Phone Animals

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Submitted: December 01, 2018

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Submitted: December 01, 2018



PHONE ANIMALS People treat phones like living beings, where credit is food and they breathe WiFi connections. Some, even water their phone by dropping it down the toilet.

In turn they steal our melatonin and books to substitute our night with people who look Like they did in the last two hundred selfies they took, there are more smartphones in the world than sheep. which means that farming has gone up a level and the food chain has extended to people feeding their eyes with comments and likes and hopes that someone might take the time to be nice.

But then there's the hate And then there's a fight That I can't remember Not 'cause I was drunk Because it didn't matter I didn't know them They didn't know me But I suppose now We're enemies And there's more like them. We stalk like wild animals hunting for prey and dirt on the other, something to say on their next post.

There's a setting called blocking which is kind of like a restraining order. it ends it with someone who could have been your significant other then you cry in Dms and YouTube becomes your mother she inspires you to work and bite your own tongue and you'll learn to be better in time to come but she hoards up your hours like shes loading a gun because you have an essay to write thats due very soon.

For some, a phone is a hand to hold for the girl who's looking for someone in the cold part of social medias, someone to know that she's tried her own hand at suicide and is still not doing too well She emits the same shade of blue As her phone screen's hue And nobody is telling her what she needs to do, she needs a doctor.

I dropped my phone four times and the screen cracked a little more each time. It's not the worst that could have happened to something that has seen cracks form in lives through arguments in text messages 'cause of misunderstandings due to a lack of emojis. They've seen souls that hate for trivial reasons and bodies that are obsessed but unimpressed with their appearance They show us at angles through pictures and words, as people and consumers, they know how we work, and they know how we hurt.

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