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RUIN -Retell and Prequel 23/09/18


Chapter 1 The beginning


The world was a happy place when I found out I had my power. The big city was bustling because people were trying to find me, Nanosystem was a hit company as they started to research me and everything was living nicely. But now, this world is remote, abandoned, unwanted. Most of the planet is just covered in plants and trees, it hax no way of escaping it. The human-race left this planet permanently because of a young girl, and now, because I was the first, I need to fix it. My name is Tyler and this is my story.


21th of the 6th 3026 - night news


Reports of people with superpowers popped up across the globe, no one knew what was causing these people to inhabit them. Before long, the supernatural became the totally normal. Not much later, our streets became scenes from comic books.Tyler, a middle aged man was one of the first to have powers, the reason is still unknown.


He found out on the 20th of the 6th 3026 4:30am, While finding that when he held something or waved his hand in front of something, he could see through it. A little while later, some other people were found with different abilities. Quarantine, a young girl had obtained a special amount of powers and is starting to take over the world. researchers are trying to find a way to stop her. That is it for tonight, I’m Jon stewart, goodnight.


Chapter 2 What happened?


Tyler shuffled around the streets hopelessly, trying to scan his surroundings. His head was throbbing. He had absolutely no idea what had just happened to him, and there was still a shocking pain in his back. The vines smothered and tangled up the buildings, almost camouflaging them. Everything around him was stiff and still, but still alive, just. The city still seemed normal after whatever happened.


When he spun around to look at the Nanosystem building, a magnetic piece hit the back of Tyler’s head. Tyler froze, it felt like the piece had hit him to try and stop him from looking at the sky-scraper. He winced, but nothing happened. He dislodged it from his skull. The piece looked confusing, it almost seemed like a shattered case cover.


Even thought it was still see-through, he flipped it over, checking the back. Tyler's gruby hand had started to show some blue circles that were appearing and disappearing. He freaked, trying to shake the spots off his hand. All of a sudden, some Quarateenies flew out from behind the building, and started firing.

Tyler ran. He knew that some time later on his journey that they would find him again, only to kill him if he was defeated.


Chapter 3 Wanted


He raced down a lonely alleyway, deciding at the end on which way to turn. Instead of bolting down the left side, he found a fairly new harley davidson. The paint was shiny and slick, the black seat was made of real leather, but he didn’t know how to ride. He had no time to waste, so he frantically jumped on and learnt as he rode. He wobbled and skidded, trying to grip onto the handles for as long as possible, until finally he rolled right off it. Still hurt, he found the closest building, smashed the doors and shot up the stairs. He ran into the room level 87 and stopped.


He was cornered, the robots had him with nowhere to go. They were crawling closer and closer shielding his only light that was flooding through the doorway and windows. He tried smashing one of the glass panels with  a metal crate, as if it was a bystander that knew an escape the whole time. Tyler watched it plummet to the ground, but he couldn’t follow it if he tried. Jumping from the building had suddenly been an impossible task, even for him, but Tyler remember he had his machete.


He ripped it out of his back sword holder, and with a couple of swings of his electric machete, the robots were twitching in a pile of cords and wires, trying to rebuild themself for another round. “Thank goodness!” Tyler slumpped against the wall to, exhausted and beaten down. Sweating from head to toe. He stayed there for a while until he steadied himself back up, and ran down the stairs to see the damage he had caused.


Chapter 4 Facility B


CRASH! The metal container that had plunged from the 87th apartment, and had hit the cracked concrete below. Tyler raced down and kicked open the rusted hatch to the destroyed container. Most of the things that spewed out of the crate were bits of rubbish, but under some scrap, Tyler had pulled out another one of those smashed screen covers. He stared at it for a while, his eyes tracing the cracks carefully. Suddenly his the blue circles started appearing and reappearing again on Tyler’s dirty hand again, but this time on the cover, some information came up.


A profile of a man flashed up and then a location to travel from facility A to facility B, to retrieve a special weapon. Tyler noticed he was already in facility A, and needed to obtain it before Quarantines robots collect it first. He shook the screen, and the clues swiped off, like nothing was ever there. He was ready to find the lost weapon. In the distance, slowly breaking out of the trees, Quarantine slithered out in her drone.


Tyler ran. He darted down the path and jumped down a slope. He started up his new gift, the motorbike, and flew down the rest of the moss-covered path. The drone chased after him like a predator trying to catch her prey, getting faster and faster. Tyler changed direction and confused the drone on where he was, but only for a second. The mechanical beast spotted him again, and sped through, cutting the smoke from the motorbike.


The drone then released two more of her bots, and as soon as they were spit out, they were firing once again at Tyler. He peered at the left right side of the motorbike, and saw that there were some flares that he could throw at the robots. “Perfect,” he thought. He grabbed one, smacked it twice on the side of the bike and threw it back, though the Quarateenies dodged it. He tossed another which landed near a toppled over car that blew up, yet it still missed them.

Tyler was slowly giving up, but keep pushing on. A tunnel on the left side had caught his eye, so he veered into it. It was pitch black. The outside had disappeared from his sight, and it was now just him and the small cubed machines chasing him wildly. They continued to shoot at him, and Tyler had one last flare. He pulled it from its claspe, hit it against the bike, and waited until he got to the end of the tunnel.


When he did, he let go and it exploded the bots.  He slowed down, panting, his energy draining fast, but overhead, Quarantines drone had caught up to him. He revved his bike, and shot down the path. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and neck, staining his bandanna whilst Quarantine sped over him, and stopped. He hovered, his shadow looming. She firing again at Tyler.


He veered onto a ramp close by that was in front of the drone and let go over his bike, doing a forward somersault, and slicing the machete deep into the drone. It blew up, and Tyler blacked out. A little while later he sat up, with the drone slowly burning into ash in the background. He checked if he still had the screen cover that was now cracked more than ever. Now, all he needed to do was retrieve the weapon and continue on. He lifted his head, pushed himself back up again, dusted himself off, and gradually continued his mission.

To be continued. . .




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