the killer and the ghost

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
what happens when a killer meets a ghost.

Submitted: November 20, 2018

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Submitted: November 20, 2018



Mr Romesh was in his room sitting near the fireplace at his farmhouse at that cold night of winter season. Suresh stopped his car near the farmhouse. He knew that Romesh was alone in his farmhouse. Suresh thought something for a while and then getting off from the car sent towards the farmhouse with calmness. After entering farmhouse he put on his globes and pressed the call bell. Romesh opened the door and found a familiar face before him. But being unable to recognize Suresh, he said to him, "you...."

"I am Suresh," Suresh completed his sentence. " Oh Suresh, you. Welcome. sorry I couldn't recognize you. We have met after so a long time. Please come in." He offered a chair to suresh to sit down. Romesh said with smile, "How are you? What made you to come to me?" Suresh smiled and said, "I am fine and came to do special work." Romesh looked at him and asked, "What work?" Suresh replied peacefully, "I have a score to settle with you." Romesh asked, "What score?" Suresh looked at him with smile and said, "so you don't know what I am telling about." It puzzled Romesh. It was right time for Sureah for his prey was unaware of his intentions. Before Romesh could do anything or say any single word, Suresh sprang at him. Both of them along with the chair on which Romesh sat. Before Romesh could do anything, Suresh sat on him and grabbed his throat with one hand and with another hand, began to stab him on the chest with a knife. Blood gushed out from the Romesh's chest. As Romesh opened his mouth and cried out with pain, Suresh immediately produced a ball from his pocket and inserted it into his mouth to muffle his cries. He stabbed him to death. He looked at the dead body with hate. He wanted to spit on the dead body but did not to do so for he did not want to leave any evidence. He had no hurry in running away from the site. He looked around the room and found a cupboard at a corner. He opened the cupboard and found out a suit. He changed his clothes and searched the room for any evidence left by him. He then burnt his all old clothes stained with blood of Romesh. He put the knife in his pocket. He again checked the room for any evidence. Being satisfied that there is no evidence against him left in the room, he left the room. There were nobody in the road and he slowly, showing no hurry reached his car, started it and left that area. On the way he was thinking of escaping police. He decided to take fuel from petrol station. he turned the car to petrol station. After fueling he turned the car to road which leaded to another city. within an hour he was out of the city. He felt himself safe and took a breath of relief. His car was running on the road. Actually the car was stolen and hidden by him at least five years ago for using solely in that murder case. The number of the car too was fake. His plan was to leave that car on any busy street or market area and slipped away. he was happy on his plan. The road at that midnight was not busy. A very few traffic was there on the road. All of sudden his eyes fell on a man standing along the road signalling to stop the car. The man's face was covered. Suresh stopped the car and looked at him curiously. The man asked him in commanding tone to open the door of the car. Being mesmerized Suresh opened the door. The man came in and sat beside him. Suresh felt fear and asked timidly, "Who are you?" The man uncovered his face and turned it to Suresh. It chilled Suresh to the marrow what he saw. That man was Romesh. "You.....!!!," cried Suresh with terror. "Yes, I, who you murdered." Romesh replied peacefully. Suresh was so frightened that he was not able either to move an inch or to say a single word. Romesh said, "Don't be afraid of me. I have already died ten years ago. You did not give me any chance to tell you about my death." Before Romesh could say anything more, Suresh had already lost his conscious.

Next day people find his dead body in the car.

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