lit. On the big bed a blonde girl squirmed, half-smothered by the weight of the big man above her. One of his legs was thrust between her soft young thighs, holding them apart. His hand was up underneath her short skirt, tugging at her panties. The girl's naked tits showed pink-tipped through the open front of her blouse. "Please . . . no . . . " the girl whimpered.

Doug smiled. What an actress the little bitch was. After the way she'd been giving him the eye for the last couple of weeks, she didn't have any right to ask him to stop.

The girl's name was Debbie. She was a babysitter, having taken care of Doug's two kids for the past month. In her late teens, she was easy to look at. Big tits and a tight, high little ass. And Doug had been looking. He looked at everything old enough and good-looking enough to fuck. Old enough meant the girl had hair around her cunt, and Debbie certainly did. He could feel it, soft and curly under his fingertips as he pulled her panties down. Once he got those panties off...

It hadn't been easy getting the girl into the bedroom. As usual, Debbie had started flirting with him as soon as his wife, Caroline, left the house. Doug was to have left too, but after appraising the look of invitation in Debbie's eyes, he decided to cancel his appointment.

Debbie got a little scared when Doug started answering her prick-teasing flirtation with some attention of his own. He ran his hand slowly up and down the girl's back, feeling his fingers bumping over her bra-strap.

Debbie's eyes opened wide. Doug knew what she was thinking. He was a huge man, tall and powerfully built. He scared the hell out of a lot of women. One look at his muscular body and they immediately began to fantasize about his cock.

Nervously the girl broke free and moved away a couple of feet. She was facing away from Doug, but he could practically see the wheels busily spinning in her horny little mind. A slight squaring of her shoulders told him that she had decided to go ahead, at least a little ways. Far enough for him to get his hands on her lush little body.

Doug didn't give the girl a chance to change her mind. Coming up behind her, he put his arms around Debbie, his hands firmly cupping her tits. At the same time, he nuzzled his lips up and down the back of her neck.

Debbie stiffened as if she'd been goosed with a cattle prod. Doug thought for a second that he'd pushed her too fast, and then she melted in his arMs. With a shuddering sigh, Debbie sagged back against him, her hands earning up to clamp his hands tighter against her breasts. He could feel her taut little ass pressing back against his cock.

Debbie turned round easily when he urged her to. They kissed. Doug loved the feel of her tongue up inside his mouth. The girl began to whimper and moan as he shoved his tongue past her lips.

Doug's hands were all over Debbie, caressing her tits, sliding down over her ass-cheeks, stroking her hips. But she wouldn't let him touch her cunt. Not at first.

But the panting girl did let Doug shove his knee between her legs, so that his thigh was shoving hard against her cunt. After a few minutes of frantic, gasping necking, Debbie started riding his leg like it was a horse, shoving her cunt rhythmically against it.

Jesus, she was hot! Doug thought. He had his arms full of warm, sweet-smelling teen-age cunt, and he loved it. But it looked like she wasn't going to let him get very far.

Debbie was protecting her cunt like it was the Hope Diamond.

When the issue is in doubt, use force. That had always been Doug's motto. And he was big enough to get away with it. Especially with a confused young teenager.

Doug picked Debbie up, scooping her effortlessly into his powerful arMs. "Oh!" she squealed. "You.. . you better put me down."

But Doug had never yet met a girl who didn't secretly like his caveman approach. Especially when she was already as turned-on as Debbie seemed to be. She continued protesting as he carried her into the bedroom, but her struggles were unconvincing.

Doug dumped the girl on the bed. She bounced once, her short skirt flying up, giving Doug a glimpse of her panties. Before she had stopped bouncing, he was dawn on the bed next to her, his hands holding her firmly in place.

Doug began all over again, more slowly this time. The best way to shut up a girl's protests is to kiss her, so he clamped his lips down tightly against hers. Debbie immediately became so interested in fucking the tip of her tongue against his that she forgot that she was now on Doug's bed, in a house empty of anybody else.

Doug spent the next ten minutes getting to know Debbie's tits. He left her blouse alone at first, molding his hands to the soft contour of her big breasts. He could feel the girl's nipples hardening under his expert touch, making two firm little mounds under the thin material of her blouse.

