The Cave of Mysteries

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Four kids go on a family camping trip when they mysteriously appear in a deserted world with secrets and surprises at every turn.

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Table of Contents


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for reading this story and I hope you enjoy. :)
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Chapter One

Krysa flew home after school that day. The school was finally out and it was time for summer! She and her brother would get to go campi... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Ashley bounded out of the car as soon as it stopped, grabbing a picnic bag before slamming the door behind her. Trees of all shapes and... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Pale moonlight shone down, sparkling the surface of the water. Like a blanket of diamonds, it smoothly flowed over rocks and down to th... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

 Janessa gasped. This couldn’t be. They still had to be in the real world. But the cave had just vanished. The huge footprint... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

 Krysa looked around the bare landscape up ahead, wishing that there was something worth finding ahead. They were all hungry an... Read Chapter

chapter six

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Hope that you are enjoying the story so far!
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Chapter Seven

 Chad carefully scanned the landscape before jumping out from hiding. “I wonder what a thing like that eats,” Janessa whisp... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

“Chad! Janessa! Help!” Ashley yelled as loud as she could. Loud booms echoed all around and her face displayed extreme panic. She w... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chad picked up a cup of water and let it soothe his throat. The creature got out a plate with some strange looking things on it. Chad p... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

 Janessa shifted in her pile of leaves, grass and moss. Sometimes she had nights like this. Tired but not able to sleep. She gl... Read Chapter

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