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Alison had always crushed on her best friend's sister from afar. However, what happens when Tiffany returns from college?

Submitted: November 25, 2018

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Submitted: November 25, 2018



Four conversations. They had a total of four conversations. Which is why this is stupid. Which is why Alison can't understand the butterflies that started swirling inside her stomach as soon as she laid eyes on the girl. She can't tell if she should go over and say 'hi' or simply pretend that she doesn't see the blonde. After all, she knows that she'll be crushed if the girl doesn't remember her which, odds are, she doesn't.

Alison can guess the reason why the girl is here. Though she had the pleasure of graduating last year, her little sister didn't. She probably decided to watch Brooklynn's last cheer performance. She had no reason to skip. Facebook notified Alison that the blonde's college got out today while the high school continues to wreak havoc on students until early June. Okay. So...maybe Facebook didn't actually notify her. Maybe she did a bit of Internet stalking. But, in her defense, it's a bit late for her to friend request the girl now. They don't even go to the same school anymore.

Alison continues observing the girl, completely ignoring Brooklyn, the friend that she's supposed to be paying attention to, in favor of her sister. Something's different about the blonde. She can't place her finger on exactly what it is but something's off. Alison tries to decipher just what exactly she's noticing. For one thing, the girl gained weight. She definitely isn't morbidly obese or even overweight but she doesn't look as fragile anymore. That's another thing. She looks much less fragile. Much less scared. It wasn't that the girl was jumpy or anything earlier, she just didn't carry herself in the same way.her head was usually tucked between her shoulders and her eyes would be glued to the ground. Now, her head is up, scanning the bleachers for a good spot to sit. Alison allows her eyes to roam over the girl's body. Her outfit is definitely different too. High school consisted of the girl wearing jeans and a hoodie all day every day. Now, she's in a pink skirt that shows just enough skin to leave the viewer wanting more. Well, it at least leaves Alison wanting more. The skirt is accompanied by a frilly white blouse that the girl wouldn't have been caught dead in merely a year ago. Her medium blonde hair falls just above her shoulder blades. It's much shorter than it used to be and it's down. And is On Tiffany? Well, damn. Who would've thought that she could get even hotter? Surely not Alison. She thought that high school Tiffany was already a ten. But now... now she's an eleven? Is that possible? No? Well, Alison just has to adjust her scale then. The new ten is current Tiffany and high school Tiffany has been reduced to an eight which is still freaking fantastic.

The blonde ignores the murmurs that arise as she finds her way to the top of the bleachers in the gym. Though there are plenty of people that she knew in high school who would easily let her sit with them, she chooses to sit alone.


Alison wasn't one for extracurriculars. She struggled enough keeping up with just school, she didn't need the additional stress of sports. Plus, no extracurriculars meant that Alison had a lot of time to hang out with friends or just watch Netflix, especially since the school allowed students to sign up for a study hall.

It was the only class that Alison was in that consisted of students of different grades. In fact, to Alison's surprise, the majority of the student's were seniors which meant that she pretty much had no friends in the class. She sighed and pulled out her phone, wondering if Brooklyn was in a class where the teacher was strict about the devices. If it was Mrs. Applebottom, Brooklyn would get in pretty big trouble for even having the electronic vibrate. Alison debated risking it but decided against it once she realized that she was playing with Brooklyn's fate more than her own.

About a minute before the bell rang signifying the start of class, a familiar figure trudged through the room. Alison recognized the girl. She'd seen her while hanging out at Brooklyn's on multiple occasions. Of course, Alison's own interactions with the girl were limited to a simple head nod or a polite smile but she still knew that she was looking at Brooklyn's older sister. The blonde was extremely thin, almost to the point of looking sickly. She naturally tucked her head and walked to the back of the room. Nobody really paid attention to her, which was probably why nobody noticed that Alison was staring. The girl instantly slid her backpack off of her shoulder and unzipped it. She pulled out a binder, opened up the rings, and removed some pieces of paper before quietly beginning on what Alison assumed to be her homework.

Though the bell rang, the chatting in the classroom didn't seize. That was just how tudy hall was. Though it was intended for studying, most students used it as more of an opportunity to socialize. Most students. The blonde would always immediately pull out her homework and quietly finish it. After she was done, Alison noticed that the girl would simply watch the other students interact with each other longingly. It was quite sad really. 