Only when he had the girl lying splayed out, breathing raggedly under him, did Doug start working his fingers in under her blouse. Down into the open vee of her neckline, under the elastic top of her bra. Soft silky tit-flesh, hot and moist and finally the puckered lift of her nipples.

"Ooooohhh," Debbie sighed as Doug's fingertips went to work on her nipples. Without taking off the girl's blouse, he had explored nearly every inch of her firm young tits.

Only when the girl was a panting, moaning mass of helpless desire did he unbutton her blouse. She let him roll her over a little so hat he could unfasten her bra. The tricky catch fought back for a moment, making Doug curse under his breath. But then it came loose and he peeled the bra from the girl's tits, pushing it up high.

"Jesus," he exclaimed softly, staring down at the two milky-white, rose-tipped mounds. Debbie's tits were even better than he'd expected, billowing up softly, rising and falling in time to the girl's excited breathing.

Doug sucked the nearest nipple into his mouth. Debbie quivered. "Oooohhhh," she moaned, her back arching, shoving her fit up against Doug's face. He shifted to the other tit, licking at the swiftly hardening nipple, making it puff up, glistening with saliva.

It was then, when all the girl's attention was on the bliss he was licking into her tits that Doug slyly worked his leg in between hers. Now, she wouldn't be able to clamp her legs together when he went to work an her pussy.

Which was next on the agenda.

Realizing the girl was still a little uptight, Doug held himself back. He started running his fingertips lightly up and down Debbie's inner thighs, over the incredibly smooth, soft flesh. He could tell by the way she stiffened each time his hand neared her cunt that he'd better take his time.

So he distracted her attention by paying more attention to her tits. Doug sucked first one, then the other, propping up both cushiony mounds with his hands, fondling them into fleshy peaks, with the pebble-hard nipples close together.

For the first time, Debbie began to grow aggressive. Her hands cradled Doug's face, guiding his hotly working mouth over her throbbing tits. Eyes closed in ecstasy, Debbie quivered and moaned on Doug's big bed.

The girl did twitch when his hand finally made contact with her cunt, but not badly. Still cautious, Doug merely tailed the backs of his fingers over the fleshy mound on the first pass. Feeling secure because she still had her panties on, Debbie let him go on. Her legs gaped open a little, letting him know she liked what he was doing.

The first thing Doug noticed was how wet Debbie's cunt was. The crotch of her panties was soaked. As he pressed firmly down, the slick nylon squished, and a warm flood of cunt-juice gushed over his fingers.

"Mmmmmm," Debbie sighed. Her hips weren't moving yet, but her whole pelvic area quivered as Doug started working on her cunt.

Pressing the soaked nylon right up into the girl's slit, Doug felt her plump pussy-lips close around the edges of his finger. His fingernail was right over her vagina. He could sense the hollowness underneath the nylon.

For a full five minutes Doug massaged the girl's cunt through her panties. Debbie loved it. With his mouth on her tits and his hand on her cunt, the girl was in heaven. Panting and moaning, she writhed beneath the big man's heavy body. Her legs were splayed . out rigidly, quivering as he dug the backs of his knuckles into her pussy-flesh.

Picking a strategic moment when the girl seemed most out of control, Doug once again mashed his lips down against hers. While the girl gasped and panted up into his mouth, the big man wormed one finger up under the leg band of her panties.

He felt her flinch as he accidentally pulled out one of her pussy hairs. Then his finger was sunk in naked, juicy emit, gliding up and down the heated length of her gushing slit.

"Mmmmnnnn . . .nnnnggghhhhh," Debbie moaned into his mouth.

She twisted a little, as if afraid of having his finger moving past the shield of her panties. But then his fingertip slid up into her cunt, and Debbie quivered all over with delight. Her legs fell farther open, drawing up a little so that Doug had an easier path up into her tight little hole.

Pressing his palm flat against the girl's loins, Doug shoved his finger as far up inside her snatch as it would go. He swirled it around and around, opening her up, stretching her tight cuntal opening as much as he could. The way it was now, it would never take his big cock. And he sure as hell meant to fuck this hot little bitch.

