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For each individual, happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. I wonder, what brings you happiness?

Chapter 25 (v.1) - Scene Twenty-Four

Submitted: October 16, 2019

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Submitted: October 16, 2019



The music was low and romantic when I walked in with Collin at my side. The lights were dimmed down to highlight the mood while I was taking note of how adorable the restaurant looked even in the dark. The place really used the vines to their advantage as the vines slithered up the walls, they were also decorated with very big vibrant, red roses as well and their scent only enhanced the romantic feel of the place. This place was definitely different from what I was used to and I never thought that Collin would be the romantic setting type. 


“Are you ready,” I heard him say while hooking his hand with mine and as he led me to our table I felt like something was off about him today. At times he seemed nervous and sometimes Collin would look as if he was struggling with something as well. Collin was definitely acting weird in my books but when he pulled out my chair for me I just felt a small wave of arousal creep down my spine. I managed to take my seat without pouncing on him in the middle of the restaurant but jesus this man was oozing sex appeal right now for some reason. 


Do you think he’s hiding something?


That familiar voice was still in my head to point out the obvious but I knew that the voice only had my best interest at heart. We were always a unit and it’s how I got through my life without crumbling entirely but I was definitely curious about all of this. What was the occasion exactly? Did I miss an anniversary? Did hell freeze over or something? The questions began to flood my brain all at once and I was really starting to get nervous now. If I had forgotten a special occasion or an anniversary then I was basically fucked and if hell had frozen then I would be super fucked. 


“Aya,” I heard Collin’s deep voice call out to me, “Y-Yes,” I managed before taking a long sip of water to ease my dry throat, “Is there something wrong,” he had asked me while I looked at his really sexy man bun on the top of his head and I watched as his long locks caressed his rather broad neck, “N-No,” I croaked when I realized that I was taking longer than usual to answer him. 


In the past few months I have been feeling off in a way and each time I look at Collin I just want to rip his clothes off him and just have no sensation in my legs for the rest of the day. I was starting to think that I was some sort of pervert but my hormones were really getting out of control. “Do you want to order,” I heard Collin ask while waving a little menu in front of me, “They got some really good seafood,” he said while flashing his killer smile and I was glad that Collin was smiling more than when I first met him. 


“Mmm, maybe the whole seafood menu,” I joked, “Ay ay ay, I don’t have room for the whole menu, Aya,” he whined playfully, “Ssshhh we don’t need the whole menu," I teased. 


“You know, your eyes have a weird color,” I told him, “I’ve been meaning to ask about the color of your eyes. Does it run in the family or?” Collin batted his eyelashes a few times before wiggling his eyebrows at me. I couldn’t hold back my laughter when he acted like this. Sometimes Collin was like a child in a grown man’s body and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ali sometimes because she had to deal with this man constantly. 


Don’t you have to deal with him as well?


The familiar voice asked which caused me to stop laughing abruptly. She was right and I couldn’t help the shiver that slithered down my spine. “The eye color runs in the family,” I heard Collin say in the midst of my thoughts, “Only the males in our family have this color though,” Collin added which caught my attention, “Family trait,” I asked which caused Collin to shrug his shoulders. I was about to ask him something else when our waiter had finally popped up with our menus then left as quickly as he came. 


“Oh, they have a good selection,” I pointed out, my mind already trying to decide if I want seafood or steak for dinner. My eyes roamed the menu while I felt another set watching me closely. My skin felt prickly as his gaze roamed to my neck and eventually I just huffed, “Can you not openly eye rape my neck,” I whined which caused Collin to choke, “I wasn’t,” he tried to reason, “Yea ok and I’m the president, tell me something that I’ll believe,” I teased. 


“Har har,” Collin said sarcastically before laying the menu down, “Bite me,” he mumbled while taking a sip of water, “By the way,” I spoke up while deciding that nothing on this menu screamed out to me, “Why are we at such a fancy place like this,” I asked, “Becaaauuseee I wanted to take you somewhere nice,” he cooed which had me cocking my brow at him, “What’d you do?”


