Hidden within

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Submitted: December 01, 2018

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Submitted: December 01, 2018



Within the screams and void

Of the mind

All contact with life fades away.


In the deepest, darkest

Corners of Hell

All light fades away.


And lost in the shadows...

Only I remain.

The mad have nothing to fear here.


Ours is a world of

Bitter hate

And self- destruction


Ours is a world of 

Broken hearts

And shattered dreams


Ours is a world of

Pain and suffering 

Beyond comprehension


The fire is our hearth

The shadows are our home

The Hell Hounds are our guardians

And the demons are our friends.


We are born outkasts and failures.

That's why we fit in

So well here.


Hell has no expectations

Hell has no rules

Hell has no judgement


Hell is my sactuary

Hell is my home

Hell is the only place I fit in.


The made have nothing to fear

The demons are our own making

The Hell is our minds


We live here day by day

Cuz the world has

Shunned and disowned us.


So into the dark recesses

Of our shattered minds 

We' ll retreat


Never let them in...

Never let them see...


Live day to day

With a glass face

So they won't see


How broken 

We really are...


Never let them in... 

Never let them see...


Never let them see

Stability fall apart.

Defy crazy

Into a work of 


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