The Trip Terminator

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Submitted: November 20, 2018

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Submitted: November 20, 2018



Hoooooooo I was still waking up from that really solid sleep state as I was staggering around in the kitchen slurping and guzzling water like a newborn calf hooo boy that scene sure woulda got you imagining that whoever the fuck let me of the puzzle factory would surely be being subjected to rigorous routine FBI experiments right now or worse for sure

I remember that last dream I was havin, t’was the worst nightmare indeed holy shit babay one moment I was in some dimension of reality out for a night on the town of all things to be doin in ya sleep and I seemed to be settling in nicely for what initially looked like atleast another few innocent and sweet hours upon hours of me laughing my ass off to the sound of music and a crackling firepit when hoo boy it hit me hard and suddenly things just took a violent turn you know the way things do sometimes in a dream and especially as things do in my dreams the scene had really escalated and you know as the way things sometimes go in some dreams we had a little Whitley Streiber moment and it all came crashing to a sudden halt like I was about to die suddenly Arnold Schwarzernegger of all people was staggering towards me like a total trip terminator and holy jesus it was a scary sight I couldn’t believe it was really happening there was a stinging feeling in the air like I was about to be snipered out and hooo boy he hurtled towards me at superhuman metal machine speed and everything else was in slow motion I sat there star struck wriggling in panic he closed down the world stopped around me I was stuck there wriggling MOVE BITCH

I had to make a quick escape so it was luckily to my great relief that a distraction manifested here and I was slipping away from Arnold Schwarzernegger and out the door over there and then a taxi appeared to my great luck and next thing you know I was sitting in the front passenger seat yelling out DRIVE
it was terrifying as Arnie powered along behind us as our vehicle tore down the road
I was clinging on for dear life wishing I could slow the fuck down fantasy girl but he powered on faster behind us so I yelled out DRIVE I saw Arnie in the rearview mision slamming along after us
one arm was violently swinging backwards and forwards propelling his metal machine sprint and the other arm was stuffed down his pants tugging away at his groin like there were puppies in there having a fight and his knees sailed and propelled him like a champion sprinter
he came barreling down after us fast with a clinky metal machine musak that clanged and echoed through the streets as he ran he was bellowing out after us AaaAAAAAAAaaaaAAARRRGGggHHHHHHHH

traffic blocked up in front of us and I smashed the seat yelling FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK TITS ASS SHIT JESUS FUUUUUUU AAAAAAAAAHHHH I heard Arnie’s screams echoing in louder rebounding off my screams as he caught up closer to the car I quickly slammed all the locks down and he was smashing his dick all over the windshield and rubbing himself with a classic motivational speech Arnie muttered strength does not come from winning AaaaRRGH your struggles develop your strengths AAHH when you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength he beat his cock against the window SURRENDERaaAAAAAaaaAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGHHHH

I was in panic my eyes wider than a cat at the vet
it all really started when he arrived my table and I thought no way is that really Arnold Schwarzerneger and then suddenly he was whispering at me I know what you did last summer and what you did the last summer and the summer before that where you spent the whole time trying to forget about the previous summer and he had one hand down his pants tugging at his dick the whole time which was quite a sight to behold as I sat there shocked not sure what I was witnessing and his other hand beckoned me in closer COME CLOSER SWEET CHILD he beckoned and it almost made me come a little bit and I wasn’t sure what was being said out loud after being frozen for an endless instant
and then he’s yelling out shit like fucking suck my hot wet cock you cocksmoking sonova bitch or I’ll kick your sorry ass right back to yesterday jesus Christ lay it on me now
he was terrifying his eyes darting around unfocused muscles flexing and twitching greasy bulging veins bursting in his neck

i leapt outta my seat when he smashed his fists down and shit went flying everywhere I got outta there el pronto bismo slipping away like a greasy monkey but the trip terminator was on my tail his beast unleashed his roaring builds to an oscillating frequency aaaAAAaaaAAAaaaRRRrrrRRRGgggGGGgggGGGGGGGGG 

he smashed his huge metal machine fists at the windshield AAAAaAaAAaaaaaaaaaaRRGHHHHH it’s been rumbling up forever and his fist smashes through the glass it grips me coldly by the throat

and he starts spraying cum out like a fire-hydrant and also slowly exploding in to shrapnel the scene gushes down over me and disappears in to itself as fast as it came out it all went back in its back in its back in its babay you must be an existential crisis I panic worming slowly dying in my seat the wind furls to protect me flames burn brighter around me and the lights turn down and now I see

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