“Really, Aya?”


“Did you break my door again?”


“Nooooo,” Collin spoke awkwardly. 


“Seriously, what did my door do to you,” I whined while rubbing my forehead.


“I just put a small dent in it,” Collin blurted. He was already hiding his face in his massive hands when I heard a loud groan fill the room, “Why not accept the fancy meal,” he whined, “I would if I knew what I was eating,” I said while pointing to the duck blood soup option, “Oh, shit,” Collin said lowly before he finally realized that this place had an odd array of food options. 


“I wanna try this fancy sounding steak,” I said while pointing to something that obviously screamed steak, “Oh, I was going to get that too since there’s a lot of it,” Collin told me before pointing to the deserts, “We can get some chocolate cake too and maybe a bottle of wine.” 


When it came to making the final decision, I could always depend on Collin when I couldn’t decide on something to eat. I think that he likes taking the lead and showing off his alpha nature to others around me. I find it cute but I also feel sorta secure around Collin. To say that I’m nervous or intimidated by Collin now would be a lie. At first, yea, I was utterly terrified of the man but he’s just a big ol’ teddy bear. 


He’s happier though…


That’s something I’ve definitely noticed as our time went on. At first it was like I was talking to a shell. Sometimes he was there and others, he just wasn’t. I’ve always wanted to ask what happened to him but I could never bring myself to ask those hard questions but I just hated seeing him like that. I hated talking to that shell. I hated how distraught he would seem sometimes. I loathed how detached he looked when he thought I wasn’t looking.


He’s going to leave… 


The thought would always cross my mind and the brief memories of my mother calling me a piece of shit. I remember how my father would agree and tell me that I was just a burden and that I should go die. Sometimes I would doubt Collin and think that wow, this is too good to be true. He hasn’t called me a piece of shit yet. He hasn’t hit me like my father hit me. He hasn’t swore at me like my mother used to swear at me. Again, I was starting to think that none of this was real and that my father had finally hit me hard enough to put me in a coma. It’s sad how I’m doubting Collin like this but I’ve always wanted to ask my parents… 


Was it because I see things that weren’t there?


Was it because of my outbursts?


Was it because I could hear things that weren’t real?


Was I really that much of a burden?


I really want to know what I did wrong. I really want to know why I was a piece of shit to them. I want to know so bad that it’s starting to make me question other people. Are they genuine? Do they really care about me or what I can do for them? When I look at Collin, sometimes I think about those questions. I don’t know why but I don’t want to be a burden to him because… 


He’s going to leave… 


The familiar voice repeated my previous thought back to me and she began to question Collin. This voice wanted to know why he was so nervous. It wanted to know if he was hiding something and she was starting to doubt that if it was the right thing to do to let this man in. She was worried just like I was because if Collin decided that I was a burden then I don’t think I could trust anyone ever again, not even Abel. “Is there something wrong,” Collin asked and I hadn’t realized that I was quiet after the whole cake talk. I was so engrossed in my own thoughts that I forgot that Collin was in front of me.


Still, I remained quiet… 


Because I was afraid to tell him. I was afraid to let him know the doubts that were going through my mind because I didn’t want to bother him. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to get tossed to the side again. Maybe it was because I wanted to show him that I was perfectly fine and that I could manage even if I was drowning. 


But, I can feel it… 


I can feel my mood dwindling as time goes on. I can feel that horrible feeling curling around my body and that same nauseous feeling bubbling inside my stomach. “You know you can talk to me, right,” Collin spoke softly while taking his hand into mine, “How do you feel,” he asked while his thumb brushed against my skin. 


I could feel the horrible feeling going away and I no longer felt nauseous. I felt sorta different around Collin and my thoughts were… quiet. “Conflicted would describe how I’m feeling,” I spoke softly while keeping my eyes focused on Collin’s hands. “Why are you feeling conflicted,” he asked and again, I became quiet. 


