Towers of Edda

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Our heroes escape the woods of Nyxpyllatia, and finally reach the walls of Magnum Opus.

Chapter 35 (v.1) - Finally Arrived. (End of Part 2)

Submitted: November 29, 2018

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Submitted: November 29, 2018




King Diomedes, driving a wagon by himself, looked upon the green grasslands around and sighed. He wanted to take in the beauty of the nature around them, but he was worried about Rhiannon, Oberon, Lillian, Albion, and Fujiko.

“I sure hope that whatever they’re doing, they are alright.” He said to himself. He could see the walls of Magnum Opus on the horizon, but it did not ease his fears. Then, a moment later, all five of them with the addition of Arnold the Animated Armor fell into his cart, making it slow down and skid as he turns the wheel in surprise.

The other three wagons slow to a halt, and everyone crowds around. “Holy shit, you guys are alright!” Samson said, rushing up with a big grin. “DOES ANYONE NEED HEALING!?” Both Finnuala and Secundus asked, worried. “No, our benefactor seemed to have done away with our injuries.” Lillian said, feeling cramped.

“Did you get any cool stuff?” Asked Koko. “Did you get to pull off any sick maneuvers?” Agathon questioned, calmer than the others but still mildly curious.

Then, Secundus turned around, and the color drained from his face. “Uh…guys…what’s that!?” He shouted, pointing behind them. Everyone turned around and saw the body of Ei’Lah, lit in a blue flame as his flesh burned off, leaving behind a skull and orbs of multi-colored light.

“Was that…a Beholder?” Sinfuryion asked. “I think it’s a Death Tyrant now!” Arkin said, summoning his weapons. “No need for that.” Diomedes said, striding past everyone with his staff raised, and with a flurry of his coat.

“I AM EI’LAH, AND YOU SHALL KNEEL!” The Death Tyrant howls at Diomedes. “Oh, is that so? Well, my name is Baal Diomedes the Third, and you’re on my property. I’ll give you one chance to surrender and die peacefully.” Diomedes replied.

“A MAN STANDS UP TO ME!? I AM PRACTICALLY A GOD AMONGST YOU FOOLS!” He continues to yell. “Practically a god? Well, a shame for you.” Diomedes said, tapping his Staff on the ground.

In an instant, five Gigantic Fireballs, clearly 9th level, surrounded Ei’Lah. “I am the closest to a God a mortal can be.” Diomedes said, grimly. They all hit, explode, and the blue flame ignites more, rendering the great threat immobile in an instant.

The skull turns to ash, and seemingly returns to the realm of the Fey. “Well, if that is truly everything, I would love to hear what you’ve all been up to!” Diomedes said with his normal grin and optimism.

Everyone, after being amazed by Diomedes show of extreme power, gathers around to listen to the details of their mission from Nyxpyllatia Enbyrmyer, and his promise that everything would return to normal.

“My god, you all went through quite the amazing adventure, and in just a few hours as well! It’s been less than 12 since we last saw you.” Diomedes commented. “Oh, and we got a shit ton of gold!” Oberon says, gloating, as Sinfuryion blushed in amazement.

“And we also got a new friend! Say Hi Arnold!” Fujiko says as the animated armor waves happily. “Fascinating!” Diomedes said, inspecting him, with Arkin and Agathon in the background doing the same.

“So, what did you all do while we were gone?” Fujiko asked.

“Oh, well it’s pretty boring, we went to Hukfin, and there was a carnival going on, so we took part in the event, but it was all pretty dull since we were worried about you guys. We went to sleep, woke up, and started driving, and now you guys are here. But look, we’re almost at Magnum Opus!” Finnuala summarized.

The team looks behind them and finds that they are indeed near the walls of the city. “Well, what’re we waiting for, let’s get this road trip over with!” Rhiannon says with a wink. “By the way, do you all have our stuff? I desperately need my makeup bag!” Rhiannon continues.

Everyone groups into their former groupings, and the wagons keep heading towards the city. “Diomedes. There’s something important we left out earlier.” Rhiannon said. “What might that be?” He asked.

“Rio had something to do with this.”

The malice in the air was almost touchable. “The Coven was trying to summon that Ei’Lah fool before, but Rio appeared to them and…I don’t know, help them along? They didn’t have a name, and it had to have happened a long time ago, but it happened.” She continued.

