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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Scene Six

Submitted: February 11, 2019

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Submitted: February 11, 2019



I was in front of Aya’s door and this routine has become rather natural for me. She was mad at me for breaking her door but once I said that I would buy her any door that she wanted, she forgave me after a small nudge. It was well worth nudging her towards getting a new door since I got my first official hug from Aya.


It was different, the hug, and it was different from hugs from my family and I kinda liked it. I don’t usually let anyone touch me freely but just that hug from Aya alone was enough to get rid of that dreadful feeling in my chest and the world around me felt brighter strangely.




I looked to see Aya in front of me eyeing me closely as she still stood in front of me. I think that she asked me a question or something but I wasn’t paying attention at all. My mind was wrapped around other things and even the fact that I was strangely happier than before was keeping my mind busy in a good way.


“Yes, Aya?”


“I’m going to be late you know,” she said nervously while fiddling with her hair. Aya was wearing something a bit different from what she stuck with when it came to going to work. Usually it’s just slacks, plain black boots, and a plain white button down shirt but today she had dressed up a bit more. She was nervous, a lot more nervous than what I was used to seeing so I had to ask “Is there something going on at work today?”


Aya’s eyes revealed shock, fear, and so much more all in a mere few seconds before I saw nothing but her nerves taking over. “I-I’m being put in charge of a new project,” she muttered before her eyes looked straight at her own two feet.


“Oh? For what?”


“Artist Edition, the managakas.”


“Another step in promoting artists?”


Aya nodded and I knew this wasn’t the first time that she was put in charge of a project like this. She was the lead manager for the start of this project as each version of the full project itself started coming into play with different versions and different industries, Aya was in front of them all. She should be used to this sort of thing but I guess the nerves die even after the years of experience.


“Are you nervous?”


Aya’s nodded without even looking at me.


“Then shall I cast a spell to make your nerves go away?”


Aya’s head jerked upwards, her eyes now meeting mine and before she could even react, I took a step forward, pinning Aya against the wall. She was confused but I knew that she was slightly curious about the spell that I was about to cast on her.


The air around us became non existent while the oxygen in my lung beg to contact with nerves as I trailed my finger up Aya’s neck, my nail gently scraping across its full length. Aya tremble, her nerves melting away as I lowered my head, our lips now brushing together before I decided to kiss her.


This wasn’t a normal kiss that I would use to shut my previous lovers up but one that I worked something that I couldn’t put into words. I wanted to show Aya that I was just as nervous as her but I wanted to show Aya that I could be the one that could get rid of her nerves and the one that could make her feel secure and safe. I wanted her to feel all of that and more and even experience the genuine emotions that I have for Aya.


When I pulled away, I could hear the low whine slip through her lips and once our eyes met, I didn’t see a single bit of nervousness left in her. It was more shock than nerves that I was now looking at and when she didn’t say a word, I got kind of nervous myself. Did she not like it?




She blushed before she answered me.


“T-That’s a first. Your kiss that is!”


She was stumbling and I was finding this rather adorable.


“W-We're going to be late though!”


I chucked when she managed to slip free and before I knew it, Aya was hurrying towards my car like her life depended on it. When I got in, Aya’s cheeks still resembled cherries and I couldn’t help but chuckle as the drive to her job began off on a good start.


As our dance continued,


She revealed to me her flaws,


And as I saw those flaws,


She revealed to me her darkest fears,


So as our dance continued,


I revealed to her my pain,


And as she saw my pain,


We both saw that we had fallen.


© Copyright 2019 Keizenki Arata. All rights reserved.


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