One period, the blonde, as per usual, finished her homework. For the first time, one of the other girls in the class acknowledged her. "Hey, Tiffany!" Though the random girl probably didn't notice, Tiffany's eyes instantly lit up at being acknowledged.

"Yeah?" She asked, her eyes sparkling with delight.

"Can I copy off of your paper? Please?" The light in Tiffany's eyes immediately dimmed and Alison noticed the blonde's eyes wander away from the intruder.

"Uh, sure," She replied, forcing a small smile onto her face.

"Thanks, Tif! You're the best!" The girl beamed at her before nudging a guy that she frequently talked to. "Right, Andy? She's a really good friend, right?"

The guy nodded. "Yeah. Thanks for letting us do this." Though Tiffany responded with a simple nod, Alison noticed the girl's shoulders slink and her head dip just slightly lower than usual. The guy and girl didn't acknowledge her again until the end of class when the guy let out a brief, "Thank you," before handing Tiffany her paper back.

Tiffany smiled at him and nodded but the smile was dim and the nod was more of a slight head bob than an actual nod.

Unfortunately for the blonde, the homework copying became the new typical routine. It started out with just the girl and the guy copying it but then Alyssa Cooper was added and then Cheryl Cardin and then Hayden Pitman and eventually, the majority of the class. Even Alison had received the blonde's paper on the daily. Of course, she'd always just pass it on. After all, she wasn't even in the same classes as the seniors.

The homework was actually how their first conversation got started. Alison had gotten up to return the paper to Tiffany. When the paper landed back in the original owner's hands, Tiffany let out an almost inaudible "Thank you".

The sound was so quiet and so frail that Alison couldn't help but want to hear it again. That couldn't be what an actual person sounded like, right? Can a person sound broken? "You're Brooklyn's sister, right?" Tiffany's eyes shot up and immediately met Alison's. The blonde looked surprised, almost as if she wasn't used to being directly addressed. She nodded before ducking her head again and running her finger in circular motions on the desk. Alison didn't really know a way to respond without being awkward so she simply nodded back. After Tiffany didn't add to the conversation, she decided to start it up again, hoping that maybe this time she'd get more of a response. "Brooklyn's pretty cool. We're pretty close you know."

Tiffany nodded. "I figured since you've been to my house and all," she murmured. It doesn't come off mean just...sad? Why does the girl seem so sad?

"You're a senior, right?" Tiffany's finger stops tracing circles on the desk and her bright blue eyes bounce up to Alison's.

"Yeah," she replied, her voice sounding oddly curious. 

"That's cool. Are you excited for college?" A smile appeared on Tiffany's face and though it was small, it was genuine and seemed to brighten the entire room. Alison wished that she had seen it before then because it was truly beautiful. She remembered in middle school when Brooklyn complained about Tiffany getting her braces removed a year and a half before she'd be able to do the same. Though Brooklyn had constantly complained about the pains of the metal forcibly placed in her mouth, Alison had to admit that it really worked wonders on the girl's teeth. She was willing to bet that the same crappy device was the reason for Brooklyn's sister's perfect pearly whites.

"Honestly? I'm just excited to get out of here." Tiffany's tone brightened at that and it came off jokingly even though Alison could sense that there was quite a bit of truth to it.

"Cheers to that," Alison responded. "I'd lift up a glass of champagne or something to cheer you with but I'm pretty sure the school would throw a fit if I brought alcohol here so we'll just have to settle for imaginary alcohol for now."

That caused a laugh to emerge from Tiffany's throat and GOD. It was heavenly. It wasn't like her typical speaking voice. It wasn't frail. It was beautiful. It was confident. It was like the rest of her was a glass vase that had shattered after being dropped one too many times. Her laugh, on the other hand, sounded refreshing. It was a cold bottle of water after a mile run. "The funny thing about that is, I'll probably want to drown myself in alcohol significantly less after I graduate."

Alison allowed a large goofy grin to spread ear to ear across her face. They were talking. She and Tiffany were actually talking and she hadn't botched it up yet. SCORE! "Drowning in alcohol would be a good way to go 

. I'll have to add that to my list of top ten ways to die. It'll be number nine."

