The Plight of White Rabbits

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Alis is one step away from reclaiming the pride of the White Rabbits: All she has to do is defeat the Princess. Should be easy enough since no one can beat Alis, right?

Submitted: November 30, 2018

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Submitted: November 30, 2018



The Plight of White Rabbits


“You can come out now.”

The young woman brushed past leaves to step onto the dirt path. “How did you know I was here?”

The rabbit man, dressed in his suit and top hat, chuckled. He didn’t turn to face her. “I knew you would be here eventually. Our dear Princess sent you, correct?”

She stepped closer, hands curling into fists. “She told me when I beat you, I can fight her next. When I beat her, I’ll free us and return pride to the White Rabbits! We won’t be her glorified clocks anymore--- she’ll respect us!”

The rabbit man chuckled. “Is that what she told you? Alis, you mustn’t be so naive.”

“Don’t patronize me!” Alis spat, blue eyes glaring. “I’m only doing what you’re too afraid to do! Now fight me!”

The rabbit man closed his eyes and smiled. “And what would be the point of fighting you? What’s that motto everyone uses? Yes, ‘You are White Rabbit Alis--- because no one can defeat you, you can defeat anyone.’ I’ve always thought the phrase a little silly, but, so far, you have managed to work yourself up from that insufferable cat to me, so I suppose there is some truth to that.”

Alis growled, the tips of her long rabbit ears tinging red. “Don’t tell me you’re not going to fight me because of that!? You’re supposed to be the strongest one in the kingdom right after Princess! Have some pride!”

The rabbit man turned to face his fellow ‘glorified clock.’ Green eyes narrowed, frown deep, he made no effort to retreat--- or fight.

This only enraged Alis all the more. “Say something! At least tell me why you won’t fight her!”

He sighed, face softening. “Because there is no winning the game when the rules are always written to work against you. She’s lying to you, my little rabbit.”

“Then when I beat you, tell me the truth!!” Alis roared and shot forward, closing the few feet between them in an instant. She pulled back her arm then swung, catching the rabbit in the jaw. He stumbled backward while Alis pulled back for another punch. Another swing and she caught him on the other side of his jaw. He twisted and stumbled in the opposite direction but managed to throw up his arm to try and block the next punch. Alis’ fist just slid past his defense and popped him in the eye. He staggered backward onto the ground.

“Now tell me the truth!” Alis demanded.

He gave her a blank stare before closing his good eye and chuckling. “If you want the truth, then here.” He dug into his pocket, pulled out his watch and tossed the time keeper at Alis’ sneakers. “That’s what she told you to bring, correct? Do that and you’ll find out the truth.”

Alis glared, but picked up the pocket watch nonetheless. Having proof of her “win,” she turned and stomped off, skirt fluttering.

When Alis reached the castle, she marched straight to the Princess’ large, red and white throne room.

Hanging upside down off her oversized blood red throne, the pale Princess cast a bored look at Alis as the rabbit girl approached. She didn’t bother to sit up, content with lounging in her red and yellow silk robes.

“Princess,” Alis called as she held up the watch.

“Oh my,” Princess gave a sly smile. She reached out and took the prize, admired the time piece with lidded chocolate eyes.

“I beat him and brought back his watch,” Alis spoke, fists shaking. “So, stand up and fight me!”

“Ah, yes, that,” Princess smirked, sitting up while still gazing at the watch. “Well, I am afraid I cannot honor that agreement.”

Alis gaped. “Wh-what!? Why!?”

Princess smiled at her. “I am afraid this is not the pocket watch I wanted.”

“WHAT!?” Alis roared. “The White Rabbit only has one pocket watch!”

Princess giggled. “Why on earth would you think that? Any good Rabbit has more than one watch--- “accidents happen” as they say. No, the one I wanted has a rose on the back. This one has a heart. So, I am afraid I cannot honor our agreement.”

“You didn’t say anything about wanting one with a rose on the back!” Alis yelled.

“Because. You. Did. Not. Ask,” Princess punctuated each word as she rest onto her back, still admiring the watch.

Alis growled, tiny fangs bared. “LIAR!” she screamed. “SCREW YOU! I AM WHITE RABBIT ALIS! NO ONE CAN DEFEAT ME, SO I CAN DEFEAT ANYONE AND I DON’T NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION TO DEFEAT YOU!” She pulled back her fist.

“Oh, please,” Princess rolled her eyes as she turned over onto her stomach and held out one finger. There was a flash of light and a loud crack as the two connected. Alis was shot into the front wall with a loud smack. The wind knocked out of her, she piled onto the ground with a gasp.

Princess sat up, a disgusted scowl on her face . “Alis, don’t be stupid. ‘No one can defeat you’ just means everyone is weaker than you. Those words don’t promise you being able to defeat anyone.”

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