A Tear

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This poem explains how i was always so afraid to cry, because I couldn't let them see that what they did to me hurt. My whole life I've been told not to cry. that you can't let them see it. I've learned that if you don't cry you'll scream, that hurts your throat and its just not worth it. you can't hold it all in. you must become one with your tears.

Submitted: November 20, 2018

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Submitted: November 20, 2018



A tear,

A signal of hurt,

A signal of pain.

If i can sit in the rain,

Watching every tear,

show all my pain,

Then why can't you see it?


A tear,

My own demon,

My worst enemy,

They refuse to be pacified.

They refuse to stay inside,

They seem to have,

A mind of their own.


A tear,

A piece of me,

A piece of my pain,

A piece of my hurt,

If i see,

All that’s around me,

Than why are you so blind?


A tear,

Is a place of sadness,

Is a place of darkness,

Is a place, of my hurt.

Enter my tears, Enter my mind,

Then maybe you’ll see why I cry.

A tear,

Has become my happy place,

My fear,

My emotion,

My hate,

My strength.

A tear, is me.


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