An Insane Man's Manifesto

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this is a quick thing i made for fun from the point of view of a profoundly disturbed mind! hope you like it!

Submitted: November 23, 2018

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Submitted: November 23, 2018




Inside the mind of an animal – an insane man’s manifesto


In this illusion that has been created for the collective minds of us all, you are mildly conscious and never fully awake. The creator laughs at our foolishness. It is this illusion that the entirety of humanity is entranced in, completely unaware of the ruthless imprisonment of their full potential in the horribly flawed machine called a body. It is in spite of this that a select few have the natural ability to see through the lies that are told to us- how is it that we are supposed to believe our eyes when they show us inexplicable things? How is it that we are supposed to believe our ears when they submit vibrations picked up from the surrounding air molecules, then send the vibrations along seemingly endless and imperfect chords of nerve cells? All of this in a fraction of a second- mishaps are bound to occur during the unsound process of gathering information. Yet you believe the thoughts that are delivered without moment’s hesitation. So you see? You see why I say others are mad, and not me? They are the ones who automatically believe everything they see, never questioning a thing. Why is it that I am not spoken of as a god when I am the one, the only one who is trying to free all beings of the cell in which they are trapped? Instead, I am condemned. Flesh is not a blessing.  It is a curse that has been placed on us all. Your soul is chained to a horrifying creature, and to be freed of it is the most wonderful act that can be achieved. Truly, I was doing a great, a fantastic deed to the world, and it is unfortunate that it has not been perceived in such a way by those I was trying to free. I do not blame human beings; they have been blinded so that they cannot see past their fingertips. They are being told what to believe, told what to see, told how to think and rationalize. No, I do not blame humans. It is the creator- Yes! The creator! It is he who controls all aspects of the universe, a despicable being whose name shall be moaned in the depths of hell. It is he who I am fighting against.  For the unspeakable things he has done to us are worse than the most horrific of sins. But alas, it is an impossible battle. The creator has abilities far greater than the mind can comprehend. Yet despite this, I am certain that I am not the only one resisting against his will for if I am able to see past the curtain placed in front of everyone else’s eyes, then there is a reason. I am almost positive that someone created me in the hope that I would carry on their legacy- perhaps I am the result of their dying efforts. But no one understands my legacy. I am the only able-minded ship in a sea of wrecked vessels. I tried to explain to them, but the creator will not allow me to succeed. He has brought me pain- great pain, far greater than any sort of physical pain, pain greater than imaginable, and oh, it is all his fault. It is his fault that I left my family, it is his fault that I was shunned by my colleagues It his fault that I was called names it is all his fault it is his fault that I was beat up and it is his fault and I hate his games and his cruelty oh, why do you have to be so cruel oh father(the bells, please it hurts), please tell me why please I need to know I feel so lost why did I do those things what have I done oh father explain explain (bells)why you hated you why are you so cruel (I can hear the bells ringing) why did you put me here just so that you can torture and abuse me my strings are snapping and my head hurts oh the pounding the pounding and the abuse I can’t take it I can’t take it anymore you win I admit it you win just make it stop please father why-

Then it stopped

It all stopped

And there was peace

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