Tiffany returned Alison's smile except she found a way to make it look cute instead of dorky. "My number nine would have to be suffocation by puppies."

Alison fake winced. "Dang it. Now I have to alter my list. How dare you make me think? It's not like we're actually supposed to think or anything during study hall."

Tiffany nodded. "You're right. I'm so sorry. Thinking is banned from this period. Or, God forbid," she crossed her fingers and closed her eyes pretending to be absolutely disgusted as she added, "somebody may actually study during this class."

Alison gasped and placed a hand over her heart before overdramatizing, "How dare you even imply such a thing!" She shook her head, pretending to try to erase the mental image from her mind. "If you excuse me, I need to go drink some bleach now so I never have to think about that or anything ever again."

Tiffany smiled brightly. "What? You can't off yourself with bleach! If you're gonna kill yourself, at LEAST make sure that you do it via something on your list." Alison was about to continue the conversation when the shrill sound of the bell interrupted her. She felt her shoulders slump as she realized that this meant the end of her and Tiffany's conversation.

She turned to her best friend's sister. "See you tomorrow?"

"Definitely," Tiffany responded.

And, as promised, Alison did see Tiffany the next day. However, the girls didn't talk. Alison wanted to. She really did but her friend, Valeria, got switched into the class which meant that she was too busy talking to her that day. And the next day. And the rest of the year.


  Alison always had at least a small crush on Tiffany. Sure, the two hadn't spoken a single word to each other until that day in study hall but Alison had definitely observed her long before then. Okay. Wow. That sounded super creepy but she wasn't stalking Tiffany or anything. It was just that going to a smaller school and being best friend's with Brooklyn meant that Alison overheard conversations Tiffany had or would notice a lot of the little things the girl would do that others would simply brush off. And she grew to like a lot of those things.

For example, Tiffany would always wiggle her fingers slightly whenever she seemed to be in a particularly bad mood. Alison always thought that it was a bit of a weird (although admittedly cute) quirk. But it usually brought a small smile to Tiffany's face so she never really thought much of it until Brooklyn revealed that their younger brother, Travis, had difficulty sleeping due to his ADHD. Evidently, the kid would attempt to go to sleep but ended up just feeling the urge to move. He'd pace around the room all night causing him to fall asleep during the day. Brooklyn's parents considered taking him to get some medication but, when those results only partially assisted the boy, Tiffany volunteered to help tire him out so he could get some shut eye. Though, at first, nobody was exactly sure what Tiffany did to help, it evidently worked because, after that, the boy stopped falling asleep in his classes. When Brooklyn insisted on Tiffany telling her the secret to helping Travis, Tiffany simply shrugged. It took Brooklyn an entire two weeks to convince her sister to tell her. It turned out all she was doing was tickling the boy until he tired himself out. Whenever she wiggled her fingers during study hall, it reminded her of Travis and, therefore, brought a smile to her face as she'd rather be home with him than in school.

Another thing Alison discovered was that Tiffany was Brooklyn's main advisor when it came to boys. Though most girls typically turn to their best friend when it comes to boyfriends, Brooklyn always turned to Tiffany first because she was always rational and tried her best to remain unbiased. Though it may bother a lot of girls, Alison was actually rather endeared that Brooklyn valued her sister's advise over her friend's. It showed family love and made her wish that she had a sibling of her own. Or, even better, that she could date Brooklyn's sibling.

One of Alison's personal favorite little things about Tiffany, though, was that she always carried napkins in her backpack. At first, Alison thought that it was because the girl had allergies but then Brooklyn bragged about her family hardly ever having the misfortune of getting either a runny or a stuffed nose. Then, she theorized that Tiffany preferred using napkins to toilet paper while peeing (she was obviously desperate for ideas at the time) but then the blonde left her backpack in study hall while she went to the restroom. Alison only figured out the reason for the napkins after Tiffany forgot to zip her backpack all the way, resulting in the contents slipping out.

Of course, being the smooth suave person she was that had watched way too many high school romance movies, Alison rushed to her crush's aid. They didn't have an accidental hand touch or eye contact with so much romantic tension that you could actually visualize the 'spark' people refer to. Oh no. Instead, Alison bluntly asked, "Why all the napkins?" While attempting to help Tiffany shove them back in her bag.