But Doug was surprised when he tried to take off Debbie's panties. It seemed to her that by now she must be hot enough for anything. But long years of training had made the girl depend on her panties for security. Not that she was a virgin, but she was still a little afraid of Doug. He was so much older than her, and so incredibly big.

"No!" she panted. "No!"

Debbie would have been content to just let Doug finger her cunt and lick her tits. She knew she could cum that way. As a matter of fact, she wasn't very far from it.

In the back of her mind lurked the fear that Doug's wife might come back. With most of her clothing still on, all she could have to do is leap off the bed and button her blouse. But naked.

However, Doug wasn't about to be stopped now. He changed tactics, running his hand down under the waistband of Debbie's panties, attacking her cunt from above. Almost instantly Debbie quieted down as she felt her cunt being filed with his pumping finger again.

Doug waited until the girl was fully involved with the bliss up inside her pussy hole. Then he suddenly pulled his finger free of her snatch and whipped her panties down over her hips. The flimsy garment was down below her knees before the girl knew what was happening. Instantly Doug left the panties alone and once again sank his fingers in the girl's hot little pie.

After that it was easy to push the panties free of Debbie's legs while she writhed around the finger in her cunt. Debbie made no complaint when Doug continued undressing her.

Christ, what a gorgeous little doll! Doug thought excitedly as he stripped Debbie naked. She lay staring up at him, her eyes smoky with passion. Her big tits jutted up, the nipples soft and swollen. The girl's waist was more slender than he'd expected. Her slit gleamed wet and pink under the soft flossy fur.

Doug tore his clothes off and stretched out next to the girl. Her body welcomed -him as he reached out. Once again his hand sought out her cunt, slithering up into her dripping wet slit. He felt Debbie's vagina flower open to receive his finger.

" feels so good!" Debbie panted. Her hips churned up against his hand. "Are you going to fuck me?" she asked.

Hearing the lewd wards lit Doug on fire. He felt his cock lurch into life. "You bet your ass, baby," he growled.

"C-Can you eat me first?" she stammered, blushing. "I . . . I really like it."

Doug's eyes opened in surprise. A request was the last thing he'd expected. Well, why not? She sure as hell had a sweet little box.

Sliding down on the bed, Doug poised his head just above Debbie's cunt. It gaped open, moisture running out of the pink center slit, smearing over the girl's inner thighs. A musky exciting odor filled his nostrils.

Jesus, how often did a man get his hands on a teen-age cunt?

Savoring every moment, Doug placed a thumb on each side of the girl's plump pussy lips and slowly pried them apart. For several seconds he stared into her pink pussy slit. The inner lips were swollen, dark with passion. Farther down, her vagina petaled open, pulsing eagerly.

But it was the girl's clitoris that interested Doug the most. The tender little love-bud quivered timidly, peeping out from behind its fleshy covering It was the most virginal-looking part of Debbie's cunt.

Suddenly bending forward, Doug buried his head between Debbie's legs- His tongue shot up into her pussy slit, seeking out her cit. When he found it, Doug felt the girl jerk underneath him.

"Aaaaaahhhh," Debbie moaned as Doug's tongue lanced up into her cunt. Her belly sucked in. Her legs quivered madly. "It feels so good. . . It feels so good. It feels just as good as when Champ does it.. . but I don't let him fuck me."

"Who's Champ?" Doug mumbled around a mouthful of pussy-flesh.

"My neighbor. Champ's a great big jock.

I taught him to lick me when I was only eighteen," Debbie panted.

Her legs had drawn up, bent at the knees. She let them fall open so that Doug could work his broad shoulders in between them. Her cunt was wide open to him, a fur-fringed gash, wet with pussy-juice.

"Ooooohhhhh ... . oooohhhhh ... stick your tongue up my cunt ... make me cum!" Debbie was whining.

Doug was amazed. Apparently the girl wasn't as innocent as he had thought. Christ! Taught her neighbor to lick her cunt when she was eighteen! Shit. The hell with this cunt eating. He had to stick his cock up her now. Right now! No more playing around!

"Oooohhhh," Debbie said disappointedly as Doug pulled his mouth away from her cunt.

She had been so close to cumming. But her enthusiasm flared up again as she felt Doug's hard cock dragging its way up her leg.

