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Forgetting comes with such an endless pain

Submitted: November 25, 2018

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Submitted: November 25, 2018



Memories made,

Memories fade.

I grasp for the degrading one,

But soon it is gone,

Too late I am,

Why did it scram?

Where does it go?

I do not know,

Is it forever lost?

Or paths will it cross?

With mine or other’s lost promises,

Or will it be quite the opposite?


Nothing will ever be the same,

Nothing will ever be regained,

All because I was a moment too late,

And alas, I have signed my fate,

To this excruciating sorrow,

I pray end this on the morrow,

I’m so empty inside,

Without knowing what to find,

But just as memories fade,

Memories with joy are also made.


My concentration decides to depart,

Everything lost, nothing by heart.

How can I focus when I let them down?

Now everything else has become a countdown,

Until I forget everybody else,

And enter my doomsday cell.

I’ll get out one day,

But until then I’ll live through this dismay

Sure, memories are made,

But come endless pain with the ones that fade.


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