Tiffany hesitated and opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before finally answering with, "I draw on them."

Alison nodded although she was confused. "Why the discrimination against paper?" She asked jokingly.

Tiffany ran her hand through her blonde hair which, as per usual, was pulled back into its signature ponytail. "Travis likes the other kids at his school to think he's cool so me and my mom spice up his lunch a little bit by drawing dinosaurs and stuff on the napkins he uses."

Alison couldn't help the smile that crossed her face. Yup. She was crushing. And what was that heat in her cheeks? Oh crap. She was blushing. She needed a cover-up. She needed one fast. "Why so many though?" That would do. That should sidetrack Tiffany until Alison got control of her face again.

Tiffany's face turned a slight shade of red at the question. "I-" She looked down, the blush only spreading further across her face. She let out a sigh. "Honestly, I'm not the best at drawing so it takes a lot of attempts before I get one to look good."

Jesus. Attractive, smart, and sweet?! This girl needs to come with a warning sign. Danger: Falling is inevitable. Well, falling in love that is. "That's really-" DIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! 

The red from Tiffany's face completely drained and before Alison could even finish her sentence, the girl started sprinting to her class. "We'll finish this conversation later?" Alison yelled across the hall.

"Definitely!!!" Tiffany yelled back while rounding the corner. And though Alison had fully intended to initiate the conversation at one point or another, she was always busy with school or other friends. So, despite their promise, the conversation was never continued.


 Brooklyn had somehow managed to actually be caller number nine on some radio show which meant she got four free passes to the largest amusement park in the city. Naturally, she kept one and gave one to Alison. After debating which of her friends were worthy of tickets three and four, she decided to just give both of them to her sister and allow her to bring whoever she wanted.

That was how Alison ended up sitting right behind Tiffany in a perfect position to breathe in her perfume and smell whatever conditioner the blonde lathered her hair with. Alison had to constantly remind herself that randomly playing with the hair of someone you barely know is unacceptable (especially while they're driving). She also had to restrain herself from muttering something inappropriate such as "You're beautiful" or "Date me" or "Can I have your number?" Instead, she turned to Brooklyn, who was glaring at the passenger seat as if the devil himself was sitting there. Alison leaned over towards her friend and whispered, "What's wrong with you?"

Though Brooklyn whispered back to her friend, her eyes remained glued to the back of the passenger's seat. "That's Mandy Marion." Alison nodded even though she didn't really understand the reason why 'Mandy Marion' was so terrible. To be perfectly honest, Alison hadn't even really noticed the passenger at all. She was too busy spacing out at the thought of Tiffany. She stopped leaning towards Brooklyn and sat up straight, angling her head so she could get a view of the passenger seat. To her surprise, she actually recognized the girl. That girl was in study hall with her and Tiffany. She's the one that initially asked to copy Tiffany's paper. Alison frowned. What's SHE doing here?

Alison leaned back toward Brooklyn and asked what she had just thought. "What's she doing here?"

Brooklyn crossed her arms and let out a small sigh. "She's Tiffany's best friend." What? WHAT?! How? The girl treated her worse than a leaking garbage bag. At least the trash bag is acknowledged. "She walks all over her. It pisses me off." Brooklyn sunk back in her chair. "I swear, if she manages to screw this up, I'm gonna rip her a new one."

Alison nodded and the thought of Tiffany being treated horribly managed to pry her eyes off of her crushes seat and to Mandy's. Now, the passenger seat had two pairs of steely eyes burning into it.


As soon as the four girls managed their way to the front of the park, Mandy opened her mouth and politely asked, "Is it okay if we wait here for a second?"

Brooklyn rolled her eyes. "No. It's early. This is when the lines are short. We need to take advantage of it."

Alison nodded. "Brooklyn's right." Tiffany glanced at her which caused Alison to blush profusely and turn her head towards Mandy.

The girl's eyes had drooped and she looked so sad 

 the moment that for a split second Alison felt guilty for glaring at her seat for a majority of the drive here. Maybe Mandy was actually nice. Tiffany, completely oblivious to Alison's blush, had her eyes focused on her friend. As if her eyes weren't beautifully soft enough, they somehow managed to soften even more at her friend's distraught look. "I'll wait with her. You guys have fun on the roller coasters." She smiled at her little sister. "Thanks for the tickets and text me if you want to eat together or anything."