"You're going to fuck me now, aren't you?" she panted. "You're the oldest man I ever fucked." Which made Doug wince, because he was only thirty-two. And Debbie wasn't the youngest girl he'd ever fucked. Not by far. Not even recently.

The girl's hand closed eagerly on his erect cock. Then her eyes opened wide with surprise, almost shock.

"It's. . . it's so big!" she burst out. Her fingers barely closed around the thick throbbing shaft. "I. . . I've never been fucked by a cock as big as this," she said.

"Don't worry about it, kid," Doug grunted. "You'll love every inch of it."

Doug climbed between the girl's open legs. Now she could clearly see his cock. Up to now she'd been too entranced by what Doug's hands and mouth had been doing to her body to pay any attention to his cock. But now it jutted from his loins as he knelt between her thighs, a fleshy stake that looked as big around as her waist. And long. Impossibly long.

"I . . . I don't know . . " she whimpered, staring at the huge cock. But Doug wasn't about to let the girl back out now. Not now that she was spread-caged beneath him, her cunt only inches from the tip of his pulsing cock.

"You'll love he reminded her. "There doesn't that feel good?"

Moving in closer, Doug started rubbing the knobby end of his cock up and down Debbie's pussy-slit. He eagerly watched her outer cunt-lips spread open by the huge probe.

"Mmmmmnnnnn," Debbie sighed.

She seemed to like the feel of his cock against her, but she was keeping her eyes shut for safety, The more he rubbed, the more excited the girl seemed to get. Her hips began to make little tentative movements upward, against his cock.

Doug knew the girl was ready. He sure as hell was! With her lush little teen-age body lying beneath him, her cunt gaping open with the tip of his cock half-buried in soft wet flesh, he couldn't be anything but ready.

Goddamn, he had to fuck her! He had to fuck her now!

Before Debbie quite knew what he was doing, Doug burrowed the tip of his cock a little way up into her cuntal open in and began to shove.

Debbie's eyes flew open. "Oh!" she exclaimed. Obviously it felt good as the tip of Doug's big organ slid up inside her snatch.

But then the main body of the big man's cock started pounding up into the girl, painfully spreading her tight little cunt. Her eyes jerked half-shut, tight and narrow.

"Oh!" she exclaimed again, but this time it was a yelp of pain.

"It's too big.. . too big! You're hurting me!" she whimpered, trying to writhe away.

But Doug wasn't about to stop. A look of ecstasy spread over his face as he felt his cock being swallowed by Debbie's cunt. The hot slippery inner walls were clinging tightly to his throbbing organ. He groaned with pleasure.

"Please... please ... " Debbie moaned, gritting her teeth. But Doug kept shoving his prick straight up into her cunt, until it was sunk to the hilt. His balls settled into the crack of her ass.

Then he rested, half-propped up on his anus, staring down at the girl he was fucking. Debbie's face was flushed, her eyes filled with a mixture of lust and fear. Her tongue darted out, pink and sharp-pointed, licking nervously at suddenly dry lips. Her chest heaved up and down, making her tits quiver.

"I'm afraid," Debbie whimpered.

"Afraid?" Doug asked. "Doesn't this feel good?" And he flexed the tip of his cock, far up inside Debbie's cunt.

The girl's eyes widened. "It hurts. . . a little," she whispered.

Doug flexed his cock again.

"Oooohhhhh," the girl moaned, but this time it was a moan of surprised pleasure. Instinctively her hips gyrated upwards a little, seeking more- of Doug's cock. Her pussy was slowly opening up, accommodating itself to the big cock filling it.

With a grin of triumph, Doug drew his cock part way out of the snug wet nest surrounding it. Debbie quivered and whimpered.

"Okay, baby," Doug gritted out. "Now you're gonna get fucked!"

Bracing himself, the big man began to ram his cock steadily in and out of the moaning girl's tight snatch. As her cunt opened up more and more, he increased the tempo of his fucking, until his cock was flashing wildly in and out between her soft pussy lips.

Neither Doug nor Debbie was aware of the woman standing in the doorway, stunned, as she stared at the scene of lust. It was Caroline, Doug's wife.

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