Godiva's Plea

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem to men who need to be educated in respecting a woman and her body.
Nothing is sexier than consent.

Little girls are told, "he teases you because he likes you."
"Don't make him feel bad, let him win the game."
Au contraire pour le monsieur. 
Little boys are told to man up, be tough, girls are weak and look up to an assertive man.  Given an undeserving power only because his pants hold a little tower. 
Protect or reject. Thats the power you play with when a girl has her heart on her sleeve, asking if you could love her please. 
She is judged by the size of her behind and chest, whether her curves are truly the best. 
Can't grope personality, so lets consider that last. 
Imagine being told, "he said you have moobs". It echoed in my subconcious for years.
To the creep down the street, quit eyeing me with your sex crazed eyes, called at with your vulgar words.
causing me to second guess those short-pants, that tight dress, these high heels. 
So I wanted to feel sexy, don't make me feel ashamed for loving my body.
Tearing at my clothes like flesh, 
you zombified sex-crazed ass. 
Had neither parent taught you class?
Squeezing at my breasts like lemon juice should be pouring out, lack of consideration of whether I want it gentle. 
This ain't a lemonade stand, this is me taking a stand. 
I own my body to bare or conceal, anyway I feel. 
To whom ever my pleasure, thats up to my measure. 
I shouldn't be judged for when or how I choose to love, not for life or for just one night. 
Respect my temple, no one should take control, not without my permission, you don't get to demand my submission. Give me a moment to consider and answer, my opinion does matter. There is nothing sexier than consent. 
Take a moment here, and hear the voices of all women around the world, "I want freedom, give me freedom!"

Submitted: November 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 EkC. All rights reserved.

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