Brooklyn forced a smile back onto her face before nudging Alison in the arm to get her attention. The girl would've been more focused but she was too busy staring at her friend's sister, not that Brooklyn knew that. The two walked into the amusement park together, leaving the others behind which managed to upset both Brooklyn and Alison.


It had been three hours before Brooklyn got hungry. She glanced at Alison and asked, "Is it cool if I invite Tiffany to eat with us?"

Alison nodded a little too enthusiastically. "Of course!"

A small smile crossed Brooklyn's face. "Good because I was going to do it either way."

She shot Tiffany a text saying their location and asked her where she wanted to eat. Of course, in true Tiffany fashion, the blonde responded saying she didn't care and let Brooklyn choose. Brooklyn texted back where to meet and, sure enough, after ten agonizing minutes (they were at least agonizing for Alison) Tiffany appeared....alone.

Brooklyn's eyes narrowed as soon as she noticed the absence of a certain someone. "Where's Mandy?" She asked, not even bothering to hide the anger in her voice.

"Oh, uh," Tiffany's eyes wandered to the floor. "She's with Andy."

"Andy as in 'her boyfriend' Andy?" Brooklyn confronts. Before Tiffany could answer, Brooklyn continues, "Andy as in 'we never invited him' Andy?" Tiffany doesn't respond. Instead, she let her sister continue. "Well, where the hellthey then!?" Tiffany, eyes still glued to the floor simply responded with a shrug. "How the hell did this happen?!"

Alison pats her friend's arm gently, Tiffany's sad eyes really getting to her. The girl was already upset. She didn't need Brooklyn to accidentally make it worse. "Brooklyn, maybe you should calm-"

"NO!" Brooklyn interrupted. "This is stupid!" Her eyes immediately trained back on her sister. "What. Happened." 

Tiffany shrugged yet again.

"Come on, Brooklyn. Let's cut her some slack." Alison threw in. A thankful look from Tiffany made receiving Brooklyn's death glare SOOOOO worth it. Alison had to, yet again, divert her gaze from Tiffany due to the heat that rose up to her cheeks. God. What was up with her? How could she be so infatuated after three conversations?

Brooklyn's eyes narrowed as she took in her friend's reaction but she ignored what she noticed. For now. She had more important matters to get to the bottom of. "Tif, why are you alone?" This time she tried a different tactic. This time she asked gently.

Tiffany sighed, a long sigh before meeting her sister's eyes. "I don't know. I was kinda third wheeling and my shoe untied so I mumbled that they should hold up but I did it too quietly. They didn't hear me. When I looked up, they were gone. And I couldn't text Mandy because her phone died earlier."

Brooklyn placed her hands on her hips. Her voice remained soft. "How long ago was this?"

Tiffany kicked a pebble with the tip of her shoe. "About two and a half hours."

Calm Brooklyn dissipated faster than water evaporates on a hot Arizona day. "TWO AND A HALF-" Brooklyn somehow managed to cut herself off as her mind switched focus. "God damn it, Tiffany! Why the hell did you invite her? She sucks!"

"She's all I have." It's quiet, a mumble, and for just a second, Tiffany's blue eyes go dark. So dark. As soon as scary Tiffany appeared, she's gone and with a fake smile plastered on her face, she changes the subject. "What would you guys like to eat? I'll pay since Brooklyn got us in."

Brooklyn let out a sigh. "Smoke House Double," She said defeatedly.

Tiffany nodded with a smile and then directed her attention to Alison. "What about you?"

Red. Alison's face filled with red. "Uh, I, um-" Form a sentence. It's not hard. Say words. "The, uh, the-"

"Bacon Cheddar Double," Brooklyn interrupted while her eyes darted in between Tiffany and her best friend. 

Tiffany nodded but her eyes went back to Alison. "That sound good to you?"

"I, um, I-" HOW THE HECK? Alison's first conversation with Tiffany was great. It was fluent. She formed multiple sentences. WHAT. HAPPENED. "Y-yeah. You don't have to pay though. I-I've got it."

Tiffany waved her hand nonchalantly. "Don't worry about it. I'll be back in a jiffy."

