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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Scene Twenty

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019



I was having a really good dream about Aya and how round her stomach was getting as the months passed by in my dream until I smelled smoke. Once my nose caught the smoke I could also hear the loud beeping sound of something sounding similar to sirens. It took a minute for my eyes to open up and once I felt the other side of the bed to reveal that Aya was not there, I immediately sat up and darted towards the door. I stumbled over the blanket and even cursed profoundly when I stubbed my toe against the door while trying to get the blanket off of me.


I was in my boxers when I used the wall to balance myself after losing it from that stupid blanket and once I made it to the kitchen, I had to really act immediately. There was so much smoke and Aya was trying to fan the smoke detector while jumping and fanning it. She had lost her balance when I bolted towards Aya and I was able to catch a very disgruntled little kitten in my arms before she injured herself.


Aya was nearly on the brink of tears when she saw me and once I calmed Aya down to handle the situation on the stove, it was sorta hard not to laugh at my wife’s attempt to cook something. I was able to drown the very hot pan in cold water and also open up the windows to let fresh air in and I was even able to get the smoke detector to stop beeping like crazy. After all of that was done, I turned to look at Aya who was watching me intently and for a brief moment I still thought that Aya was the most intriguing woman on this planet. I was surprised to learn that she couldn’t cook but I was also elated that she had attempted to cook something for me. 


“T-Thank you,” Aya mumbled while I approached her and if I could eat the charred breakfast to show my appreciation then I would gobble down the whole breakfast myself. “I uh, was trying to make an omelette but I kinda messed up,” Aya was trying her best not to let the tears fall but I knew that she wanted to do something nice or at least wake me up to something nice but her cooking skills didn’t allow her to do that. She seemed so defeated that I just had to step in.


“How about I teach you some basic dishes?”




Aya’s eyes looked very surprised and for a moment I could tell that she didn’t quite believe what I had just offered. I don’t seem like the sort of person that can cook and I sure as hell don’t have the small dainty hands that people think cooks have. “I’ll teach you how to make pancakes and eggs,” I said while kissing the tip of her nose “And I’ll teach you a whole lot more if you want to learn from me.” Aya was already nodding her head when I had made my offer and her eyes were sparkling brighter than a thousand suns combined.


“Alright, then get a big bowl out for me,” I told her before I started looking through the cabinets for the pancake mix. I could hear Aya fumble around her pots and pans to find a big bowl while I started to set up our station. Before we could even start, Aya and I washed the remaining dishes before we started our prep work and once that was done, I made Aya wash her hands before me. “Do you have a whisk,” I asked and it only took Aya a mere minute or two to find a whisk.


“Now, this mix just needs water and the mix itself,” I told Aya while pointing to the directions on the back of the box. She was listening to me intently and as I explained how to add the mix and water until it fit your preference, Aya was genuinely amazed by how easy pancakes were to make. Aya was already fiddling with the mix and the water while I looked at the cooking oil and butter to see which would probably fit Aya’s taste. The cooking oil would add a slight fry factor but also make all the edges a little crispy while the butter would only add a hint of crispy edges but also add more color to the sides of the pancakes. It was a hard decision to make but I was really in the mood for a crispy pancake.


When I looked to see how Aya was fairing, she was having trouble whisking the batter which wasn’t surprising since there wasn’t enough water in it. I got behind Aya and placed my hand on the whisk while she held it and I grabbed the small cup of water that she had barely used. “Like this Aya,” I whispered while adding the water slowly and whisking it at the same time “You want to do it at the same time to see how the batter turns out.” 


While I taught Aya how to really whisk the batter, I could also feel Aya’s body brush against mine and when I tried to focus elsewhere, I could see Aya’s breasts bounce at the same time. I thought I was going to get a morning without any random boners but that thought was immediately thrown out the window. I had already prepared the cooking station to teach Aya how to properly make pancakes using cooking oil and at the same time I was also trying to hide my hardening dick from Aya as well. I wanted to focus on teaching Aya something that she could possibly turn into a special moment for her. She was nearly on the brink of tears when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to make breakfast for me to eat and for some reason that just tore at my heart. 


