LOVE is F____ expensive!

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My personal thoughts about what love is in a contrast with what I hear on TV/Movies/Music about it. Disagreement is welcome.

Submitted: November 19, 2018

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Submitted: November 19, 2018



Love is f___ expensive!

Have you ever heard people saying "Love is free" or "I am not anyone's property" or even "my happiness is my own business"?

Have you ever considered LOVE as a commitment / exclusiveness / compromise where loyalty is the bedrock?

Maybe your thoughts have put you into a wild fire of anxiety and doubt.
So now what? Take a stand. If you're not pretty sure which way to go yet, take a deep breath, sit down and come with me.

Not trying to sound paranoid but maybe someone is really interested in leading you to a dangerous path where loneliness and emptiness surround your soul, where you feel depressed and lost, where you try to pretend it's okay to be lonely when you know it's not how it feels. You can spend a whole life playing the clown and you're not the one laughing. You travel, you buy things, you drink, you're attending the awesomest parties ever. Still a show. Freakshow. You know it, you want it to stop. You want to take the exit door. But then you just think again, and actually this idea, this "belonging-to-someone" thing, man, it sounds so awkward, so possessive, so aggressive, so limiting... Doubt! It's all it takes to get you into a loop, infinite comes and goes, fear, anxiety. Quit it now.

Chose your destiny, dear friend. You're not meant to be lonely. Building up a relationship and hence a family, children, grandchildren is the real meaning of eternal life. This is the purpose of every single being living in this planet: generating life. This is what we came for.

Now you can keep believing all this pseudo-libertarian-communist-free-love thing, where no one is really committed to anyone or you can wake up from this narcissistic nightmare, look around and become sufficiently good to love and be loved, build a home, raise a beautiful family and leave your mark in this world.

Winners have been doing this since the beginning. Losers shout out loud these sad speech while pretending to be happy, filling their void with excessive instant pleasures (fill in with whatever you want - prescribed -or not- drugs, food, sex, sleep, exercise, shopping...). No limits. No self respect. Dependence. Unconscious replacement. Useless way out. It is painful. Listen to me I've just waken up and love is not free. Love is fucking expensive. But it's worth it. And it's your only road to eternal life, to embrace the purpose of every single beautiful creature of nature. Consider this. Wake up. Love yourself, love someone, for real, own it, respect it, praise it, be loyal, be human. Be part of life. Do not let bad people take you away from you. You were born perfectly the way it should be. Face it! Embrace it! Nothing to pretend. No need to change. God is within you.

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