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Just a little fairy-tale about trees decoration. What?!?

Submitted: November 26, 2018

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Submitted: November 26, 2018



In a time before the Spirit of Christmas found its way into people's hearts, there were “Sparkle-Weavers."

It was in the dark forest that the Sparkle-Weavers first fulfilled their inspiration and made their first appearance; not that anyone actually saw them.

You see, Sparkle-Weavers were once a secretive group and it was important that their work was best seen at night.

They made Bobbles that glowed in the moonlight and Bangles that sparkled like starlight.

And in the snowy forest they put them on trees, on bushes and vines went strings of bright beads, then candles were added that flickered in a breeze.

It was a sight to be seen that snow covered green, all Bobbled, and Bangled, and Beaded. Don't you know?

And the candles, how they glowed against the fresh winter snow, warming hearts of the viewers, setting their spirits aglow.



It all started one dark and wintery night. There was no moon to be seen and the only light was from the array of stars that filled the heavens; but that did not give light to the moonless forest.

It was just before the village-clock struck midnight, and most of the people in the village were sound asleep.

Suddenly the villagers heard a whirling sound that was so alarming that they were startled awake. Even Fraulein Frittszelhimmer, deaf as a codfish, she was, heard the whirling.

As people left their beds and went to peeping outside, they saw a wonder beyond their wildest imagination; there were fairies in the forest. Not just a few fairies, no, there were so many that they could not be counted.

And to everyone's delight the fairies sparkled, twinkled, and glowed in the darkness. It was as if thousands of fireflies had landed in the trees, the bushes, and almost everything else that they could land on. But these fairies were so much brighter than any firefly. Yes indeed, the forest was aglow.

The fairies seemed to be resting, and as they did they drank snow-water and ate the last of the winter-berries from surrounding bushes.

Then suddenly, they all flew away.

But that is not the end to this fairytale. For you see, after the fairies left, they left something behind; fairy-dust. And until the snow melted the fairy-dust sparkled, twinkled, and glowed where ever a fairy had rested; thus gave inspiration for the Art of Sparkle-Weaving.



This story has no twist, no, it has no ("Ah Ha!") moment either, and it certainly has no surprise ending. It is just another Fairytale about the inspirations that caused trees to become decorations.



D. Thurmond / JEF


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