The Romantic Teacher: HOT and SEXY Romance!

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The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced.

The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within the force. A routine check by the government of a corporation's finances turns up damning evidence of widespread tax evasion, graft, kickbacks, bribes and payoffs. Insignificant-looking cysts reveal malignant tumors.

And what of the facade of righteousness and puritan morality in the tree-shaded, picket- and wrought-iron-fenced suburbs of middle- and upper-middle-class America?

What really goes on behind those freshly painted doors? Is depravity an exclusive right of the ghetto-dweller, as many of the more fortunate would like to think?

The serious and shocking story of one pleasant suburb, and of some of the teachers in its ivy-covered high school who helped crack the facade -- and watch it crumble about their heads....Now The Action Begins.....

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Chapter 1

Val was wearing nothing but a baseball cap and a pair of thigh-length pink leg-warmers when Sid Cooke swung open the door of her tiny office. She was changing after her last gym class of the day and, her brown body glowed with health and vigor. Her big tits rode high on her chest, the nipples jutting up nearly an inch off their puffy pink circles.

"Don't you ever knock when you enter a room?" she pouted, glaring at him from under the brim of her red baseball cap. Her fluffy blonde hair squiggled out on either side of her lovely face. She was blushing prettily.

"Don't you ever lock the goddamn thing? How was I to know you were changing?" He stood on the threshold, gazing at her hungrily. His eyes roamed everywhere, taking her all in.

"Well you know now. How about being a gentleman and giving me two minutes to get decent?"

She had dipped one hand into her crotch and was vainly trying to cover the lovely tufted V of her cunt hair. One arm tried to hold her tits modestly, but that was even more hopeless. They kept tumbling free like ripe, heavy fruit.

Sid closed the door, gently behind him. "Who said I was a gentleman? I've been trying to get a look at those tits for weeks now. You've kept them pretty much to yourself."

Val sighed. Sid was a fellow teacher and in the three weeks she'd been at the school he hadn't left her alone. He'd pursued her constantly, asking her out again and again. Finally, to quiet him down, she'd consented to see him. They'd been out twice and on both occasions he'd been all over her. It had taken all her cunning not to end up in bed with him.

Not that he wasn't attractive. He was tall and dark and had a great body. But he obviously had only one thing on his mind, and she was interested in a more rounded, more meaningful relationship with someone serious and caring. Sid was funny and she quite enjoyed being with him. But she could never be so completely concerned with sex as he was. It could never work between them.

"Sid, would you please leave?" she said, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. Then, in spite of herself, she giggled. He was shuffling toward her comically, flicking his eyebrows up and down and leering at her like a dirty old man.

"Come on now, give a guy a break," he smiled. "You jiggle down the hallways bouncing those big beautiful tits and swaying that gorgeous little ass of yours, you drive me out of my mind on two dates that left me horny and frustrated, what do you expect me to do when I find the girl of my dreams bare-ass in front of me? You're too much, baby. Too much for any normal guy to resist."

He was closing in on her and she backed up till her lovely ass cheeks bumped the edge of her desk. He came to a stop directly in front of her, not quite touching her, then dipped his head quickly to kiss her golden brown shoulder. His hands came up to circle her tiny waist. Her skin was warm and soft and so smooth.

"What did you want down here anyway?" she asked, trying to keep her voice level.

"Isn't it obvious what I want? I came down to ask you to dinner tonight, but now I know this is what I really need." He was kissing along her shoulder to her neck. He began nuzzling her cozily just below her ear.

"Sid..." she sighed.

Val was trying to resist, she really was. But it was hard to put authority into your voice when you were nine-tenths naked in front of a guy and wearing a baseball cap to boot. What was worse, the closeness of his body was having an effect on her. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd made love with anyone and her nerve-endings were tingling.

"Don't fight it, babe," he murmured, sensing the change in her. "Seems to me you've been fighting it way too long."