I taught Aya how to use water to test the oil and once she saw how it crackled and nearly popped on her skin, Aya was already hiding behind me to avoid the slight stings again. I chuckled and told her that it was normal and you’d have to get used to it but she wasn’t having it at all. “Why does it pop like that when you put water on the pan,” she asked innocently, “Well, oil is afraid of the water and they don’t really get along that well. So it’s sorta like they’re having a war and the oil wants them out of their home.” 


It was easier to explain certain things to Aya as if I was quoting a small story and once I had learned about that, it was also easier to get Aya to compromise as well. It was interesting and it still is but it was also interesting to see Aya cook pancakes for what seemed like the very first time. She was excited to see the oil sizzle and she was excited to flip the pancake on her own. For some reason, I never saw Aya’s condition as a hassle and I never thought it really hindered Aya in any way. I just saw that it made her genuinely unique and each day that I spent with Aya, it was like going on a small adventure that I never got tired of. 


“I didn’t know you could make pancakes like this,” Aya admitted cheerfully after making her fourth pancake by herself, “Yea, you can also use butter but it’s a tad bit harder to keep butter in there constantly.” I was already working on the fried eggs when Aya poked her nose in my station, “What are those,” she asked before going back to making her pancakes, “These are fried eggs and they’re also my favorite type of eggs,” I responded while keeping an eye on the eggs in front of me. “Mm, I’ll make a mental note of that then,” she mumbled while flipping her pancake.


Breakfast didn’t take long to make and setting up the table didn’t take long either. Aya was able to follow directions really well and even did them efficiently. It made me wonder why she remained at Toshi’s business for so long and it made me wonder why she never wanted to push her career further. Aya was someone who got her work done and made sure that her projects were a complete success so I was definitely curious about what she had in mind for her career.


“Aya,” I called out to her and nearly choked on my food when she had a big bite of pancakes in her cheeks like a little girl. She was looking at me with such an innocent look that it was almost impossible to hold back my laughter but I had to or else I might make her mad. “How come you kept working for Toshi for so long,” I asked and the question was always on my mind when I thought about how she was wasting her time at such a deadbeat company and I was never able to come up with an answer on my own.


Aya had quickly chewed and swallowed her food before she answered my question, “Because I had everything that I wanted from Toshi’s company. Even though it sorta came with a price, I wanted to continue and make sure that I could help people’s dreams come true and also have the resources and connections to make that happen.” She was pushing a little piece of a pancake around on her plate and I could tell that she really loved her job, “But over the years you had all of that didn’t you.”


Aya gave me a slow nod before letting out a sigh, “Yea, I had all of that but I was afraid to leave honestly. I am not normal to other people and once they find out that I’m broken or not like them, they find every excuse in the book to avoid me.” For a moment I could hear a tinge of unhappiness linger in Aya’s tone and for a brief moment I could see a woman who felt more trapped in her bubble than I had originally thought. “But you’re not broken,” I ended up blurting out, “You’re simply perfect.”


Aya’s eyes locked with mine, “Perfect,” she asked me and I simply nodded, “How am I perfect?” I could tell that Aya was not used to hearing someone say that she was perfect but to me she was the most gorgeous woman that I have ever laid eyes on and even with her flaws, Aya is the most perfect woman in my eyes. She can get annoying sometimes but I like those moments just as much as I like our good moments.


“Mm, I think that even with your schizoaffective disorder that you’re pretty perfect. I mean there are some areas that I don’t understand but I just need to learn how to understand em, right?” It was my turn to play with my food and try to avert my attention towards something else. I was saying what was on my mind for a change and I didn’t know if Aya liked that or not. “It’s just apart of you and it makes you unique. You may be different in a way but everyone is different, no one is the same sooooo I don’t see you as a broken woman but a woman who has accomplished so much despite the stigma hovering over your shoulders and to me that you makes you perfect in my eyes.” 


I shot a quick glance towards Aya and she wasn’t saying anything at all. She was just looking at me as if I had something weird or surprising. “I reeeaally want to fuck you right now,” I dropped my fork when I heard Aya say this and for a moment I thought I was hearing things or my mind was playing jokes on me but that wasn’t the case. “Just… Jesus no one has ever said anything like that to me and hearing you say it is like… I need to really pounce on you right now,” she admitted while fanning herself with her hand and I think that’s how we spent the rest of our day. We cuddled and literally spent the entire day on our baby making sessions. 


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