“This…this bastard. How long has he been causing disasters, right under my nose? This…is unacceptable. Thank you for telling me. Once we get back to the capital, I am…I am going to focus as much as I can into finding him. I swear by that.” Diomedes said.

“Have you thought of anywhere you might have run into him? He seemed to know you well.” He asked. “I’ll be honest, I’ve been wracking my brain. I literally cannot think of a single time. It’s a mystery.” Rhiannon replied.

“We will solve this mystery, all of us.” Diomedes said with determination.


The rest of the ride was peaceful, calm, and most of all, conflict free, as all of them strode onto the well paved, stone roads of Magnum Opus proper.

“We’re finally here.” Fujiko said, wide-eyed. “It’s only been a few days, but it feels like weeks!” Laelius said, stretching. “I wonder what’ll happen from here on out?” Oberon asked. “Who knows? But the important thing is, we made it.” Albion said, smiling.

“My word…I have never seen walls this large.” Lillian said, gazing and a little awestruck. “Yeah, they aren’t too fancy. But I’m sure you’ll feel right at home once we get inside.” Arkin said, with a smile. “I’m going to be praying so hard tonight, thank the dragons Diomedes was with us!” Secundus said, slumping backwards a bit.

The wagons came up to one of the many illustrious gates, and a pair of guards stop them. “Hold there, we just need to inspect your cart before you enter the city, Ma’am!” One of them said to Fujiko.

“By all means, make sure they are safe! We’ve had more than enough complications!” Diomedes said, as he strode out. “M-My king! W-We are glad you’re back, safe and sound!” One of the guards said.

“Yes, yes, it has been a long and arduous three days, but I am eager to get inside, so if you could please make the inspection, I would greatly appreciate it.” He said with an exhausted smile. “Actually, sir.” One of the guards said. “There’s someone here to see you already, they asked to wait for your arrival.”

Once they finished saying that, the small pattering of feet could be heard, and Diomedes turns around, and gets a gigantic grin on his face. In front of him stands a 3-foot tall, purple man, with the head and scales of a Crocodile. “CROCODILEMAAAAAN!” The short figure said.

“CROCODILEMAN! OH, MY DEAR FRIEND HOW I HAVE MISSED YOU!” Diomedes squealed, pulling his friend up and twirling around in a hug. “Croc, croc, croc!” Crocodileman replied.

“Um…Diomedes? Who’s that?” Fujiko asked, having gotten down from the cart. “Why, this is my most trusted ally here in all of Magnum Opus! The enigmatic, charming, and amazing Crocodileman!” Diomedes said, posing to flaunt his friend. Now that everyone had gotten a better look, Crocodile man was wearing golden and red Bardic clothes, and carrying what looked like a strange metal lute.

“Wait, is he the one who you sent the message to after the you-know-who incident?” Arkin asked. “But of course! I have known him for decades now, and I am always sure of his loyalty. Also, I’m the only one who can understand him.” Diomedes admits with a blush.

“So, what are the goings on in the kingdom, my friend?” Diomedes asked.

“Croc, croccroccroc, Crocodile Croco, croc croc crocodile crocodile Crocodile Man.”

“She must be wanting to speak about the festival coming up, understandable.”

“Croc, crocroc croccroc Croco Crocodile, croc Crocodileman.”

“We have been keeping them waiting for quite some time. We shall be headed there right after the inspection! I sure hope they haven’t been bothering Artorias too much.”

“Croc croc Crocodile croccroc Crocodile Croc Croc croc Crocodile Crocodileman.”

“Ugh, what does he want now? Probably more excuses to dodge taxes, like any other blue blood. I shall deal with him personally. You have done amazingly, my friend!” Diomedes says with a happy smile.

“Did you catch any of that?” Fujiko asked to the group, they all shook their heads.

“Alright, everything looks clear!” One of the guards said to the group. “Well, this is it.” Rhiannon says, getting into the driver’s seat once more. “We are finally back in Magnum Opus, after all this time.” Diomedes said with a grin.

They all get back into the wagons, rev up the engines, and the large gates open, letting the light of the city flood the passageway. The wagons pull forward, and they finally breach the threshold.

This stretch of their journey, for now, is over. They have arrived at their destination.

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