He was using his lips and tongue on her neck, licking her, teasing the skin with his lips. He worked his way down under her chin and over to the other side of her head. His hands were stroking gently up and down her flanks, caressing her. He could feel her body relax against the desk. He wanted to fling her on the desk top, to manhandle her tits, to cram his cock inside her and blast his wad. But he knew he could have to go slowly.

"Sid, please, don't..." she murmured.

She felt so helpless there in front of him, one hand in her crotch, one arm cradling her colossal tits. His mouth was making her feel weaker by the second.

Finally, his mouth left her neck and began to go lower. He started kissing the lush upper slopes of her tits, the part she couldn't cover with her arm. He sensed her chest rising and falling under his lips as her breathing grew heavier. His hands ran up and down her naked back, as high as her shoulder blades and as low as her upper ass cheeks planted firmly on the desk.

"Sid, we shouldn't be doing this... I shouldn't be letting you..." she muttered. In spite of herself her head rolled back on her shoulders and her eyes closed with pleasure.

"Don't worry, don't fret," he coaxed. "Just move your arm a little... that's right."

To his surprise, she let her arm slip lower and lower on her gorgeous young tits. He moved with her, kissing and licking, and more and more brown tit came into view. Then he saw the paler skin which had been covered by her bikini and he knew he was getting somewhere. Any minute now -- heaven!

"What if someone, comes by?" she whispered, her voice growing more excited. "I'm a new teacher here. I have my good name to consider. There's no one around. The place is deserted," he snorted into her chest.

Her arm fell a little lower and he could see the top part of one pink circle surrounding her nipple. Then he forced her arm down farther, and one big nipple came into view. His mouth began to water.

Val had amazing nipples. Even when she wasn't aroused, they stood up proudly, well over half an inch in length. They were thick and solid and a dark, nut-brown color. They sat on top of their puffy pink circles like varnished thumb-tips. When she was excited, they grew and grew, till they were nearly an inch long, fat, solid stubs of granite hard flesh.

"Sonovabitch! These could really poke a guy's eye out!" he groaned, studying the one hopelessly erect stub.

He leaned forward and flicked the nipple with his tongue. Then with a deep groan he sank his mouth onto it and began sucking madly. It was hot and hard as stone against his tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" she moaned.

Now her arm fell away from her tits and let them settle on her chest. She arched her back some, forcing her one tit against his face, cramming the nipple into his mouth. His hand came up to cup and maul the other tit. His fingers sent sparks into her.

He sucked hard on her nipple, circling his tongue around and round it, drawing it up off its circle with his lips. It seemed to swell and grow even longer in his mouth. When he finally lifted up off it the stub was wet and shining, as if it had been glazed. It pointed to the ceiling proudly.

"I've never seen nipples like these. I've never seen such gorgeous fucking tits," Sid croaked. And he began licking down into her cleavage, slobbering his way between her tits toward the other swollen nipple.

"They've always been that way. I don't know why," Val murmured, her eyes closed, her head rolling back.

She knew she should stop this. She knew she should protest. She was a fresh young teacher, after all, and he was using four-letter words around her as if she was a lumberjack or something. And he was sucking her tits crazily.

But she couldn't stop him. She couldn't say a word. The sparks flying into her chest were too lovely and the feel of his suckling mouth was too much. She blushed at the rush of her thoughts and feelings. She didn't even mind the swearing and the dirty words. Somehow it all added to the excitement, to the wild pleasure running through her.

He found her other nipple with his mouth and began sucking it as he had the other. She sighed and leaned back on the desk, supporting herself with her free arm. Incredibly, she still had one hand in her crotch and she kept it there modestly, as if when the time came she could still stop him if she wished. This crazy episode needn't go all the way, after all.

"I don't believe these fucking nipples! They're crazy!" he wheezed, lifting his mouth off her tit at last.