It’s ok to be honest…


The familiar voice chimed in.


Maybe I was too forward… 


She kept going.


I only want to protect you from going back into that dark place… 


There was a time when I couldn’t function. I didn’t want to live. I didn’t have any dreams. I just didn’t care anymore but someone told me to keep going and that it would all go away because he had cast a spell on me. Collin reminds me of that man in my dream and in that same moment, I felt that exact same magic wash away all of my conflicting emotions.


“Decent,” I managed to say.


“What can I do to make your mood better,” Collin responded swiftly.


“No more fancy places,” I grumbled which had Collin roaring with laughter, “Of course my sweet little Aya,” he cooed while I glanced at him, “And it has to have tendies,” I mumbled as my cheeks flushed, “I’ll make sure the place has the best tendies that money can buy,” he teased. 


“But we should order before your stomach beats me up,” Collin teased once he heard my stomach growl. He was quick to get the waiter and place our order. He was also quick to bring back a bottle of wine and for some reason, I didn’t like the smell of it, “Something wrong,” he asked, “My body says no wine,” I told him while making an X with my arms, “Well, shit, mine says gimme dat good stuff but I’ll just give it to my father.”


When our food arrived, I was amazed by how big this steak was. I looked at Collin who was eagerly licking his lips at the juicy steak sitting in front of him. It was well done and the aroma was making my mouth water. My stomach was jumping for joy at the sight of food that it didn’t take me long to eat the whole thing. The sides were just as good and once the cake had arrived, it didn’t take long for its time to come. 


“Didn’t expect you to finish it,” Collin spoke up.


“Same here,” I responded with a tinge of surprise in my tone. I have been eating a lot more lately and some of my clothes are starting to become a bit snug. Am I eating too much? Is it because of my diet or the fact that I can’t stand the gym? I couldn’t put my finger on it but I wanted another slice of cake despite eating a truckload of food. “I’ve been meaning to ask,” Collin’s voice caught my attention, “You know I love you right,” he asked suddenly.


I batted my eyes a few times before opening and closing my mouth a few times, “Well, course, you tell me almost everyday,” I managed to say once my brain started working again. When Collin said that he loves me, it takes me by surprise a lot. I’m not used to someone saying that they love me so openly. Hell, I wasn’t used to being hunted down either until Collin popped up on my doorstep with his insane offer.


You know you didn’t need it though…


The voice spoke the truth. She even thought I was a crazy idiot when I accepted his terms but something about him had me feeling all tingly inside. I kept thinking that he would eventually go away once he realized that Ali’s information was handed to her by Abel. He still chuckles when I bring it up.


“You know that you’re perfect right,” Collin asked me.


“I-I am,” I responded a bit in shock.


“You are and I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who has filled my world with so much color before,” Collin said in a loving tone, “Sometimes I question if any of this happiness is real and I kept help but feel as if I’ll wake up any second now,” Collin went on and as he did, he got up from his chair. “Sometimes I wonder, wow, what did I do to have someone like you,” he told me while making his way in front of my chair. Our eyes locked and I could feel the conflicting emotions surface once more but they were different.


Different in a way that I can’t explain.


“I want no one else but you. I crave no one else but you. Each day with my sweet little Aya makes me feel like life was worth living up to this point,” Collin told me while getting on his knee. I gasped but I continued to listen to him, “And going forward, I want you, Aya, as my one and only so, will you marry me?” 


I was already nodding as the tears fell down my cheeks. I didn’t even notice the little black box in front of me as the tears kept coming. I was feeling more than happiness and when I jumped out of my chair and landed on Collin, I couldn’t describe everything that I was feeling. 


Collin managed to hoist me up so he could put the ring on my finger. The box opened and I nearly had a small heart attack. The ruby was the size of a large peanut and the band consisted of smaller, peanut, sized diamonds and the ring was absolutely gorgeous. Our lips locked and I couldn’t help it when I kept repeating yes.


“Yes, I’ll marry you!”

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