The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester Part 2

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Fight and a Vacation

Submitted: June 08, 2019

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Submitted: June 08, 2019



The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester Part 2


Chapter 14


By Shadowgate




The evening Matthew arrived home having been fired from his job at the grocery store his mom Kimberly informed him she had an envelope with $300 in it for his upcoming babysitting job. 


Matthew replied “good because I just got fired from work.  That new manager is scum.”


Howard yelled “what the fuck do you mean you got fired?”


Matthew yelled back “the new manager hated me.  I had no chance for a promotion and two sackers who just got hired last week were making the same pay I was making.  I’d been working there since we moved here and I couldn’t get a promotion after two years.”


Howard yelled “Goddamn it this is a big blunder.”


Matthew shot back “listening to you has been my big blunder.”


Howard continued “if you can’t work at a grocery store then there’s no way you’ll be a lawyer.”


Matthew screamed “don’t tell me I wasn’t capable of working at a grocery store.  This new manager and I didn’t get along.”


Howard yelled “well if you weren’t doing your job of course the new manager wasn’t happy.”


Matthew yelled back “don’t say I didn’t do my job and don’t tell me I was lazy.  We’ve had several management rotations over the past two years and up and they all liked my performance.  This new manager made my life fucking miserable.”


Howard yelled “don’t you start cussing.”


Matthew yelled “don’t tell me I’m not old enough to cuss.”


Howard got mad and slammed his fist on the dining room table.


Matthew yelled “all summer long you’ve been calling me a dumb ass and a fuck up.  But let me ask you when were you ever at the grocery store to see my work performance?”


Howard groaned and told Matthew “I don’t give a shit about your work performance.  Why the hell did you get fired anyway?”


Matthew answered “I got into a fight with that new manager.  He was being extremely unfair just like you’ve been unfair to me this whole Goddamn summer.”


Kim yelled “you guys stop I can’t take this.”


Howard turned to Kim and said “honey this is serious now he just lost his job.”


Kim said “okay but do you all have to fight like this?”

Howard yelled “it’s not okay and this level of irresponsibility is unacceptable.”


Matthew slammed his fist on the dining room table and yelled “what would be good enough?”


Howard yelled “you being able to hold a job.”


Matthew yelled “I held a job for two years while lots of losers have been fired from that grocery store for two weeks.  I tell you what, I’m going to take my $300 and I’m going to a motel for a week because I need a motherfucking vacation.”



Matthew stormed out of the house and drove 30 minutes to a motel.  He had spare clothes in his car because he knew a get-away trip during this hot summer would be needed.



When he arrived he was able to check in at the front desk which took him 15 minutes. 


He got a room on the second floor and after entering he took a hot bath. 


After he finished an enjoyable hot bath in his nice quiet hotel room he dried off and noticed his cell phone was blinking.


He checked it and saw that Jason had just called him.


To Be Continued




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