Sid gazed fondly at her tits as they shifted and settled with her slightest movement. They were brown and swollen-looking, and swept down and separated as if they'd been pumped too full of fluid. The circles around the tips were puffy and pink. The nipples jutted out so far they cast shadows on the skin.

The tits rose and fell with her heavy breathing. She stared at him from under the peak of her cap, wondering what he would do next. Now would be the time to protest, she realized. If she wanted to stop this whole thing before it went any further, all she had to do was speak up, push him away, make her voice stern and tell him to get lost. But she did none of these things.

And Sid seemed to sense what was going on in her head, for he paused just to look into her face, to smile at her. It was as though he knew that she wanted him to go on, but was teasing her by giving her this chance to say something. If she didn't speak UP, there'd be no turning back. There could be no excuses. He could do what he wanted with her and she could hardly complain.

She cast down her eyes like a shy little girl and he almost laughed out loud. She looked so young and pretty and cute there with her frizzy blonde hair fluffed out from under her cap, her gorgeous face framed perfectly. Her big tits heaved on her chest, her brown belly rippled below. He felt a solid stirring in his cock. He licked his lips hungrily.

"You like having your titties sucked? That feel good, a hot mouth on your big nipples?" he leered.

He brought up both bands and cupped her tits solidly, squeezing them, pressing the nipples in on themselves with his thumbs. She leaned forward and let her tits settle into his hands.

She didn't answer. She couldn't trust her voice. She watched as he hefted her tits, separated them, tested their weight. Then she was nuzzling his face back between them, cramming both tits to his cheeks. He mashed them to either side of his head and groaned with pleasure. Then he began kissing and licking her again. He planted hot wet kisses on her skin and worked his way lower, an inch at a time. Slipping his head from between her tits he licked down aver her rib cage, along the slight hollow of her belly. The skin was brown and flat and firm. Then he was digging his tongue into her navel, scooting it around and teasing her. Her belly heaved under his mouth. Val knew where this was leading and her heart beat faster at the thought. She still clutched her hand against her pussy. Her legs were closed modestly. As he worked lower she found herself leaning back slightly. The edge of the desk dug into the taut flesh of her ass cheeks. Was there still time to stop him, still time to protest?

His mouth left her navel and sucked its way down over her lower belly. It occurred to her suddenly that if he'd burst in the door a few seconds later she would have had her panties on and things might have been very different. But as it was she wore no panties, nothing below her baseball cap but the woolly pink leg-warmers that ended midway up her golden brown thighs. She felt so helpless.

"So what's it to be, babe?" Sid grunted, gazing up into her lovely face. He had his tongue stuck out and was licking circles around and around her lower belly, just above her sheltering band. "You going to move that hand? You want me to use my mouth on your cunt? Want me to suck your pussy?"

Why did he have to be so vulgar? Val wondered. He seemed to want to shock her, to assault her with the four-letter words and dirty expression. Or maybe he knew more than she did. She was responding to the dirty talk, she couldn't deny it. It made her feel sexy and strange and... yes, a little dirty. Why did she also feel so good?

"I could lick your cunt real good. I suck a mean cunt. Ask anybody, they'll tell you. Sid Cooke is the best pussy-eater in town." He licked lower on her golden belly, onto the paler skin, along her thumb. He stared up at her with a funny look in his eyes.

Bit by bit, so slowly that at first bethought he was imagining it, her hand slipped down off her crotch. He caught a glimpse of a sliver of blonde pussy hair, then more, then more. At last her hand fluttered away altogether and the glorious tufted V of her cunt was displayed there in front of him. He licked his lips, swallowed, and groaned.

"Spread your legs. Spread 'em wide," he muttered. "I like lots of room when I eat cunt. I like to get my head in there and really go to town."

Shyly, a bit at a time, Val inched her feet apart on the floor. Her slender brown thighs cranked wider and wider. And beneath the fluffy curls of her crotch hair, the puffy lips of her cunt started to split for him.

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