Alison stared longingly as Tiffany walked way. Jiffy. That's a cute word. She needs to start saying it. Alison's leering was interrupted by Brooklyn. "What was that?" She asked, her eyes shooting daggers into Alison's soul even though a small smile played on her lips. 

"What was what?" Alison asked, feigning ignorance.

Brooklyn rolled her eyes. "Don't play dumb with me, Ali. I saw you checking my sister out and let me just say, no. I forbid it."

Alison's eyes widened. "I-I was not!"

Brooklyn shook her head. "Come on. You stuttered. You never stutter! Plus, your face was so red that-"

"I get the point, Brooklyn," Alison interrupted, a frown forming on her lips.

Brooklyn's smile grew wider. "Oh man. You're never living this down." 

"Whatever." Alison pouted. "I don't like Tif-"

"You know, I think she mentioned something about you yesterday." Brooklyn interrupted.

"SHE DID????" The devious smile on Brooklyn's face answered the question.

"Yup. You're definitely crushing. This is hilarious." Brooklyn playfully poked Alison in the side. " she's spending the rest of the day with us! Oh man! This is comedic gold!" Brooklyn  out laughing.

An innocent voice filled the air and immediately caused Alison's cheeks to turn a shade of pink. "What's so funny?" Tiffany stood over the two girls with a tray that consisted of Brooklyn's Smoke House Double, Alison's Bacon Cheddar Double, and a Garden Salad that Alison assumed was Tiffany's. Alison's eyes immediately darted to Brooklyn. Was she going to rat her out?

A large grin spread across Brooklyn's face. "I was just making fun of Ali here," she nudged Alison in the arm, "for calling you Tiffany instead of Tif. Tif is just better." Alison could feel her muscles loosen. Brooklyn wasn't going to tell.

Tiffany's eyes darted over to Alison. "Oh. You can use whichever you prefer. I don't really mind."

Alison's eyes found the floor. "Oh, uh, thanks." Tiffany nodded.

The rest of the evening consisted of Brooklyn forcing Alison and Tiffany to talk because even though she said she'd never approve of it, she secretly kind of liked the idea.


Tiffany was kind enough to drop Alison off at her house. Alison had exited the car and with an encouraging thumbs up from Brooklyn, she managed to stutter out, "We should hang out sometime."

Tiffany smiled at her sweetly. "Definitely."

"Really?" Alison felt her face blush at that. She wasn't expecting a yes. "I mean, cool. Yeah. I'll text you about it?" Tiffany nodded at that before Alison smiled at an ecstatic Brooklyn. She closed the door with a large smile on her face. That night, she instantly went to sleep, the exhaustion . She told her she'd text Tiffany in a week to avoid looking desperate. But when a week came, Alison completely forgot about the deal she had made.


Alison was stressing. Again. Why did teachers always give out projects at the same time? She had just completed her English essay at the last minute during lunch and was now sprinting so she could turn it in on time. After all, Mrs. Applebottom was a firm believer in 'if it's tardy, it's a zero.' She was so distracted that she wasn't being careful while running down the stairs. She was so worried about the paper that she wasn't worried about herself. While sprinting down the stairs, she accidentally skipped a step, causing her to lose her balance. Within seconds she was flying. Flying down the stairs. She ended up landing on her foot which would theoretically be nice but in actuality sent a jolting pain up her leg. She screamed and collapsed to the ground.

passerby's stopped but only one ran up to help her: Tiffany. "Oh my God. Are you okay? Are you in pain? Do you need to go to the nurse?"

Alison felt her cheeks heat up. Of 

 her crush saw her fall down the stairs. Smooth Alison. Real smooth. "Going to the nurse would be nice. I got it though." Alison tried to prove her strength (mostly to save face and to hopefully escape as quickly as possible because that was freaking embarrassing) but as soon as she put pressure on her damn knee, the pain shot up her leg again.

Tiffany's eyes showed such concern 

 had Alison not already been crushing, she's sure she would've started to right then and there. "Here. Let me help you up." Alison wasn't really surprised at how patient Tiffany was. She was surprised at how difficult it was to maneuver herself up without using one of her legs though. In the movies it looks so easy. In actuality, she fell twice even with Tiffany's help. 

After Tiffany managed to hoist Alison's arm over her shoulder, she asked, "Are you good to go to the nurse now? It's on the other side of the school but I think we can make it."

Alison felt her eyes water at merely the idea of having to put pressure on her stupid leg. However, Tiffany wasn't strong enough to carry her full weight and, after the bell initiating the beginning of class rang, the hallway cleared out. She really didn't have another option besides maybe wait on the floor until class ended. Fighting tears, Alison nodded. 

Tiffany responded with a gentle smile and walked as slowly as possible, allowing Alison to take as much time hobbling as needed. The girl didn't even complain when Alison stopped to rest six times on the way there. She simply smiled at the girl and waited for her to state she was ready again before continuing. When the two finally arrived at the nurse's office, the nurse immediately dropped what she was doing and assisted Tiffany in lifting Alison up onto one of the bed's all while Alison screamed in pain. After Alison was settled in, the nurse wrote Tiffany a note excusing her for being late before sending her off.

Before Tiffany left the room, Alison managed to ask, "Talk to you later?"

Tiffany smiled at her and responded with, "Definitely." And Tiffany tried to keep her promise. She really did. But Alison was always too invested in her other friends to even notice. So, that was the last conversation the girls had before Tiffany graduated.


  Alison had mustered up the courage to talk to the blonde. It took a while but she manages to force herself to sit next to her. The girl doesn't say anything. Did she forget? How could she forget? Alison opens her mouth to say something but then closes it. She turns her eyes towards Brooklyn, who has just been thrown up into the air before landing gracefully back into the other  arms. She inhales deeply before getting out an extremely quiet, "hi". 

Tiffany's eyes go to the girl but they aren't inviting like usual. They are cold. They are...different. "Your leg's better." She states factually.

Alison feels her heartbeat quicken as she's reminded of the stairs incident. "Oh yeah. was dislocated. I had to wear a brace for, like, seven weeks but it's good now." 

Tiffany nods. "I didn't think you'd be able to climb the stairs."

crumple. She didn't want to talk to her? "Oh." She doesn't know how else to respond so she simply nods, diverting her gaze back towards Brooklyn. A buzzing interrupts Alison's thoughts and she looks over to find Tiffany smiling. She feels herself get jealous as this smile is brighter than anything she's ever received or even seen from the girl. "Who's that?" Alison asks, her heart feeling like it's being squeezed tightly and then rung out for everyone to see.

As soon as Tiffany's eyes land back on Alison, her face stiffens up and the smile disappears. Ouch. She doesn't even answer the question. Instead she asks, "What do you want, Alison?"

Alison can't help the pain that crosses over her face. What's happening? What did she do? "I was just hoping we could hang out sometime."

Alison expects the usual, 'definitely' to emerge from Tiffany's mouth but, instead, she gets "No." It feels like the weight of the sky just fell onto her shoulders.

"W-what?" She manages to stutter out.

no." Tiffany repeats. Another buzz comes from Tiffany's phone but this time she ignores it. "I'm not going to get my hopes up for something that isn't going to happen." Alison's heartbeat quickens yet again. Tiffany starts responding to the text she receives. Get her hopes up? She's excited to hang out?

"It would totally happen! Please just give me a chance?" Tiffany straightens up and locks her phone. She shoves it into her pocket before directing her eyes onto Alison. The dark eyes are back and Alison doesn't like it.

"Alison, do you know how many chances I gave all of my 'friends' here?" Alison opens her mouth to respond but Tiffany doesn't give her the chance to get any words out. "Do you know how alone I was all the time?" Alison looks down. She had an idea from study hall but Tiffany always smiled so it couldn't have been too bad. "Do you know that not a single non-family member tried to contact me while I was in college?" Alison feels slightly guilty at that. She had the girl's number. She could've easily sent a text. "Do you know that I hadn't cried a single time while I was away but the second I got back to this God awful school, I had to head to the nearest bathroom and hide in there for thirty minutes before I could get myself under control?" Alison doesn't know what to say to that. 


"No!" The girl yells. "No." She says softer. "Listen, I hope you have a great time here and I'm really glad that you and Brooklyn are friends but I'd prefer it if you'd leave me alone." And, just like that, Tiffany was the one that ended the conversation. And that was the last time the two spoke

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